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A low resistance (LR) electronic cigarette atomizer are about 1.5 Ohm and are used with 3.7 volt 420mAh or greater batteries.ย  These will work with the Joye ...

VG: VG will produce more vapor, less throat hit and can decrease flavor a bit. (Depends on what flavor.) PG: PG will produce less vapor, greater throat hit ...

If you are new to electronic cigarettes, then I'm sure you've had a bit of a hassle as I have with using cartridges. Cartridges are fine for your first time ...

So, you're new to vaping electronic cigarettes? Great! In this article, I'd like to discuss some of the thoughts or concerns you may be having, as did I.ย  I'll ...

You've been vaping some time now I suppose, or maybe you're just interested in LR atomizers? Whatever the case may be, it's all personal preference to be quite ...

All mods that use dual batteries will give you the same vapor production. All mods that use single battery, either boosted or not give the same vapor. Your ...

As you will notice throughout your time of vaping, your atomizers will start to give off a bad taste. The bad taste is because your atomizer is filled with ...

So you've come from using your common blank cartridge to now using a cartomizer or maybe you are just interest in making a switch.ย  Either way, let me tell you ...

Let me start off by saying, purchase a drip tip now! Really, I mean it, they are just that awesome.ย  When I first started vaping, man did I have trouble with ...

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  1. Ah! Thanks for the addition, I’ll add it now!

  2. I very well agree with the strong, long lasting taste of Grape, but for my liking, it was a bit TOO much. I think that the flavor is so strong, that after a few puffs it comes to a point where I could tell I wouldn’t be able to keep vaping it. However, this is from my own personal taste, and if you’re into very strong tastes and you like grape, I would definitely recommend Grape from Liberty-Flights.

  3. Thanks for the advice! I’ve added those links into the post. I appreciate the help. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I’m sorry to hear you’ve had such bad luck. Trust me, I’ve had my share of bad luck. Don’t give up because once things start going great for you and you’re not smoking tobacco cigarettes, you’ll feel amazing just as I do. First thing I want to ask you to help you fix your problem is… are you using a cartridge or a drip tip? and, are you direct dripping? I’m almost certain this will be your problem. Before I learned about direct dripping and drip tips I had the same problem. Read dripping vs cartridges post that I’ve made and I believe you’ll find your problem fixed. I would also look into purchasing a drip tip. If you would like to talk more, feel free to contact me.

  5. When I first started vaping I along with 2 of my friends had the same exact problem. As time went on we found out that the burnt type taste is actually from the wool filter in the cartridge actually dropping fibers onto the atomizer and burning. We’ve also found out that if you use a cartridge it is very easy to run your atomizer dry, which then burns the wick inside of the atomizer. With just those two things are your problem. What seemed to really help me along with my friends is directly dripping onto the atomizer and using a drip tip instead of a cartridge. By doing this, you will notice a huge increase in taste, vapor, and over all have a much better experience vaping. However, the downside to this is that you will use a bit more liquid than normal and you will have to redrip 3 drops every 5-7 puffs. Let me know if this helps. Good luck ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Just after about 2 to 2 1/2 weeks of having the 510-N, it failed me. It didn’t stop working but liquid was leaking through the push button. Let me just state the obvious… that isn’t safe.

    Since this has happened I haven’t used the 510-N at all and to be honest, now after seeing something like that could happen, I wouldn’t recommend anyone using it either.

    Before I purchased the 510-N, I was told from many that the MOD is nothing but a device to show you or give you insight. I’ve got my foot wet in the scene of mods, but now I ask myself “What is really that spectacular?”

    No… No, it really wasn’t.

  7. Don’t hold me to this but I’ve heard that there was a recall on the EQ MOD.

  8. Thanks to Troop for the research and writing. I only posted. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I understand that the FDA is trying to get the message across, but to what extent will they go? – I’m totally against smoking cigarettes, but should something so graphic be published to sway ones choice? – I personally think these images are pushing it.

  10. Yes I know, it was a poor job. I’m no modder by any means. On the next one, I think I’ll leave it to the professionals. haha ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Awesome interview Troop and thanks for participating JD!

  12. I personally wouldn’t recommend nor think it’s a good idea of using vitamins in e-liquid. To be honest, I think it’s nothing but a marketing skeem. Pshh…

  13. Outstanding article Troop! You’ve pretty much covered it from all points and I’m just waiting for others to get wind of this article as I’m sure it’ll turn the heads of many. One thing I think the FDA should really look at is your multiple choice question.

  14. Yes, that will be coming soon. I knew we didn’t have any listing of batteries so I took a quick snip of a quick battery layout from VaporTalk. We’ll be coming out with a better version soon that will be breaking it down more for others to better understand.

  15. Very nice write-up Bryan, I applaud the truth you’ve displayed. I just wished one of those FDA guys would catch wind of these types of articles and understand the simplicity and the fact that electronic cigarette are better for you, rather than analog cigarettes along with realizing that it just… works.

  16. I understand, however… I think differently. If you’re going to make the switch, then make the switch. I think it’s fine to think of these things, but when you have the information and you know how much better they make you feel, that’s when it’s time to stop being it’s slave and make a stand.

  17. The Kick will definitely change the way we all vape and the mods we purchase. (For example: It has to be Kick-able) – And, at a price of $45, it would be silly to not buy one, if not for the option, at least for the experience.

  18. Very nice article, Shady. Interesting read and great break-down of the Darwin. I hope to see more from you.

  19. I’m at a loss of words to describe how great of a time my wife and I had. The juice bar was the perfect setup, the people were all nice and not to let me forget, the prizes!!!! – Chatter97, thank you so much for helping make that meet a great time for us all.

  20. I’m glad to know you’ve been a viewer for so long, that’s awesome! Great pictures, thanks for the share!!

  21. I’m glad we called you out Jeannie, because I think you and your story rocks! – I’ve put away the cigarettes almost a year ago and started vaping and it has now turned into a hobby and passion that is far more greater than any tobacco cigarette. The quitting of cigarettes was only the start of it. Meeting people like yourself was a great addition to my switch. Over this time I’ve known you, you’ve been not only a great help for vaping, but you’ve also been a great friend. ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Fiz, I would love to know how you’re doing with your new RoughStack and I’m sure Joe would also. If anyone has any contact details for Fiz, please contact me with the info. Thanks.

  23. With the latest publicized incident of the man in Florida, there has been many people coming out of the wood-works telling different happenings. I’m sure many vapers have had different things like this happen, some worse than others. But if anything, it brings more awareness to us and the stories are only a reminder of what could happen. – On a more personal note, my wife’s roughstack recently shorted out and caused her battery to melt just a tad bit of the coating off at the bottom of her AW IMR 18650 and the spring collapsed. Thankfully her quick reaction to open up the mod and pull the battery out and the spring collapsing made for this case one of those ‘not so worse’ incidents. Mind you, the stacking of two 510 to 510 extensions was probably not the best judgement and I still am not sure that it was the exact reason. – I’m sorry to hear all of that Vapor Weapons, but I am glad that it’s taught you to be more careful and aware, just like with my wife. – Good luck and vape safe.

  24. oยทpinยทion/ษ™หˆpinyษ™n/ – Noun:
    A view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.

  25. Contest is over. Thanks to all of you who participated. Stay tuned to for more giveaways!

  26. The giveaway is over. Thanks to all who participated. Congrats to Bill and Wayne.

  27. I agree, this is definitely some great news. It’s something we all knew, but lacked the proof. Now that we have solid proof, I believe it will be hard for the bans that keep popping up to include electronic cigarettes.

  28. I’ve learned today that this shop is now charging over $13 for a 10ml bottle of China made e-liquid. That’s a no no in my book. I definitely wouldn’t recommend purchasing from this ‘local’ shop.

  29. The customer received 10ml bottles, all overpriced. Knock off, meaning it isn’t a Genuine Joyetech eGo-C Twist. You’re acting like you agree with this pricing just because it’s a retail location. I’m sorry, but just because they have ‘assets’, doesn’t mean it’s right to completely rape the customer.

    The point of the fact here is… this vendor is overpricing products and selling them to desperate people looking to hurry and make the switch. They are taking advantage of the people who lack knowledge about electronic cigarettes – and for that, I have no respect for them at all.

  30. That’s about how it’s always went – start on stick style, move to eGo, then a APV. Now days many are jumping straight to an eGo or even an APV. – Thanks for sharing.

  31. Keep ’em coming! We’ve already had a huge response from the community!

  32. Update: FastTech doesn’t want the award I was supposed to ship them. They instead asked me to email them a picture of it. Hmm…

  33. Thanks to a correction from zombiemann from r/electronic_cigarette, the following information was provided:

    “Not a bad tutorial, but I have to offer one minor correction. Heating the Kanthal with a torch doesn’t effect the springiness through oxidation. In function it is similar to heat treating steel. The heat effects the molecular structure, but oxygen has nothing to do with the process here.”

