Though it may sound a bit off for a collection, I have talked to others that surprisingly collects vendors business cards to either have them for show, to always have a card handy for spreading the word or just because they want to collect them. To me, it’s almost like a reminder or a show piece of “I’ve had that product”. Strange enough, it almost feels rewarding in some weird type of way. To be honest I really can’t explain exactly why I collect them, I just do. Many vendors didn’t send me a business card and some I’ve accidentally thrown away.

If I’m not mistaken, +Dimitris from VP Live’s VapeTeam also has a collection of vendor business cards, what about you? If you have this strange little collection of vendor business cards, let us know in the comments below and show us a picture!


  1. Yep, I collect them to…. not exactly sure why. Maybe to just remind myself of all the possible vendors, rather than just off memory. Will have to get a picture of them all (I’d say minimum of around 20 or 30)