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Product Review – The Vision eGo Transparent Clearomizer

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Vision eGo ClearomizerProduct Description:

These are the new transparent clearomizers for eGo style devices. These hold 1.6ml of liquid and are perfect for 3.0v-4.2v devices. These will range from 2.5-2.9ohms.
Each clearomizer comes with a drip tip that is specifically made for the eGo Transparent Clearomizer.

The Vision eGo Transparent Clearomizer, which is also know as the StarDust by some other vendors. Creates a very clean taste and creates a decent amount of vapor. Unlike some other plastic clearomizers these are designed to be more user friendly without worrying about them breaking.



My thoughts

I’m using this Vision clearomizer on an Indulgence V3 at 3.7v.  The juice I’m vaping is a 70/30 blend (pg/vg).

*I did try this on Volcano’s version of the ego- which uses a rubber O-ring vs. threads. It will not work on the O-ring version of the eGo if you use this type. Even after removing the O-ring, it needs the outer threads to work.

Very well built. It looks good -and zero leakage. This clearomizer is built around the CE2.

In a nutshell, it seems comparable to other ce2 designs in vapor production and flavor. As far as durability- this trumps any clearomizer that I’ve used. It doesn’t feel like a disposable clearomizer. In addition, you don’t need a needle and syringe to fill these- they are very easy to fill simply by unscrewing the drip tip top.

The Vision eGo Clearomizer “might” be perfect for someone who likes the amount of vapor that you get from a ce2 or wicked tank. On a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the best vape- this clearomizer gets a 2 or so. I gave it this rating because of a combination of the muted flavor/flavor quality, and it seems to take a while to warm up and give you vapor. Sometimes I felt that I was getting “ok” vapor, and at other times, much less. The flavor was anything but good, pure or true. It gave me a constant scratchy/burning feeling in my sinuses.

[stextbox id=”info” caption=”Update”]UPDATE- 5/08/12
So Kitsune from the VaporTalk forum traded the two visions I had tested for one that she knew was working well. In short- it did work much better. The flavor was definitely better- and the scratchy feeling from the vape went away. The vision still doesn’t produce the plumes of vapor I prefer, and it isn’t a very warm vape- but I have revised the final score because the flavor issues I had previously had were not present in this round of testing. All in all, these are worth at least a try. Many vapers have been reporting a positive experience. I only ran mine at 3.7, which is low for my liking. Since this 2.0 Ohm Vision should be able to handle a bit more volts, I’ll work on using at 5v a bit and report back. [/stextbox]

Go ahead and grab a second opinion from Mergryphon, and see this clearomizer in action…

Where to purchase:

Vendor Rating (1-5): 5. Altsmoke Rocks!

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  1. Wow, so far off the mark I can hardly believe it. You really need to try the low-res version (2.1-2.4 ohms) Did you dry burn it first? Because if you didn’t, that was the problem. Otherwise, I can’t think of any excuse for such a completely wrong opinion of such a great carto. Other than the fact that it was a very high resistance version. Don’t believe it people. These things are the best!

    • A completely wrong opinion? Nope- I checked, and my opinion was correct. It was painful to vape through the whole tank. Drying burning was not the issue. The vision did not compare to ANYTHING that I like to vape on. Period.

      Your results may vary. Your opinion may be different. Thats fine and actually welcomed. Thanks for posting Mrdougers.

  2. Watch the video by geekgirlvaper, it’s a much better, and accurate review.

  3. o·pin·ion/əˈpinyən/ – Noun:
    A view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.

  4. mister, i am completely okay knowing you like to vape on one of the worst carto’s (IMO), in fact, it makes me happy knowing you are getting a pooooopy vape.

  5. why are you guys getting handbaggy about this review, are you making these or what?

    everyone gets duds sometimes, its the way of these things.
    whatever your awesome experience of these things is, dont be shouty pathetic gits because someone had a bad one.

  6. Clarification: I just tested, and I do NOT have the LR as I thought. It is 2.8Ω. That is definitely one reason I didn’t like it. I do feel that since it’s not LR, the flavor should’ve been better in the least. I “might” try an LR just to see if I can give it a better review

  7. in my opinion, your opinion of his opinion is an incorrect opinion

  8. JD, i respect that opinion!

  9. I have been using the SR versions of these for a month now and love them. I have had cracking issues which I put down to them from a rushed batch post Chinese new year. Apart from that though these have been great in all other respects for me. Each to his own I guess…

  10. Personally, I like these quite a bit and prefer the SR over the LR version. Great, clean flavor, and good vapor production even on my all pg juice. And best of all, no leaking or gurgling, even vaping reclined and with the PV practically upside down. No cracked tanks for me, but I managed to miss the post chinese new years batch.

  11. Thanks for the comments. I understand that a lot of vapers are liking these things. I actually gave one of these to my brother, who uses CE2s exclusively. He told me I could have it back. They certainly aren’t for everyone, maybe I did get a couple duds, but my viewpoint hasn’t changed. I just tried the Vision/Stardust again (same one) and have the same complaints. Muted flavor, a scratchy burning in my sinuses from it, and so-so vapor. It’s still really nice to hear others are liking it. I wish I could.

  12. I don’t think the initial review was wrong at all. I just got these in LR in hopes of being able to use my thicker juices in them. At first, all was going well, although I did see a reduction in flavor and that’s after using Smok’s dual coil cartos. with the polyfill. After about an hour, all I’m getting is a burnt taste. I’m assuming this is the “dry burnt” that Troop is referring too. In any event, a total fail for me.

  13. Excellent review and comments 🙂
    I also prefer the CE2 over the Vision but will keep with them for a little while as I have two to finish off. The Vision just does’nt seem to produce the same taste and vapour I’m getting from the CE2’s 🙁 I agree however everyon’e entitled to their own opinion and I appreciate the video from the lady vaper. Be well all.

  14. I love these clearomizers, they work great, last long and hold a days worth of liquid. i’ve had zero problems with these. good vapor,good throat hit, easy to fill. I could go on all day.

  15. these units are great and you CAN disassemble them, boiling water clean and cook off the coil in these units. when you get that burnt taste you need to boil off the residue and clean the wic. Everclear works as well. (be careful with 190 proof it will catch if you cook the coil)

    cleaning the right way gets rid of the burnt taste and prolongs the life of the clearomizer. i will be looking at the Kanger this week and have high hopes for the new design.

  16. We might all agree, based on the simplicity of the product, the stardust/vision ego may be a very good option for someone starting their vaping journey.

    After 3 years of vaping, the stardust/vision along with the Phoenix bottom coil are much improved carto system. But, I still prefer the clean tasting vape of dripping.

  17. I’m new to ecigs and learning about mods. I’ve been eyeing the Volcano Lava Tube and was wondering if this product will work on it? I just know about the 510 threading but never used an Ego. I’ve been using ecigs for 2 months now.

  18. I have one of these on an ego. It has a muted flavor but fairly amazing clouds for a clearomizer. Seems counter intuitive but then again the most flavor you’ll ever get is from a flooded atty when DDing.

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