  34. Just felt like I had to share this will you all.

    Trisha wrote: “There are 3 people in this house who all have different views on vaping, vape gear, juice flavors, who to watch and what streams are awesome. Your results will be skewed due to the fact that you have your poll set up so only one of us can enter results. I will not trust anything published here and will report my opinion any time anyone posts or boasts about the results of your poll. Have a blessed day!”

    Should I disable the IP tracking from the poll so that Trisha doesn’t get mad because she can’t continuously vote whenever she feels like it? lol – Some of you people are taking this shit way too serious.

  35. It sounds like the cotton wicking has been dislodged or broke away from the coil. This may have happened from drawing too hard. Remember to take slow, steady puffs. Not to put the blame all on you, though. It could be a defective part from the manufacturer. I would stop using the device and get another.

  36. Thank you for sharing this information. Glad you and your family are ok.

  37. Angelia, thank you for your response. You are very much right. Customers should come first, and the manufacturers should be held responsible. The thing is, there are so many of these devices being produced by China that you are bound to have some of them that do not work as intended. Of course, this shouldn’t be an excuse for the product you purchased. However, you have to expect some bad apples in the bunch. On this website, we will be selling the Flum Disposable Vapes soon. They only cost $15.75. While we cannot tell you how many days or weeks they may last, they are supposed to last upwards of 3000 hits. Obviously, these numbers can change depending on the length of puff you take each time. What it comes down to is your satisfaction. If you are satisfied with another device, by all means. By the way, if you are getting 2-3 weeks from a disposable vape, you are doing VERY good. For an average vaper, these disposables shouldn’t last that long. When I was using them, they would only last days and up to a week… but then again I vape quite often. Visit our shop here:

  38. $86 on a disposable?? Yes, you were definitely ripped off.

  39. I agree, there are some bad apples out there.

  40. Fixed it. Thanks for pointing it out.

  41. They filed for a trademark, then it later got registered. No big deal.

  42. Cleaning doesn’t always work but it’s definitely something everyone should do when trying to locate an issue. Check the prongs, where the device makes a connection with the pod. Sometimes those are pushed down. I’ve actually had this same issue quite a bit. I’ve also had to barely pull my coil down. A big issue with most of these devices is the connection.

  43. No. The battery is integrated into the device, and the device itself is designed to be disposable. Once the battery has depleted, you simply toss it in the trash and buy a whole new device. They’re priced fairly cheap.

  44. The older Flum disposables have the UT (their trademark). The newer ones will not have the logo. No big deal. They just remove the logo from the device (what I was told from flum themselves).

  45. This post was published in 2018. I’m sure the prices on their website have changed since then.

  46. Hi Wayne, I appreciate your feedback, however, you may want to re-read the article. I never said that charging a disposable wasn’t possible. In fact, I said that people are recharging them and the viewer could hack it up themselves. However, I will not recommend my viewers to hack away at their disposable vaping device and cut up wires because if you do not know what you are doing (no matter if it’s an easy task for you or not), it is dangerous. Additionally, it was not intended to be recharged. This article is a little older and now rechargeable disposable vapes are available left and right. If you want to recharge your disposable vape to get every last drop that you can, simply buy a disposable that is intended to be recharged, where you can easily plug in a micro-USB cable.

  47. You can either replace the pod to see if the problem persists or go to a pod that has a lower resistance. See if either of those works.

  48. The Novo does not have a 510 connector. It uses pods. You should buy a cheap 510 battery to use with your THC cartridges since it uses a thicker concentrate.

  49. If it isn’t on the website, it may not be available. You can do a search to see if there is a download floating around somewhere.

  50. If the device is turning off when it isn’t on charge, it sounds like there is something wrong that is going on internally. If it stays on when it’s off charge, there may be a connection issue that is going on. If it’s a connection issue, search all possibilities, starting with the coil’s connection and then the connection from the device to the bottom of the coil.

  51. Shawn, I have devices and tanks being sent to me so much that I have to tell them not to send me anything. None of the devices really really excite me anymore. Except for one… and that is the VOOPOO Drag X. I’m used to and like the small form factor and the ability to use salts or regular vape juice. The coils are perfect, they last me a long time, and deliver great performance as well. As for the tobacco flavor, I can’t help you in the category.

  52. It is intended to be used with e-liquid (vape juice).

  53. Sounds like you may need a replacement. I don’t know if any fix.

  54. Tony, I use and sell these products regularly with no issues at all. If you by chance received one that was DOA or faulty, I would definitely reach out to Delta Effex.

  55. No problem bud. Often times it’s just a simple fix! Glad you got it working again.

  56. It will be at the end of the year.

  57. Great information! Thanks for letting us all know.

  58. Lisa, I understand you are misinformed and only learn what the media is telling you, however, the cause of deaths are from people vaping black market THC carts, to get high. NOT because of vaping nicotine e-liquid. Wherever else you’re spreading this information around, please inform them of the truth.

  59. Unfortunately, I can’t answer every question or solve every problem that is commented on this site. I write articles in an effort to help, and beyond that I allow viewers to comment to help each other. Geek Vape is a great manufacturer… I have worked with them personally for years. Sending an email to them will definitely help, but a lot of people don’t understand that sometimes it takes them a while to get back to you because they, just like many manufacturers, are fixing major and minor issues that any device could have. After loads of comments, it definitely seems like a mod issue, and hopefully, many of the people commenting are reaching out to the Geek Vape support department to get a fix. Thank you for sharing the information. I know there are a lot of people that visiting this site that would enjoy reading through it.

  60. I’m not saying that it isn’t possible that it is a mod issue. However, most times it is an issue of the tank or coil, or some type of connection issue.

  61. Awesome! I’m glad you found it useful!

  62. You’ll notice the performance is weakened, the flavor isn’t what it once was, and you are no longer satisfied.

  63. I didn’t write it. This was a paid, guest post (look at the author).

  64. I just own this blog and provide information. I do not work for or affiliated with SMOK in any way. You will need to visit the SMOK website and contact them to speak with them.

  65. 99.9% of all pods are made for nic salts, and most of them can run regular e-liquids with a thin consistency. This is common sense. Nicotine has nothing to do with the pod systems — it makes no difference in the way it performs. Easiest advice I can give you… if you want to run nic salts or cbd e-liquid, go with a pod system. If you want to run regular e-liquids, go with a mod setup. Pods were designed for nic salts in mind — giving little vapor production, little airflow, yet plenty of nicotine without the harsh hit (because of salt nicotine e-liquids).

  66. It is probably a bad battery. However, after a Google search, there are some people saying that once it starts blinking green, remove the pod, then insert it in again, and it would continue functioning as normal for a while. Try that… if nothing, I would contact the store you purchased it from.

  67. Voting list is deleted after the event. No point in me saving them.

  68. Yes, you can get it on the play store.

  69. I don’t use those apps, unfortunately. However, I can tell you that the best thing to do would be to contact the store you purchased the product from. The TnT Mod is an older one, so I doubt you will find many parts available for this device. You could look around and see if you can find the parts you need from another device. I know there are some online store’s that still carry springs and stuff like that for devices.

  70. You can honestly use either and be fine. Back in the day I would have said an RDA, but nowadays there are so many sub-ohm tanks that have coil options with a super low resistance. You’ll be fine either way you go, it just depends on your preference.

  71. Grisel, I recommend visiting our sister-site, There’s tons of information so that you can learn more about CBD. We just published a review of the CBDfx Gummies ( and will be publishing a review on the CBDfx oil and vape juice as well.

  72. You may want to try the new Goat RDA, which has coil heads, premade. Most pre-made coils are near about accurate. As long as you install that single coil that is 0.3-ohm, you’ll get 0.3-ohm.

  73. There isn’t a specific temperature that works for everyone or for a particular atomizer. When using temperature control, you’ll want to play it by what works for you, what satisfies you, and what you’re most comfortable with. Start off by adjusting the temperature to its lowest setting, then slowly work your way up to what gives you the most enjoyment. You can apply the same method to wattage as well – start at the coil’s lowest recommended wattage, then slowly work your way up until you feel satisfied with the performance.

  74. No! Find something that works and stick with it. Here’s a great recommendation: Lost Vape Orion and Nicotine Salt E-Liquid.

  75. You’ve probably burnt the coil and need to replace it. If you’re using a coil head, you won’t need to use the TCR function. Find out if you’re using a Temperature Control coil or a regular kanthal coil. If you’re using a temperature control coil head, find out which wire it’s using, then go to your TC setting and choose the wire type you’re using. If it’s just a regular kanthal coil, stay in regular power/wattage mode and adjust the wattage appropriately.

  76. What are you going on about? Vic was never removed from the two categories he’s winning in. Just stop.

  77. Maybe because that person didn’t have enough votes to make a difference?

  78. This will be the last time I respond to one of these comments about Vic, since it’s honestly becoming a headache and distracting from me my normal work. For some reason, this guy is causing a huge issue out of nothing. He’s craving, even more, attention, even though he’s winning in two categories. If I had it out for “Vic”, wouldn’t I have removed him from the polls entirely? He’s busy making YouTube videos insulting me for doing something I do on the polls each year. Aside from that, all people are removed from the “Best of 2018” category. If there are still “people” that exist in the category, it’s because the entries were made past the date and time I removed the old ones or I left them in there simply because they will not affect the polls due to having a low number of votes. When the polls end, only the top 3 in each category will be displayed and the dropdown of entries won’t be seen. Vaping with Vic is a person.

