While the name may sound odd, a squonk mod is one of the most interesting devices on the market. A squonk mod, which is also known as a bottom feeder mod, is a device that has the capability of storing an e-liquid bottle and supplying the e-liquid from the bottom of the device to the top hollowed 510 center pin by way of a short tube. While explaining what it is and how it works can be simplified, Guide To Vaping is known for breaking it down further into detail for a thorough explanation. We’ll be doing that today as well.



The History of Squonk Mods

reos modsWhile many think squonking is a new style of vaping, believe it not but there’s a history behind it all. In fact, squonk mods date back to around 2009, which was ultimately a DIY project made by a vaper known as Carlos49. The popular name didn’t have any backing until an E-Cigarette Forum (ECF) member, Jack Murray, described the innovative design and referenced the device with the term “squonk”.  While the first actual squonk mod was made late 2009 as a DIY project using a Radio Shack plastic box called the JuiceBox, it only landed in the hands of nearly 250 people.  Though demand was high, Carlos didn’t deliver the rest of the squonk mods that were pre-ordered (scammed ECF members). One member became tired of waiting, Robert O’Neill, and decided to create his own squonk mod and began selling the improved upon version, which took the brand name REO. The website ReosMods became a huge success from that time, becoming what’s known as the first commercially available squonk mod, and setting forth a path later squonk mod manufacturers would follow. Squonk mods still continue to be a successful part of the market, however, it’s success that comes in waves. Though squonking was a thing of our past, it’s not run full circle and history is repeating itself as they gain popularity here in late 2017.

It Takes Two To Tango

Have you ever heard this saying, it takes two to tango? We’re sure you have but in this particular situation, we’re talking about a squonk mod and a squonk rda, a duo that intertwines with one another to make the other work. Without one, the other will not work, at least for squonking. When you’re squonking, you’re using a setup of a squonk-friendly rebuildable dripping atomizer and a squonk mod. Whenever you buy a squonk mod, you’ll also need to buy a squonk-friendly RDA. With a squonk mod, you can bypass using the squonking portion of the mod and use it as a regular mod that’s accompanied by a standard rebuildable atomizer or tank. When it comes to the RDA’s, you must have a squonk-friendly RDA, meaning there is a hole in the 510 connection that allows e-liquid to be fed through the bottom and into the deck of the atomizer. Commonly, you’ll find that many RDA’s being manufactured today can be used as a standard RDA or for squonking.

What Is A Squonk RDA and How Do They Work

squonk rdaA squonk RDA is a rebuildable dripping atomizer that comes equipped with a hole in the center of the 510 connection, which will allow e-liquid to be fed through the bottom of the atomizer and up into the deck. When the bottle housed in the squonk mod is pressed, e-liquid is forced into a tube and pushed into the bottom of the 510 connection. The e-liquid then travels to the deck of the rebuildable dripping atomizer where it then soaks the wicking material.

What Is A Squonk Mod and How Do They Work

squonk modA squonk mod is a device that houses an e-liquid bottle within its casing. The bottle is attached to a tube that runs up into the 510 connection, making its way through a hollowed 510 center pin. Once a squonk RDA is attached, the e-liquid will travel through the squonk mod’s 510 connection and into the squonk RDA’s male 510 connection, and finally making its way to the deck.

The Benefits of Using A Squonk Mod Setup

There are many benefits to using a squonk mod setup. However, like anything in the world of vaping, everything has its ups and downs. You’ll find that using a squonk mod setup is more convenient and will eliminate the need to ‘drip’. In addition, you won’t have to constantly refill the bottles in squonk mods typically range from 7ML to 10ML. Another big advantage is you’ll no longer have an issue with over dripping. When you press the bottle or squonk, the e-liquid that doesn’t soak the wicking material will often drain back down into the e-liquid bottle. And lastly, you’ll get the same benefits you would from using any RDA, which includes, great airflow, the ability to build your own coils, the ability to wick your own coils, and of course a better flavor and vapor output.

For those that care, here are a few drawbacks to using a squonk mod setup:

  • You have to build/insert your own coils and wicking material.
  • When refilling your squonk bottle, e-liquid often drips out of the tube and become a bit messy.
  • Squonk mods are commonly unregulated, meaning a slim choice to choose from, no safety features or wattage adjustments.
  • The battery life on squonk mods are usually poor, as most squonk mods house only a single 18650 battery to make room for the bottle.