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Why the Disposable e-cig is Getting More Popular than Ever

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Compared to conventional cigarette smoking, disposable e-cigarettes are becoming more popular. Many factors explain the popularity of e-cigarettes and the constant reduction in the usage of conventional cigarettes. According to the report published by WHO, it is estimated that the number of smokers worldwide decreases steadily. But such estimates are different for vaping. The number of vapers is constantly on the rise from about 7 million in 2011 to 41 million in 2018 that is expected to rise 55 million in 2021.

Researchers claim that e-cigarettes are becoming popular among youths; partly because they are novel and partly because e-cigarettes are interesting. Vapers argue that e-cigarettes are less harmful to one’s health than conventional cigarettes. Easy online availability in various flavors and easy access has made vaping far easier than smoking traditional cigarettes. E-cigarette devices are odorless and never smell like an ashtray.

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E-cigarettes are pure and maintain health standards more than traditional cigarettes. Available in various sizes and designs, e-cigarettes lure vapers more than conventional cigarettes lure smokers. Owing to the distinguished features offered by e-cigarettes, they are becoming more popular with the passage of time.

Many advantages are associated with e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes don’t burn and ultimately create no tar, ash or smoke. Most of the harmful effects that come from tobacco are created by burning tobacco. E-cigarettes don’t burn the tobacco, so it keeps the vapers on a safe and healthy side. Most importantly, conventional smoking is not allowed everywhere, but vaping is relatively come out with fewer restrictions and 95% harmless compared to traditional cigarettes.

Also, e-cigarettes are economical than conventional cigarettes, which helps vapers reduce their expenses to some extent. A range of e-liquids offers 5 nicotine strengths which allow vapers to choose any strength. Frequent usage of low strength nicotine helps you quit conventional smoking which is another merit of vaping. One can change strengths during the day or for different occasions. The gradual decrease in the nicotine level can be reached to zero, a favorable level to give up smoking.

E-cigarette companies like MOTI which offers MOTI PIIN that are available in various flavors. These flavors are quite similar to traditional cigarettes. MOTI PIIN offers eye-catching designs, easy to pocket, and is more eco-friendly than traditional cigarettes. With its growing popularity, celebrities like Johnny Depp and Katherine Heigl have claimed that e-cigarettes helped them quit smoking.

The improper disposal of cigarette filters adversely affects the environment and requires billions of dollars to clear away the litters. This is a serious threat that traditional cigarettes are creating. These filters are made up of cellulose acetate that does not degrade easily and needs at least 12 years for one to break down. This clearly indicates that electronic cigarettes cut down pollution and are eco friendly.

An e-cigarette is better than a traditional cigarette in a variety of ways. From flavors to expenses and nicotine levels to eco-friendliness, the current trends in the modern world are changing at a rapid pace. The fact that e-cigarettes are becoming more popular is because e-cigarettes are friendlier, smokeless, and control nicotine intake. A wide range of benefits has put them in an advantageous position than traditional cigarettes.

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Blake Brown

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