    It isn’t that I don’t want reviewers in the category, it’s that I don’t want “people” in the category. It has been like this since 2011, when I created the first poll. Never has a “person” ever won in the Best of 2018 category. And you are right, I apologize for not explaining every detail this year. I usually make a video before the event starts, but this year was rushed due to plugin issues, which is another reason why the event started on the 15th this year, instead of the 1st like past years. However, either tonight or in the morning I’ll be sure to remove other “people” in the category so you aren’t confused.

  79. I’ve done my fair share of advocacy work, along with encouraging millions of vapers to do it as well. Do you want me to apologize for owning and operating a blog, as one should?

  80. The thing is, I’m awake. There’s just a bunch of followers that are a little hurt because their favorite reviewer was removed from a specific category. I’m not going to apologize for that. No single person will ever win the “best of 2018” category. If you want to see a person do well in a category, vote for them in their respective categories, but do not try to push me into making a change to please someone’s audience. Just not going to happen. I am taking nothing away from reviewers, in fact I’m one myself, but I do not feel any reviewer is the best of this entire year and for anyone that does is living in fantasy land.

  81. Look, I don’t know what you’re going on about with mentioning Vic. He hasn’t be punished on the polls… in fact, he’s winning in two categories. When I shared with Vic that he wasn’t ‘discouraging’ his followers from voting multiple times, it’s because one of his followers emailed me with proof that people in his group were bragging about it and nothing was being said to discourage it.

    There is no real way to stop someone from voting more than once, but I implement things to discourage it, such as tracking IP’s and blocking them from voting more than once. Even with the social logins working, it will still not completely stop someone from voting more than once. The social logins are simply there to allow people to quickly be able to vote, instead of typing in their email. This year, there is something wrong with the social logins, and the reasons why I have not had my developer fix it, is because it isn’t a problem. If someone wants to vote, simply type in an email and vote. You’re going on and on about the social logins, yet they do not even matter. As long as we’re ‘online’ there will never be a voting system that is 100% proof. However, I expect those who participate to earn votes to at least discourage others from attempting to vote multiple times, or as I call it, manipulating the polls.

  82. By voting multiple times, as you’ve admitted to doing already in a comment you’ve made that I have yet to approve. One vote per IP/household. The polls do not naturally ‘allow’ you to vote more than once. Vic hasn’t been punished on the polls at all for anything. In fact, he remains on the polls. The reason why ‘people’ and Vic were removed from the Best of 2018 category specifically because that specific poll wasn’t intended for ‘people’. It isn’t just him, no one ‘person’ will win the Best of 2018.

  83. Welp, thanks for participating this year. Enjoy the rest of your day.

  84. It’s the same way every year.

  85. Your comment is funny. What are you talking about? The only person I said was “allowing” users to manipulate the polls and not discourage them from doing so was Vic. I cannot remove Vic from the polls since he himself did do this. My complaint about was was that he wasn’t doing anything to ‘discourage’ the users from doing it. Do not come on my website and try to threaten me with nonsense. If I want to shut you up, I simply won’t approve your comments and blacklist your IP from the site. I don’t have time for your childishness today buddy.

  86. The only entries that have been removed are ones that do not fit into specific categories. Credibility remains. I’m sorry that you do not like that your favorite reviewer was removed from the mod category, etc. That isn’t how this poll works, buddy.

  87. Vaping with Vic is currently at the #1 spot for Best YouTube Channel.

  88. Thank you for letting me know. I have seen approved “vapors” and looked them up, finding a Facebook group. I deleted it from certain categories, however, I will have my developer look in the database to get those numbers for me and they’ll be added back to those categories.

  89. Make sure that the radio button beside your answer is checked.

  90. Not at all suggesting that you’re organizing anything, but to know it’s going on and not try to discourage it is a problem. I’ll release a post today to give better insight.

  91. Yet you aren’t discouraging followers from manipulating the polls. You have members posting that they are voting multiple times and you’re completely fine with it. That is something that isn’t tolerated.

  92. They aren’t a forum. They use a facebook group.

  93. I have noticed. You can type in an email and are still able to vote. It doesn’t require that you login via social account.

  94. I go in and consolidate the votes. I do this periodically. If I edited the polls every time there was a mistake, I’d be here 24/7.

  95. I will take care of it. Thank you for participating in this year’s Best of 2018.

  96. No need, you did it for me. Thanks for the heads up.

  97. Yep, I consolidate entries each year. Just takes me a bit to calm through everything.

  98. Rigged? I’ve been doing this since 2011, and there’s nothing rigged about it. Everyone knows this, smartone.

  99. Kurt! Thank you so much man, and thank you for stopping by!

  100. Have you tried changing your coil? Either you need a fresh coil or it isn’t properly reading the resistance of your coil.

  101. As you know, people have different experiences with these products. For me personally, I have been nothing short of pleased. I do want to point out, my first Panda died on me, and it was because I didn’t know you couldn’t charge it in your vehicle. Paid another $30 and has been working fine. Great flavor, a decent amount of vapor, and I no longer have to carry around a heavy mod with me. It’s crazy how I went from high nicotine in 2011 to less in later years, and now a round trip back to a smaller device, less vapor output, and back to higher nicotine.

  102. My advice is to start off low and work your way up until you meet your preference. If you’re using a tank, often times the manufacturer will print the recommended wattage on the coil head as well.

  103. You can charge it while it’s on.

  104. A) Your coil is flooded. B) The coil has spitback.

  105. I was sharing that temperature control should only be used when using those wire materials. However, I didn’t say that stainless steel couldn’t be used in regular wattage mode.

  106. Yes, that is fine. Manufacturers often mention the material of the 510 pin or what it’s plated with to indicate that it’s a good conductor. They’re basically saying your connection will be solid.

  107. Doesn’t matter what type of coil, it matters about the material. You can use Steam Engine to help determine those factors.

  108. Donna, I’m glad you found some use out of this guide. I knew the user manuals were lacking, so I first created one of these online manuals or ‘guides’ to better explain the product and what it’s capable of. It helped many people, I received a lot of responses, and it obviously drove a lot of traffic in return, so I’ve continued to write them for as many products as possible. I’m glad this one was able to help you.

  109. I keep mine around 80W with the Q4 coil. Works fine for me. May depend on the eliquid you’re using. Try running a thinner liquid. (I run 70VG)

  110. Us “assholes” aren’t paid by SMOK. Do you think the best selling brand would pay someone to promote their products when the rest of the vaping community already does it for them? come on, you’re smarter than that!

  111. Sure will. Both have a 510 connection.

  112. The booklets/user manuals are often too hard to read for many user and do not explain everything. This is an alternative to that guide.

  113. That means you’ve reached the max number of puffs, which is caused by the puff limiter. Go in the settings on your device and reset the puff count.

  114. I don’t think SMOK created one.

  115. Check the 510 pin in the center of the 510 connector at the top. There may be an issue with it, as in the pin may be stuck down too low. Check that and see if you can pry it up if it is.

  116. Larry, I just spoke with a representative from Vape-Ejuice and I was told the 33% off code is product specific, which I wasn’t informed of until now. It’s a deal for Strawfetti lemon fun, cool melons, and blue icy pop. I apologize for the inconvenience.

  117. Make sure the batteries are installed correctly. Click the fire button down 5 times fast and the device will power on.

  118. That means it’s locked. Unlock it and you’ll be able to adjust the wattage.

  119. Are you running a tank with a coil head or a rebuildable atomizer?

  120. Wattage. Only use temperature control when you’re using NI200, Titanium, or Stainless Steel coils.

  121. Turn it on, switch to your desired mode, adjust the wattage/temp, press the fire button.

  122. I doubt you’ll find any coil head that’s capable of 220 watts. Often times these manufacturers hype up a product by sharing its large wattage capability but doesn’t do much good being as tanks won’t reach those numbers. You can reach those numbers with a rebuildable atomizer, however.

  123. Have you tried a new set of batteries?, different from the batteries you just tried? or are the new ones a result of trying to fix the issue?

  124. You would need to talk to the company you ordered it from.

  125. I completely agree. That’s a much more suitable name for the type of product it is.

  126. Maryanne, unfortunately, that isn’t something I can help you with, nor would I feel comfortable advising you on. I would probably contact someone that knows more about those disorders.

  127. Accusing me of being paid for reviews is absolutely silly. First off, this isn’t a “review”… it’s a “preview”, hence the name “preview” in the title. Secondly, I’m calling it an RDA, because that’s what Vandy Vape is marketing it as. They’re marketing it as a sub-ohm RDA when it’s a cross between a sub-ohm tank and an RDA, adopting the pre-built coil head from a sub-ohm tank, while utilizing the design/appearance of a traditional RDA. Next?

