Let me start off by saying, purchase a drip tip now! Really, I mean it, they are just that awesome.  When I first started vaping, man did I have trouble with the blank cartridges.  They produce a nasty taste and they just didn’t give me the full taste that you are supposed to receive from these liquids.  When you first use a drip tip, you’ll understand then what I mean about the full taste.

Drip tips are a replacement of your cartridge or you could do like some people and use a cartomizer and the drip tip, whatever you choose, more power to you.  A drip tip allows you to directly drip onto the atomizer without having to remove anything.  The hole is much bigger than the size of the hole is something like a blank cartridge.  It’s easier, less hassle and overall a much better vape when using a drip tip.  The drip tip is by far the best purchase I have made for my e-cig and I highly advise you purchasing one as well.  To learn more about drip tips, visit our video page.