Out of all the experience I have officially reviewing e-liquid for those vendors that are just starting up even to the ones that have been established for years, I have never been so surprised in comparison to what a juice is supposed to taste like by the label, to how close it actually is. Most of the time e-liquid makers will try to duplicate a flavor to taste like an already established food, drink, candy and even desert. Mixing e-liquid precisely and being able to make it taste exactly like something else is hard, so typically the e-liquid ends up tasting like an off-brand version. In this case, it isn’t one of those off-brand versions…

Vape-The-Rainbow or VTR short, it tastes just like you would think. In this case, instead of tasting the rainbow, you’ll be vaping the rainbow. If you’re unsure or confused as to what this label means, the slogan ‘taste the rainbow’ was introduced with the candy Skittles. Put two and two together and yes, Vape-The-Rainbow is supposed to and does taste exactly like the candy Skittles. When I say exactly, I mean down to the T.

As we all know, skittles have more than one flavor in the pack, like the cherry flavor, grape flavor and so on. VTR tastes like you grabbed a handful of skittles and just piled them in your mouth. It’s a mixture of many candy flavors that’ll leave your mouth-watering and wanting more! Add a pretty good throat hit, a quality taste and decent vapor production, then you have Vape-The-Rainbow. VTR has a bit better throat hit than many of the other flavors from TexasSelectVapor that I’ve tried. The vapor production is of course good, but the taste makes everything else not matter to be honest. Seem to good to be true? – Don’t take my word for it, try it for yourself.

Overall: I think the VTR E-liquid from Texas Select Vapor has to be one of the best flavored e-liquids I’ve tried yet. The throat hit is there, the vapor production is there and the quality… well, it’s there too! – To anyone interested in candy flavored vapes or just want some constant mouth-watering skittles taste, I urge you to try Vape-The-Rainbow.

If you’re interested in Vape-The-Rainbow E-Liquid or any other delicious flavors like this one, please visit TexasSelectVapor.com


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