  128. I have done it that way every year except this one. I changed it because there are too many people that want me to continuously change this or that on the awards, such as the name. For users to authenticate the winning or who won, they can refer to the results page.

  129. To each his own. However, I would like to throw out some facts: In 2014 Vapor Authority sponsored the event and didn’t win anything. In 2015 Coil Master sponsored the event and didn’t win anything – this same year Vapor Authority took 2nd place in Best Customer Service. In 2016 VaporFi sponsored the event and didn’t win anything. This year Vapor Authority sponsored the event and participated more than any year prior — I received their newsletters that were sent out to customers/fans, encouraging them to vote, not specifically for them, but to participate. Sponsoring the event doesn’t change the minds of thousands of voters. Participating more than others, growing a loyal following and benefiting from it, that does.

  130. Wasn’t that Dr. Crimmy’s that had the bugs in their liquid and terrible manufacturing conditions?

  131. And another who thinks their opinion is the only one that matters.

  132. Um, it isn’t a rebuildable dripping atomizer. It’s being marketed as a “sub ohm rda” due to its similarities to that of an RDA. It’s more-so a tank, build like a RDTA, but using Innokin’s siphon idea — somewhat.

  133. They’re being consolidated tonight.

  134. I can see where it may seem that way. However, I can assure you they aren’t gaining votes due to it. Vapor Authority is gaining votes because they’re blasting it on social media and newsletters. They sponsored in 2015 and barely got votes except for best customer service category. Since then they started ranking higher on search engines and have gained quite the following — in return they’re now benefiting from it on these polls. The same goes for VapeWild… they have a huge following, they blast it and they get votes. If Giant Vapes would have done the same, I can assume they would be leading the polls right now due to their following. None of this should be taken super serious, although I do know it helps stores and people enjoy receiving recognition for their work. As I’ve told many other stores, brands etc… the way to receive votes is by participating more.

  135. you’re able to submit the entry yourself. Instructions were provided.

  136. Users complained about there being too many categories so I reduced the amount. This is one of the categories that I combined.

  137. The categories were reduced this year due to last year many participants sharing that there were too many categories. The only thing that can be done is to improve next year by listening to feedback. That said, thank you for yours.

  138. The thing is about the polling plugin I’ve had built, it’s a blessing and a curse. It allows everyone to submit entries, but no way of stopping them from adding bad words, duplicates, etc. I actually had a feature built onto the plugin that alerts the user if they’re submitting a duplicate entry or an entry similar to one already submitted. People weren’t using it still, so we removed it.

  139. Awesome, thank you for the help! And yep, I’ll fix it.

  140. Easily. Vapor Authority is sponsoring the event, meaning they’re paying for the actual awards that I send to the top 3 winners in the top category, which is the “Best of 2017”. Because of their sponsorship, I provide information about them and display any giveaways that they can offer due to the event. They’ve done this in 2015 and only took 2nd place in Best Customer Service — I don’t think they won in anything else. Just because their name is displayed doesn’t mean they’re prone to get more votes. People will vote on who they think is the best. I mean, did you vote on them just because you have seen their name?

  141. It is a group, and I agree with what you say once again. However, I didn’t intend the Best Vape Forum category to be used for Facebook groups. Perhaps I should have been more descriptive. I had to deal with the same thing last year. Next year we will for sure have a separate category for it. And yes, I know.

  142. I’m removing them all. I only removed ones that said “FB” or “Facebook group” or ones that I know are Facebook groups. I can’t just remove any name, I have to take time and research them all to see if they are forums or not. Yours was one I knew was a Facebook group since we had a discussion about it. I don’t play favorites… trust me, if it were up to me these polls would look entirely different.

  143. Cleaned it up quite a bit. Just keep in mind, we will have trolls throughout the event. I’ll continue to clean up the polls throughout the month. And no problem, all is good!

  144. There isn’t anything wrong with the way this event is conducted. I give participants the opportunity to write in their own entries, instead of myself being the decider of who makes it on these polls and who doesn’t. Giving that opportunity we will, of course, have duplicates, trolls and so on. The only thing I can do to correct this is by updating the polls and fixing them throughout the 1-month event. Please have patience.

  145. We heard you. Calm down. It will be fixed.

  146. I let it all build up and fix it every couple of days. If I were to fix something every time a mistake, duplicate or bad word was made, I’d be here all day. Just like each year since 2011, everything will be fixed and all will be updated every other day. We still have the whole rest of the month.

  147. Just haven’t updated the polls yet. It’ll be gone.

  148. Robin, I apologize for the issues you are having. However, everything with the plugin I have had developed is automated. If someone has submitted once already, it tracks the IP and drops a cookie to prevent them from voting a second time. By any means it shouldn’t ever list an entry, saying “you voted too many times for DJLsb”.

  149. If they aren’t able to vote/skip/submit, that means they or someone in their household has already voted. We track by cookie and IP. Please make sure that they are visiting the voting page and not the results page. Here is the voting page:

  150. There are small descriptions for each category. When I describe the first category “Best of 2017” by telling everyone to choose the best of the year, I would assume they would vote for the best brand, like SMOK, Vandy Vape, Innokin, etc. Instead, they’re voting for forums, people etc. The thing about the voting here is that I’m not a deciding factor on what goes really. As long as it fits into the category, it’s somewhat out of my hands. I try my best not to interfere with the voting process and instead let the vaping community determine who and what was the best for each category. For the best of 2017 category, I explained it as more of a general category, so I guess anything goes on who or what can win. Maybe next year I should make a drop down explaining in better detail what each category was designed for.

  151. Thank you! Thanks for participating!

  152. Taking extra measures. One vote per household. It also prevents bots. These two things, IP and cookies, are the only thing I can do to try and make the voting legit as possible.

  153. This year I tried going with fewer categories since there are quite a few people that complain about the number of categories to vote in. This person wants this, that person wants that — it’s hard to please everyone. But yes, I agree with you.

  154. I understand and respect that. That’s a good thing the place you’re providing for ‘older’ vapers. That group would be something I’m more prone to favor over others, to be honest.

  155. Technically, it is. However, I do not want “Facebook” to take away from those in the vaping community that have created vape specific forums and have had to build them up, especially when Facebook doesn’t support vaping nor vapers. Next year I may add its own category.

  156. Of course not. It’s still going, all month long.

  157. Buy 3 of the same battery. It’s best if you buy them all new at the same time. But really it works either way.

  158. I will be editing and updating the polls today to fix duplicates.

  159. I apologize for the error. If you received an error it could be a few things: A) someone in your household has already voted, B) despite the errors, you clicked submit and it still recorded your votes.

  160. It’s being removed, no worries. I completely agree.

  161. It will be removed from the category. I’m letting people vote for a bit before I edit the polls and fix them.

  162. Adjusting the ohms wouldn’t be needed, although there are some devices that will allow you to do that. However, the device has a built-in ohm reader. You will simply need to adjust the wattage like any other device. You should check out the SMOK Prince Tank. It’s nice and performs great!

  163. If getting a burnt taste, it’s likely the coil that can’t handle the thickness of the e-liquid. Also, sometimes when your power is too low that could be a cause as well.

  164. I’m pretty sure that isn’t a reset hole… it’s ventilation for the battery that’s built into the device.

  165. This guide is for the original G-Priv, not G-Priv 2.

  166. If it has a 510 connection at the top, I see no reason why it wouldn’t.

  167. You can put it in its stainless steel mode using temperature control. Adjust the temperature to what you like – start off low and slowly work your way up until you feel comfortable.

  168. Sounds like something has gone wrong with your mod. I would get it checked out the store you purchased it from. Don’t use it anymore until it gets fixed.

  169. Randall, the “Product Watch” category is a list of products I write about to give users a quick preview of the product, sharing information about the product such as features and specs. Sometimes when a company wants to get ahead of their competitors they will pay me to write the preview of the product and include a link to their site, which helps them rank higher on Google. My viewers visit these previews and can simply take it for what it is, an information resource for a specific product or it could lead them towards a site where they could purchase the product if they choose to. I’m not sure I quite get what’s upsetting you? Because I included a link to a company where the product could be purchased or that someone paid to me to include their link? If you do not wish to continue visiting the site, by all means.

  170. Unfortunately, stain remover will not clean up this mess. However, we can prevent them. Thank you for doing your part, The Plume Room!

  171. It’s a 0.2ohm sextuple coil with a range best from 70w to 90w. wire is Kanthal (use wattage mode).

  172. Have you tried using a different set of batteries? If so, it could very well be an issue with the mod.

  173. ohms will be set dependent on the coils resistance. The side of the coil will show the recommended wattage. Set the wattage within those numbers.

  174. I’ve added all the information you need. It’s a sub-ohm tank.

  175. Laura, I’m glad you found some use out of this list. I made this list sharing the perks and why I feel these online vape shops are what I consider the best over many others. I’m biased to many, I would like to point out because I’m affiliated with them all, have worked with them in some way, or have purchased from them myself. I’m also affiliated with both Halo and VaporFi as well but I didn’t feel they beat out the rest of the shops on this list.

