Most people who start vaping do not have the desire to quit using their electronic cigarettes. There are, however, those out there that have quit or have plans to quit in the future.

Just because you’ve switched to vaping doesn’t actually mean you have to continue doing it. And, just because you’ve continued to vape doesn’t necessarily mean you ever have to quit either.

What’s quite interesting about electronic cigarettes is that they’re essentially the easiest, most comfortable and most satisfying alternative to switch to, and they also happen to be the most effective alternative to use to completely quit using nicotine. However, there are many that have started off using nicotine with these devices and have worked their way down to no nicotine at all, yet they continue to use electronic cigarettes.

full time hobbyThough I personally enjoy the use of nicotine, I don’t believe vaping is all about that nicotine use. Vaping has some-what drifted from its earlier days; the days where vaping was strictly about removing yourself from tobacco cigarettes and for the pure enjoyment of continuing to get your nicotine delivery via an alternative. Now a days, there is an enormous culture that surrounds vaping – where vaping is no longer just a continued habit, but also a hobby, a competition, a profession, and even a way for increased and improved social interaction.

This industry has blossomed into much more than anyone has ever imagined.

It ultimately comes down to what your goal was as you first started vaping, and your desires as of today. After vaping for some time now, how do you feel, do you still have a goal, have your thoughts changed from what they originally were, and do you ever plan to quit?

Whatever your answers to these questions may be, I want to know and want to know why. There are many questions I wonder about, and your replies could give new vapers insights on how others have progress and could potentially determines one’s outcome. While at the same time, it will also be beneficial in multiple ways for even experienced vapers all around the world.

I, along with others, would love to hear your thoughts on this topic – please share them in the comments below.