I was recently contacted and asked by The Ashtray Blog on my predictions of the electronic cigarette industry in 2013. The cool thing about this article is that you not only get my predictions, but you also get to hear from 9 other bloggers, video reviewers and media hosts also.

Black and white headshot of Blake.  Blake from Guide to Vaping

As we’ve all seen, the Electronic Cigarette industry is growing substantially. The rapid growth will obviously have quite the impact on tobacco companies and with that being said, I think in 2013 tobacco companies will follow in the footsteps of Lorillard – who has recently purchased ‘blu Ecigs’. We have already seen this start to take place when RJ Reynolds announced the plan to release their version of the electronic cigarette, the Vuse Solo.

Though the Electronic Cigarette industry doesn’t have to rely on this, it has and will play a huge role in what this industry becomes. It isn’t a coincidence at all that we’re all wondering what 2013 will hold for electronic cigarettes, and I was speaking with Kevin from VapersPlace.com just the other day about this particular topic. Kevin went on to telling me that he’s heard many vendors say that once the blu Ecigs commercial was first aired, vendors have noticed quite the benefit and boost in sales. Even us blog owners are noticing the huge spikes in traffic also.

I’m very indecisive on what I think the FDA will end up doing as far as regulations go, but I can tell you from hearing all the talk about bottled e-liquid not being offered and probably replaced with prefilled cartomizers, it’s given me quite the scare. If this turns out to be true, yes we’ll be moving forward in the electronic cigarette industry… yet, we’ll be taking two steps backwards. We will no longer be able to take advantage of the system by refilling our said ‘disposable’ cartomizers and prices will get jacked. We will no longer be saving money, which is something we’ve all become used to by now.

We can of course expect a lot of change in 2013, some good and maybe some not so good, but one change we can count on is growth. We can be limited, but not stopped.

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