  176. It should let you continue your draw for more than 2 seconds. There is a protection feature that’s built-in, which cuts off the draw when you reach 12 seconds I believe. I honestly have never heard of that issue. I would contact the store you purchased it from or reach out to the SMOK support.

  177. Exactly the reason why I write this guides. I’m glad you found some use from it! Thanks for the feedback, it’s much appreciated.

  178. Press the adjustment buttons to increase or decrease the wattage.

  179. Thank you for the feedback! I have been using only these batteries for years also. I just go with what I know, you know what I mean?

  180. You will use it in wattage or power mode. The wattage rating is printed on the side of the coil head.

  181. Breaking it down, it’s obvious that it’s possible to run any type of wire using the temperature control function on a device. However, is it safe or a viable option, no. From the time I’ve learned about temperature control, I learned that it isn’t an option to run ni200 or titanium in wattage mode strictly for the fact that these wires are potentially toxic when you reach a high enough temperature. When you run these wires in wattage mode, there’s no temperature limiting, therefore there is potential harm. Rather there’s something else I’m missing, I don’t know. This is what I’ve learned, the reasons why manufacturers urge you to use these wires in TC, and the reason why the rest of vaping consumers use it only in TC mode. Though I have more than 2K posts and been vaping since 2011, I don’t claim to be an expert… there are things I don’t know, things I don’t care to know due to the lack of interest, and things I will never learn about vaping. However, what I do learn, I share.

  182. You may need to return it to where you purchased it from and have them replace it.

  183. With it this cheap, who cares about shipping times as long as it’s shipped from the US, agreed? It’s crazy companies are selling product this cheap, even if it’s an older one. Just think, you can vape with a two-battery mod for as little as $17. Wild. I remember when eGo kits were running $60 all day.

  184. They’re located in California. I’ve met the owner and 3 of the employees during an event (ECC) in Ontario, California.

  185. Yea, the deal may have expired. I’ll continue posting deals as I find them. Subscribe to this blog and you’ll automatically be emailed with new deals you can take advantage of.

  186. I haven’t done the update. I think they’ve added some things maybe as far as the TC options go and more light options. I’m not 100% sure on this though.

  187. If it’s smoking, I wouldn’t trust it man. Your safety should be top priority. I would most definitely get up with COV and share the issue.

  188. You will need to visit the SMOK Support Page for additional information on the warranty process.

  189. Hard reset: Turn your SMOK Alien upside down, then open the battery door while the batteries are still inserted into the device. Make sure the battery door stays up during this process. Now hold the two adjustment buttons down at the same time. While the two adjustment buttons are being held down, close the battery door. Once the battery door is shut while still holding the two adjustment buttons, the batteries will then supply power to the device. A prompt will appear on the screen for two seconds asking if you want to factory reset, choose YES. Let me know if that helps.

  190. Trevor, that’s awesome that you’ve moved away from traditional cigarettes. I know finally making the decision to do it was tough, but you did it and now that lets you know anything else is possible when you put your mind to it. Quitting smoking and moving to vaping was a huge wake up call for me too. I didn’t have an issue with any drugs or anything like that, but I suffered from other things like depression and hypochondria. It’s all a mind thing and once I realized I was strong enough to rid smoking from my life I started tackling other things that held me back. You have the capability to do the same thing. It’s always great to hear the success from viewers of this blog, so I appreciate your comment. Keep it up my man and congrats on being smoke free!

  191. Typically a user manual is provided in the packaging. What is it that you need help with, maybe I can help?

  192. Undoubtedly your mod is overheating somehow, maybe due to the battery or there’s an issue with the chip inside of the device. I would see about getting the unit replaced by contacting the store you’ve purchased it from or reaching out to the manufacturer.

  193. The lack of technical writing comes from a lack of complete research. I’ve been researching this topic for a couple weeks, as I’m not someone that has experience with these products and using them. I merely researched and used information that I’ve gathered, giving more-so of the basic fundamentals of herbal vaping. That’s exactly how I started blogging about e-cigs, e-liquids and other vaping products as well. Do my research, share what I learn, and gain experience in places that I can or fit my preference. I appreciate your feedback. I do have about 15 more articles on the topic that I will be publishing over the next couple of weeks.

  194. Not quite sure what you’re referring to on the screen. Care to share?

  195. Make sure you’re priming the coils good by soaking the cotton with e-liquid before you use it.

  196. Then just stay around that range. Just start low and work your way up in wattage. Once you get to a wattage that seems to hot, back it down a bit to find your sweet spot.

  197. I do not. Try repeating the same process to see if it re-calibrates correctly.

  198. Look on the side of the coil, the manufacturer usually prints the recommended wattage on the side.

  199. Depends on the tank you’re using. With my TFV8, I just turn the tank over. As long as it isn’t full, I have no problems.

  200. Awesome! Glad ya got it working good. You don’t have to “wait” any time you prime a coil. The whole idea is to make sure that cotton is soaked so that when your coil heats up it doesn’t burn the cotton. The cotton has to be wet at all times. So, simply make sure the cotton is wet, and it helps to do those quick hits on first use and doesn’t hurt to do it every once in a while to make sure that e-liquid is being sucked into those juice holes good.

  201. What kind of questions. Simply prime the coil, fill ‘er up with e-liquid, attach it to the mod, and turn the wattage up to the recommended wattage that’s printed on the coil head.

  202. This post is quite old. The site may be down.

  203. haha. Usually it just takes messing around with these mods for a bit. Most mods will have a button sequence to perform different tasks.

  204. No, Stainless Steel can be used in both wattage and temperature modes. Titanium and Ni200 Nickel can only be used in TC mode.

  205. It goes my your preference, but I would say start low and keep turning it up until you find something that satisfies you. When I do use TC, I typically stay between 400-450.

  206. If the battery is built into the device (which it is), then yes you will need to purchase a new device. You may be able to find one just like it or a new device online that will ship to your residence.

  207. You’re making an argument with the 1000’s of people around the world that voted this my man.

  208. I couldn’t agree with you more, Mick. I too learned long ago that those who disagree or have something bad to say about something will comment freely, it’s the ones that agree and have positive thoughts that won’t. I’m not an MTL user, so if I create a post based on it, it could only be the result of research and that’s what I did. I’m sure there are 1000’s of people who will disagree with the list, but on the other hand, I know for a fact there are 1000’s who agree with it also.

  209. It does on mine and the few others I’ve seen at a local shop.

  210. David, I’ve been vaping quite a while, even before temperature control existed for vaping products. I along with many do not use temperature control, but there are many that also do use it. If you want to explore more with your mod, I would suggest that you just play around with things to find what’s more comfortable for you specifically. I can throw off numbers to you or where you should set your temperature, but that would only be my preference, even though I don’t prefer using TC at all. My advice, play with the mod, adjust things, and see what works for you and what doesn’t. (In my opinion, the memory mode is more of a hassle than anything, as you are setting a specific parameter rather than adjusting each time to dial in on your personal liking. Your tastes often change, wattage and temperature often change to meet your liking, and I rather just change things on the fly)

  211. Great info and tips, Jeff! I’m sure someone will find your feedback very helpful!

  212. The list wasn’t created from my use with the products, it was created from research. These are the products that were favored by a good number of MTL vapers. I did replace I believe the T18 with a similar VaporFi product, yes a knock off. I did this for two reasons, one because I trust them (have done business with them on several occasions, and two, it’s an affiliate. It’s basically the same product. Anytime I push out articles based on products, I, of course, will link to an affiliate I deal with. This is how I’m able to continue writing articles and helping information full time. If you feel there is a better list you can come up with, share it with me and I’ll add to this article and let people that read this blog know was our reads think is a good list. (btw, this list was made in no particular order)

  213. Awesome, glad you got things taken care of!

  214. May be on the scratch and check sticker.

  215. With the 5th SMOK device not working for you, you should have considered moving to another brand. I’m not sure why you’re having so many issues with the SMOK products you’re purchasing. I’ve used several SMOK products, in which I haven’t had a single issue with. After purchasing these products, you should reach out to the store you purchased from to get support through them. These stores should be showing you better customer service and support. If not, you shouldn’t continue purchasing from them.

  216. Whatever temperature feels right to you. You can start off low in Fahrenheit and work your way to the warmth you prefer.

  217. Nope. Just pull the batteries out, throw them on your external charger and charge away!

  218. Should be in this guide. I believe it was holding both the adjustment buttons at the same time and until you unlock.

  219. Change the puff limit I believe.

  220. I’m not sure what coils you had installed. However, I personally use alien clapton coils. If I’m building, coils will be between 0.4 ohm and 0.6 ohm.

  221. At the time, those chips weren’t out. This list needs to be updated.

  222. Back in the day many people just referred to them as an automatic e-cig, but now most people are referring to the actual feature on the device as “draw activated”. An all-in-one device is one that has a tank built inside of the device, rather than having to attach an external tank. If you’re into products like the Aspire Breeze, you may be interested in vapor pod systems or all-in-one devices similar to it. Check out this post here:

  223. You may have to go in and change the puff limit. It’s probably set to 500.

  224. I believe it’s done automatically. A lot of mods are made that way.

  225. Glad you found some use from this guide! Thanks for visiting!

  226. They are, but that’s a lot of power that’s going to waste, since the Aspire Atlantis isn’t rated for high wattage vaping. It will of course be compatible, but you could get away with buying a device that’s much cheaper.

