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Vendor Card Collection

Though it may sound a bit off for a collection, I have talked to others that surprisingly collects vendors business cards to either have them for show, to always have a card handy for spreading the word or just because they want to collect them. To me, it’s almost like a reminder or a...

Electronic Cigarette News

GuideToVaping’s List For January 2012

Expect this month of January 2012 to be filled with lots of e-liquid reviews, more focus on our online community news and we’ll also be talking to some doctors. We have around 10 bottles of different flavored e-liquid from different vendors who we’ll be writing reviews for, along with...

Electronic Cigarette News

Crimson Vapor Establishes In Alabama

Alabama can now add another vendor to its slow but growing list. Crimson Vapor – a brand new out of the gate vendor has set up an online shop based right here in my home town, Dothan, Alabama. Alabama is one of the slower states to gain popularity in electronic cigarettes, but as time...

Vendor Giveaways

Pink Spot Vapors Giveaway – Giveaway Is Over

Pink Spot Vapors is one of the most friendly and generous vendors here in the e-cigarette market. Not only do they have some delicious e-liquid (Rip Tide, Gummy Bear & PinkSpot just to name a few), but they also have some great products like hardware and ‘swag’ as well. Today Pink...

Vape Juice Reviews

Caramel MooVappe E-Liquid Review

To start off this review, I must first say that I’m blown away and that’s an understatement. Before we do begin the review for Caramel MooVappe, I would like to tell you the story of how it came to be. This is proof that customer suggestions do help. I regularly talk with Brett from...

Vape Juice Reviews

Vape-The-Rainbow E-Liquid Review

Out of all the experience I have officially reviewing e-liquid for those vendors that are just starting up even to the ones that have been established for years, I have never been so surprised in comparison to what a juice is supposed to taste like by the label, to how close it actually is. Most of...

Electronic Cigarette News

The Good and The Bad of China and eCigs

China has surely became the leading in produced goods for the United States, but what kind of impact does it have in our cramped market of Electronic Cigarettes? After Hon Lik – a Chinese Pharmacist, invented the first modern electronic cigarette in 2003, the following year they were...

Electronic Cigarette News

Vermont Call To Action

AN ACT RELATING TO CIGARETTE MANUFACTURERS Link to H 747   This bill would: Ban the purchase, sales and delivery of e-cigarettes via the internet, phone and mail order, with penalties for each violation of up to 5 years imprisonment, a $5,000 criminal fine and a $5,000 civil fine. H 747 has...



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