There are several cities and states that now implemented their own bans on vaping products. For those of you that fall into these sectors of bans, now that you can no longer vape doesn’t mean we’re going to leave you high and dry, cold turkey. We all know the success rates that will have. Instead, we would like you to continue making responsible choices, just as you did with vaping, to reduce harm. With that said, if your city or state has suddenly started giving you the stiff arm by blocking your access to vapor products, here are some alternatives to vaping that we found interesting. We would like to first add that we do not believe the success rates of these products compare to vapor products, however, if you stuck in a hard place, these products have the potential to help.

Alternatives To Vaping

If you can no longer vape or don’t feel the need to, here is a list of alternatives to vaping. We aren’t encouraging you to quit, we are just letting you know that if you do quit, there are options available for you. Your success in whatever you do should always be a priority. Here are some interesting options we found that you could consider.

1. CRAVE Nicotine Toothpicks

A friend on Facebook has recently launched his brand of nicotine toothpicks in light of all the vaping bans. These toothpicks offer 3mg of nicotine per toothpick and are available in a variety of flavors. Smoking and even vaping is banned on airlines, at gas stations, out of doorways, inside restaurants, and inside of bars. The Crave nicotine toothpicks will allow you to satisfy your nicotine craving without having to worry about your access to products or bans.

2. Harmless Cigarette Quit Smoking Aid

The Harmless Cigarette is something we found quite interesting. We first discovered this alternative through Facebook ads, and after looking at some of the comments, we can see the potential of it. Ultimately, what this product is, is a non-electric breathable air filter that was designed to help you overcome the urge to smoke or vape. It simulates the smoking or vaping experience, yet no smoke or vapor is inhaled or exhaled. Sure, it’s basically you inhaling air that offers a taste from a flavored filter. We’re not saying this will work for you but it’s definitely interesting and there have been some success in the stories we read on Facebook.


Now that you can no longer vape or don’t feel the need to vape, CBD products could be your next step. When you remove yourself from nicotine, you may experience a variety of conditions, such as nausea, abdominal cramping, headaches, insomnia, anxiety, irritability, depression, difficulty concentrating, and more. CBD products are known to help reduce or even eliminate many of these conditions, and thus far have been very successful since they became legal in December 2018 under the 2018 Farm Bill. There are vaping options that do not contain nicotine and only CBD, and there are other options you may consider, such as CBD gummies or CBD oil. We encourage you to take a look around PRYME CBD and find the best delivery method of CBD that will suit you best.

4. ZYN Tobacco Free Nicotine Pouches

If you don’t mind a pouch, ZYN makes tobacco-free nicotine pouches that are available in several flavors. You can get them in 3mg or 6mg, and best of all, they are spitless. This means they work just like a regular tobacco pouch, yet cleaner, tobacco-free, and super discreet. While this isn’t necessarily our first choice, it is definitely another option for you.

NOTE: By no means would we ever encourage you to continue vaping if you’re ready to quit or have to quit, nor would we encourage you to stop if you aren’t ready or aren’t required to. As an adult, you are able to make your own decisions and determine whether you believe you will be successful or not in whatever choice you make.