  227. I do not. I recommend following their facebook page and check back on their website for updates. I think I read in past comments on this page that you can load the default firmware to fix some issues.

  228. Make sure that you have a solid connection between the device and tank. Make sure the coil is screwed in enough inside the tank. Typically this is a connection issue.

  229. oh, I’m a dummy… the Alien. Yea, you’re using too low of a coil resistance.

  230. That means the resistance of the coil is too low. You will need to use a coil with a higher resistance or a device that is capable of supporting lower resistances. What device are you using?

  231. Have you tried removing the batteries and reinserting them? If the issue persists, you may need to contact Sigelei for support or the store you purchased it from. If there is a way to upgrade or replace the default firmware, I’m sure that will fix it.

  232. To use the TC Mode you need to ensure you’re using the correct coil head. There are a few different supported coils, such as stainless steel, ni200 nickel, and titanium. Once you have your coil head installed and primed correctly, you can then navigate to the TC Mode and adjust to the correct wire/coil you’re using. For an example, if you’re using a Stainless Steel Coil Head, you’ll want to go to TC-SS. I believe in this video I show how to switch to TC. Without looking, I think it’s like 3 clicks, right adjustment button to go to tc, then left adjustment button to change wire type being used, then right adjustment to cycle through. You can hit left adjustment button from there to go down and adjust other settings.

  233. Here’s a guide for the Predator: If that doesn’t help, use the contact button at the top of the page and I’ll do my best to help you.

  234. I do hope you understand that manufacturers and vendors send me products for free and in return I review them, telling viewers of my website what I think about them, as well as giving information on them. However, the post you are commenting on isn’t a review, but instead a post that was created to help those who own the device. Anyhow, no, I didn’t purchase the device. But you answer me this, what does that have to do with anything? Just because I didn’t pay for it, it’s supposed to not work for me and I’m supposed to not like it… just because you’re having issues with yours? Don’t be mad at me bro, be mad at the manufacturer. You think just because I tell people I like the mod and that it performed well for me that it automatically makes it okay for you to take your anger out on me, again just because YOU are having issues? I think you are a little confused on this situation.

  235. Excuse me? On their payroll? Is this a joke? I hope it is, because if you actually read the title of this article it is simply a guide helping users with the Reuleaux RX 2/3, and not a review. However, I did review this product and I gave it a fantastic review. But why? Well, considering my RX 2/3 is still working, and in perfect condition, after being used nearly every single day since it was sent to me, I consider it a great mod. It sucks that many others are having issues with their RX 2/3, but I (or actually my wife since she’s the one that has been using it) have not had a single problem with it. Please do not accuse me of being on a manufacturers payroll. I’ve been in this game since 2011 doing this same thing, helping vapers in any way possible. If you want to fuss at someone for your mod not working, try reaching out to the manufacturer, not the person that is trying to help you. SMH.

  236. Oh man, that sucks! I’m sorry that’s happened — I know I’d be more than pissed. I would definitely contact Wismec and let them hear a few words.

  237. I’ve never had anyone owe me their whole life, dang! haha! Not a problem, glad ya found what you need!!! and, CONGRATS!!!

  238. That sucks! Contact Vapor Shark and see what they can do about it. I still have mine and it’s working flawlessly. I continuously have batteries charging also. Definitely the best charger I’ve owned thus far.

  239. It’s fine, just turn the device off.

  240. These are the batteries I use and recommend. They’re also some of the best performing and most popular batteries on the market. Go here:

  241. Don’t think you can lock wattage, but I believe you can lock the keys.

  242. Everything in the manual is here.

  243. Thanks for reading! And yes, you’ll have grammar errors all through this site, unfortunately. haha but thank you for correcting! (edited)

  244. Actually, I don’t remind responding at all. I’ve used my RX2/3 for the longest, and then when I was done with it my wife started using it. She still uses it to this day with no problems at all – not a single one. As for your screen going black, I’m sorry you’re having issues, but just because you are a few other people have issues, that doesn’t mean you can label the brand and the products it puts out as bad or low quality. As a reviewer, I’ve had plenty of Wismec product and I’ve never had an issue. It’s unfortunate that you are having trouble with yours, however. Do not solder anything nor take it apart. If you’ve only had the device for a week, I’m sure you can contact the store you purchased it from or Wismec support to replace the unit.

  245. Make sure your atomizer is making a solid connection on the device. Usually the check battery comes up when you don’t have an atomizer attached to the device or if it isn’t making a solid connection. See if that helps.

  246. It seems as if this is an reoccurring issue with SMOK devices here lately. I advise that you contact SMOK or the store you’ve purchased the device from to see if you can return the unit for a properly working one. I haven’t seen or heard of any fixes for the issue just yet.

  247. Ah, ok. I’m in Dothan. Don’t screw over the sellers my man. Just spend $30-$40 and order a new device online. I can find you some incredible deals.

  248. I hope you didn’t spend $200 on it… anyways, make sure it isn’t your batteries, and if not it’s probably dead. Take it back to the store you got it from to see if they can replace it.

  249. It should continue to charge. If it stops charging, then there’s something wrong with your device. Chances are, it’s still charging in the background.

  250. Believe it or not, but I’ve heard this from several people. The issue is the cotton wicking in these coils, or more specifically the ones with more than 1 coil in them. Find a single coil for the TFV8 Baby Beast and I imagine it will wick better. I personally use the TFV8 Big Baby Tank and it wicks perfectly with the Q2 Coil.

  251. I don’t know anything that could be done on your end to fix it, unfortunately. There is either a problem with the button sticking or the chip has malfunctioned. I would definitely contact the store where you purchased it from or the manufacturer and see what could be done.

  252. Not a problem at all! I’m glad you found the information that you needed!

  253. Thanks for visiting and reading through the guide!

  254. I definitely think there is a defect with them. Have you contacted support or the store you’ve purchased it from?

  255. I haven’t touched this device in a while, but I’m sure you should be able to reset the puff count somewhere in the menu. If you can’t find it there let me know and I’ll power up the device and figure it out for you.

  256. SMOK recommends that you must charge the batteries externally. I do this with all devices that use more than 2 batteries.

  257. awesome! thanks for taking the time to visit the site!

  258. You have a few different good options to choose from. However, I prefer the brown LG HG2’s more than anything. I recommend only LG, Sony, and Samsung batteries.

  259. Return it to the store you’ve purchased it from. I’ve talked to another person that had a similar issue with the GX350.

  260. Sounds like it’s flooding. What PG/VG percentage is the e-liquid you’re using?

  261. Your best bet is to contact SMOK support or the store you purchased it from. I believe once this happens, there isn’t much you could do other than replacing it.

  262. Jennifer, I stunned at how many pieces of gum you chew… even if it were just regular gum with no nicotine involved, that’s a LOT of gum and chewing. As an alternative, I would personally suggest getting an electronic cigarette, because it seems like you’ve got a strong craving for nicotine, so something like a vapor pod system would do the trick. I haven’t done much research on nicotine gum, but I don’t think the amount of nicotine is a problem since it’s scattered throughout a full days time. I’m not a professional, so I’m not giving you any type of medical advice, but I am advising that you either greatly reduce the amount of gum you’re chewing and possibly take on an alternative, such as vaping, that will allow you to get your fix and give you better satisfaction, rather than having to constantly chew gum.

  263. Wait, what? Send me a picture of your device.

  264. For me, I just knew the Minikin 2 would feel great in the hand, and luckily when it arrived, it felt even better than I imagined. It’s just an all-around great mod to use and own.

  265. Hmm… I’m not quite sure if the GX350 has a stealth mode. I don’t think it does. The screen may have just went out. If I were you I would contact the store you purchased it from to see if they can either come up with a solution or replace the unit.

  266. This is the most obvious, but I need to ask if you’ve turned the device on with 5 clicks to the fire button? If that isn’t the issue, I would recommend contacting the store you’ve purchased the device from and see what they can do to fix the issue or replace the device.

  267. Put it whatever satisfies you most. You can adjust it to a softer hit or harder hit. It’s basically just a manual way of the Soft, Standard, and Hard strength setting on a SMOK device.

  268. The GX350 hasn’t received an update yet.

  269. Awesome! Glad it worked out for ya! Thanks for visiting the site!

  270. The RDTA’s I chose for this list reflect only my opinion of what are the best RDTA’s in 2017, and not defined as being what was released only in 2017. If we were to base it on that, there wouldn’t be much of a selection, and I couldn’t share an opinion on them being that I haven’t heard much of them or use them myself. The list of RDTA’s on this list are one’s that I’ve personally used, friends of mine have raved about, or RDTA’s that are most popular.

    The iJoy Combo RDTA won 3rd place on GuideToVaping’s Best of 2016 receiving 160 votes. The Coil Art Azeroth RDTA was chosen because of the merely popularity surrounded by it and I have many friends that swear by it. The Steam Crave Aromamizer Supreme is an RDTA with tons of popularity, I’ve received many recommendations to give it a shot, and it did very well on GuideToVaping’s Best of 2016 Poll. The VGOD TrickTank Pro RDTA is one that many friends are using and seems to be rather popular, even though I personally haven’t been a huge fan of VGOD products. The Syntheticloud Alpine RDTA has an incredible design, and though I have yet to use it, Grimm Green shared that it was his favorite RDTA of all time. The Aspire Quad-Flex also did really well on the polls and I’ve heard many share how much they enjoy it, especially on product pages when reading the reviews of what customers thought. The GeekVape Medusa RDTA is one I personally own and enjoy using just because of its design… it’s like a dripper with a huge juice well – I like it for its design, but I don’t like the drip cap it uses, unfortunately. The GeekVape Avocado has been recommended to me several times, but I’ve never given it a shot because if I’m not that interested in something I’ll just wait until a company sends it to me for free. However, like I said many have recommended it to me, Steve Mac – owner of ECC and ECAG – and my boss at ECAG, swears by it. It also won 2nd place on GuideToVaping’s Best of 2016 Poll with 316 votes. The iJoy Limitless RDTA is one that I own and love most out of all of them and won 1st place on GuideToVaping’s Best of 2016 Poll with 745 votes. And lastly, there’s been many that have talked up the Augvape Merlin RDTA, it seems to have quite a bit of popularity around it, and it has an incredible design like the Alpine RDTA. Thanks for reading.

  271. As for tanks, I personally use the TFV8 Tank with the V8 Baby-Q2 0.4 ohm coil. Works perfectly!

  272. What resistance is the coil that you’re using? You shouldn’t be running Kanthal coils in stainless steel mode. I believe the coil you’re using is the 0.2 ohm rated for 40 to 140 watts, so if it’s getting too hot very quickly then you’re either chain vaping and causing it or your liquid isn’t wicking good enough to saturated the cotton and make its way to the coil. When you fire up the coil, it doesn’t have anything wet on it, which would explain the low amount of vapor and it getting hot very quickly.

  273. I would definitely contact SMOK support to have it replaced or go to where you purchased it from and have them replace it. It shouldn’t be doing that on its own and it’s very dangerous.

  274. I have the original, it worked fine for me. It did however start leaking a few months into using the device.

  275. Actually, I don’t see that there is an upgrade for it yet. You may need to contact SMOK support. Why did you upgrade with the G320 firmware?

  276. Update it to the latest GX350 firmware.

  277. Then this is a solid device for you. It offers the ability to use 2 or 3 batteries (great battery life), it has great quality, especially for the price, it offers a consistent draw, and it comes with a micro-USB cable so charging the batteries in the device is an option. There is no wall charger… you’ll need to use your own wall charger.

  278. I don’t sell the Reuleaux RX2/3, I just guide you to a website that I recommend to purchase it from. You can click on the buttons to visit the site to purchase it. If there’s anything I can help you with, just ask and I’ll respond.

  279. It would have been much better if it were something like a 5000mAh Li-Po.

  280. Thank you! I’m glad you found some use from it!

  281. No problem! Thanks for visiting!

  282. Not a problem at all. Thanks for visiting!

  283. Try the steps once again that’s on this page for those that have already bricked their RX2/3. If that doesn’t work, you may need to contact the store you’ve purchased the device from or contact Wismec support directly.

  284. You didn’t see anything about it because this site doesn’t associate with anything related to marijuana. This site is dedicated to vaping, e-liquid.

  285. How many watts are you pushing? What’s the resistance?

  286. That’s a problem with your tank, not the Sigelei Fuchai 213 device.

  287. You just needed to vote for yourself or other vote for you and that places you on the list. There were instructions on how to vote on the voting page.

  288. The votes aren’t fixed. The people are the ones doing the voting.

  289. It’s a Kanthal coil. Use this coil in wattage mode only.

  290. The V8-T8 coil wasn’t designed for temperature control. It uses Kanthal wire and organic cotton. Only use this coil is wattage mode. 90% of the time, if there’s multiple coils like this or coils that do high wattage, then it’s most likely going to use Kanthal wire.

  291. Calm your tits! If you argue with the choices I picked for this list, then argue with half of the MTL users on Reddit and other sites, as this list comes from research on what users enjoy most. Rebuildables weren’t chosen to be on this list. And, there’s nothing about me at all – I’m not an MTL user. So, uh, yea. Why would you let an article get you this mad? lol

  292. No, I haven’t heard anything on it. I doubt he can say anything until the show airs on television.

  293. Make sure the batteries are installed correctly. If you’re installing them correctly, go over our guide to help get it turned on.

  294. The USB port and USB cable are for upgrading the device.

  295. I’m not sure. I haven’t seen any site carrying it yet.

  296. I’m not sure if it would or not. I do know some people can just naturally take deeper breaths. It would be good to try and get fit either way just for your health, but if you want to use getting bigger clouds as an excuse, I encourage it. haha.. I recently dropped a bit over 50 pounds. yay!

  297. You’re quite welcome. Thanks for visiting the site!

  298. Since you’re using Stainless Steel coils, you’ll want to be in the SS temperature control mode. TCR is for specifying different values for different wire types. For example, if your device has a SS316 setting, and you’re running a different type of stainless steel wire, you can use the TCR mode and manually type in the value for that wire type. Learn more about TCR here:

  299. Make sure you have a good connection to your tank/atomizer.

  300. Depends on what you’re wanting. I like the Alien because of its compact size. The GX350 is nice if you’re wanting more battery life and don’t mind the larger size. I’m not a huge fan of the XCube.

  301. Try clicking the fire button 5 times. If that doesn’t work, it may be defective.

  302. It may be malfunctioning and time to replace it.

  303. Keep vaping as you were and enjoying your device. You got an awesome mod for a low price. If it goes out at any point, just know that you vaped it to the fullest and got the best satisfaction for the time it functioned correctly. I wouldn’t read too much into some of these comments. Understand that the thousands and thousands of people that own this specific device aren’t commenting just to say “hey mine works great”.

  304. The micro-USB port is used for upgrades only. You will need to charge batteries externally from the device.

  305. I know exactly what I wrote. In fact, this article is based off of research I did throughout the vaping community, finding out what tanks MTL users prefer most. The list you see in this article is a result of that research, which included a whole list of MTL users agreeing on these products.

  306. Now, just because you personally don’t agree with this article doesn’t actually mean that your opinion is the right one. Does it? I appreciate your feedback though.

  307. When you’re trying to form the coils and remove any hot spots, it’s recommended that you use ceramic tip tweezers, but anything will do honestly. You heat up the coils, then let the fire button go, then as they begin to coil down you mash the coil together and let go of the coil once the heat (red) fades away.

  308. Sarah, not a problem. And, thank you for visiting the site!

  309. What kind of coil are you using?

  310. You are correct, it doesn’t. I later learned this when the kit was sent to me. Thank you for pointing it out.

  311. This is a guide for the LMC 200W Box Mod.

  312. Unfortunately, I think you should go ahead and take it back to where you purchased it from so that they can replace it or buy a new device. Sounds like your RX2/3 has a defect. I know, that sucks man.

  313. Well, you’re using a regulated mod, so there are built-in safety features that’s an added layer of protection for both you and the Sigelei Fuchai 213. In addition, the LG HG2 batteries are outstanding battery and tests show they perform very well (I personally use them). I prefer Alien Clapton builds in all my RDA/RTA/RDTA’s.

  314. Not a problem at all, topcat61! I’ve glad that you got some use out of it. And, thank you for visiting the site!

  315. That’s to do with the tank you’re using, not this mod. Changing the wattage will only increase or decrease the power, however, flavor should still remain the same, as long as your coil is performing the same. I suggest changing to a new coil if you’re using a sub-ohm tank.

  316. The voltage is based on the wattage you have set and the resistance of your coil. Turn the wattage up.

  317. Thanks for the feedback, Bud! I really don’t see a point in paying that high of a price if they aren’t going to be using it often. Goon’s are more for those people that are actual Goon fans and use RDA’s quite a bit. I personally use my OG Goon every day, and now the LP will replace it. To be honest, I really drip just because of the great flavor and vaping those flavors I don’t like to continuously vape.

  318. Sounds like a defect in the device. I would contact the place you purchased it from, let them know and have them replace it.

  319. Thanks, I’m glad you liked it! And, congrats on your winning this year!

  320. I assume that it recognizes that the coil you’re using isn’t using stainless steel wire. You only use the SS temperature control mode when the coil that you’re using is an actual stainless steel coil. I believe the coil you’re using is Kanthal wire, meaning it would need to be used in Wattage mode.

  321. Then there is probably something wrong with it, because I don’t know if there’s even a way to dim the screen on this device. Other device’s yes, but not this one.

  322. Have you tried updating it again? Maybe even installing an older firmware?

  323. I didn’t even know there was a way to change how bright the screen is. I just did some research and couldn’t find anything on it. Did you do a specific button combination to change it?

  324. Thanks for leaving some feedback Bud! Yea, if I’m going to rock any mechanical mod, it’ll definitely be this one. It’s actually one of the best mechs I’ve seen. The main issue I have with mech mods is that you have to rely on the battery voltage remaining and can’t adjust to the resistance coils you have. We’re in a time now where we shouldn’t have to cater to something else, it should cater to us, and that’s what regulated mods do. Anyhow, it’s a nice mod for sure, but that Karma RDTA/RDA is just straight awesome! It’s pretty cool knowing at any time you can switch it up if you wanted. I like products that give me multiple options.

  325. Actually, no. I mean, if you seriously think VapeWild paid each and every one of their customers/followers/fans to come vote for them, and to vote for all of their e-liquid offerings on the Best E-Liquid Flavor category so that they would lose that specific category, then by all means. However, the sponsor of the event was VaporFi, which paid for part of the development work done on the polling plugin and the awards that are being sent to the top 3 winners in the Best of 2016 category. *shakes head*

  326. You did awesome my man, keep up the great work!! Congrats!!!

  327. It’s holding up fine and I use it every day. My family member is still using his as well.

  328. That’s a great idea, but we have to keep the category amount low, if not many vapers won’t spend the time to actually vote. Next year I do plan on removing some of the categories that got the most skips and possibly replacing them with more popular ones for people to vote on.

  329. Watch the video at the top of this page.

  330. Now days? Probably the Mega Volt. I’ll update this post soon with the latest.

  331. It’s a connection issue. Ensure everything is snuf fit when screwing it on and make sure the mod is making a connection with the tank – which will likely be your issue.

  332. You haven’t screwed anything up – just bring in the 3rd battery and be sure to keep rotating them from here on out.

  333. you must comment on the results page to enter into the giveaway.

  334. If the price is holding you back, and you don’t think you’ll use the 2-battery configuration that much, just go with an RX200S, or even cheaper getting the RX200. In my opinion, the RX200S was a much better mod than the RX200, of course due to the larger and better looking screen. Thanks for reading!

  335. The vaping community submits the names, then votes on them.

  336. Not that serious man, calm down. lol

  337. That means something isn’t making a proper connection. You don’t change the ohm’s… the coil that is installed in the tank has a set resistance. Ensure that the coil is screwed down all the way in the tank, then ensure that the tank is screwed down good onto the mod, but not too tight. If that doesn’t fix it, make sure that the 510 pin on your mod is making a solid connection with the male 510 connector on the tank. Trust me, it’s a connection issue.

  338. Well, being that this is a blog and not a store, you would have to visit a different website that sells products to buy something. lol

  339. I’m sure it is still a normal cigarette as they’ve always sold, but instead of burning it, they’re heating it. This method is already used with tobacco, and especially marijuana.

  340. Ah, you know I can’t do that. I let the community decide what happens on these polls. I can tell you though, there would be a total different outcome if there were more participants and the ones who do vote would share that they’ve participated.

  341. It’s very unfortunate that year after year, you still do not get how the polling system works here at GuideToVaping. I do not create these answers or votes, it’s the vaping community. If there is a submission for a regulated mod in the unregulated mod category, then someone in the vaping community made that submission. However, throughout the whole month, as I’ve explained to many so far, I continue to go back through each category to consolidate the submissions and their respected votes. I’ve already been doing this the entire time, but people continue to just do it wrong. Sadly, this is the only way this can work. There’s no other polling system for the online vaping community that is created BY the online vaping community. Anyhow, I’ll double face palm or infinity face palm if you want (lol), but it still doesn’t change the fact that your reply holds no value since you have yet to understand how this all works.

  342. It should redirect you to the results page. In any case, here’s the results page URL:

  343. I actually consolidate all of them throughout the whole month. I’ve already done this a few times already spoke with the owner of The Modfather Inc about it.

  344. What’s the ads have anything to do with this new report? There are ads on every website, that’s how they operate smart one. Anyhow, we’re already quite aware of what’s in the liquid we use, but obviously you haven’t been informed enough. I’m shared this info countless times and if you can’t research it for yourself, both on this site or another, don’t. However, I don’t know what world you’ve been living in, but there are thousands upon thousands of smokers that die each day due to cancer that was caused by smoking – many of them not even making it to their 60’s. If you’re going back to tobacco cigarettes, that’s all you, but I for one rather use an alternative to tobacco, something that I know is safer, something that has been PROVEN to be 95% safer, something that doesn’t make me cough up a lung every 5 seconds, something that doesn’t harm my kids, something that doesn’t contain more than 4,000 chemicals. If you’re going back to tobacco, you’re fucking up. Nothing more I can say… make your own choice, but you’ll also deal with the consequences.

  345. I actually contacted someone from the Modfather Inc., to ask them if there was a Modfather RDTA as well. I’m guessing there isn’t? Also, I believe last year someone said there is a regulated HexOhm. Correct me if I’m wrong please so that I can get the polls accurate.

  346. The contact button at the top of the site or [email protected]

  347. Great idea, I’ll have to remember to add that one next year! Thank you for the feedback!

  348. I’ll combine them and the votes. No worries.

  349. Lisa, the instructions are both in print listed before you vote, and if you watch the video provided at the top of the page before you vote, I give instructions there as well. I thought the giveaway instructions were pretty easy to understand – comment to participate – which you’ve done.

  350. Go to the results page here and you can refresh it ever so often to see changes.

  351. I love this comment, definitely made me laugh! “I aint won shit, ever.” loool

  352. Then the best of 2016 is working as it should. There are tons of them – I myself am amazed each year I see the list of them. Thank you for participating this year!

  353. At the top of this website, you’ll see “Best of Event” – hover over that and click “Best of 2016”.

  354. I thought you already voted? Be sure to go through all your entries to make sure they’re all correct.

  355. It’s what had to be done. Each year people complain about the cheating or multiple votes, so this is the only solution to help solve it.

  356. Vote first too! Thanks as always Nitro, much appreciated!

  357. I personally recommend the Smok Baby Beast Sub-Ohm Tank, iJoy Limitless XL Sub-Ohm Tank, or the Aspire Cleito 120 Sub-Ohm Tank if you really want to pump out clouds. However, when I’m not trying to throw out large clouds in my house, you’ll find me using the Kanger TopTank Mini.

  358. Depends on what you’re going for more, higher or lower wattage? Which is more priority, vapor or flavor?

  359. Make sure you’re getting a solid connection between the atomizer and the mod. That’s what it sounds like the issue is…

  360. The Mini Volt V2 was supposed to solve these issues. If this method didn’t work, I would definitely get in touch with Council of Vapor and explain the issue, as well as letting them know your situation.

  361. To be honest, I was just turned off by the tank all together – it just didn’t offer any type of excitement or a performance that would justify me recommending this over something else or calling it a “good” buy. Yes, it does offer a decent performance, but this is 2016, there aren’t many that don’t deliver in vapor production and consistency. On the other hand, I wouldn’t exactly label it a bad buy. Thanks for your feedback, Troop… it’s much appreciated.

  362. Here are a few articles I would like you to read over when you have the time:

    I personally prefer wattage mode over temperature control. The TC mode is great for people trying to avoid dry hits and increase their battery life. As long as you don’t go too high in temperature, you won’t have any issue of dry hits or that burnt taste – IF the temperature control feature is working as it should. Either way, you can greatly increase the lifespan of your atomizer if you maintain it properly and use it properly. In fact, I can go up to a month on just about any coil that I use. What I’ve learned over the year’s about these coils is that you increase the lifespan of them by priming them correctly first, then make sure there is always a good amount of liquid available for your wicks, use the same flavor on a single coil, and lastly, do not turn the wattage up too high or at or above the optimum range provided by the manufacturer (typically printed on the coil).

  363. The temperature depends on your preference honestly. Some people like it hot, while others prefer just a warm vape. The temperature you set depends on how quickly you create vapor, and how much vapor as well. For example, 300 degrees won’t vaporize the liquid as fast as something hotter like 400 degrees. I would start at about 300 degrees and slowly work your way up to what you enjoy most.

  364. I’m not exactly sure that they’ll make an appearance for free product, since most of the trickster guys that are really good are already sponsored or receive free products. Probably the best place to find someone like this, especially in your area, is on a forum. Good luck!

  365. You don’t change the voltage on the RX2/3, you change the wattage. Simply pressing the adjustment buttons up or down will adjust the wattage.

  366. The man Aaron Biebert himself just commented on the Guide To Vaping blog – thank you for reading, Aaron! ๐Ÿ™‚

  367. The more PG you have, the more throat hit you’ll gain. That said, if you want a smooth hit, it’s best to stay with a higher percentage of VG.

  368. Yep I vape, and probably a lot longer than you. However, at the time of writing this post, the Target Mini didn’t exist. Also, I personally own the Target Mini, as well as about 5 or 6 other miniture mods, and they beat out the Target Mini easily, as per the performance.

  369. The RX2/3 has the ability to use 3 batteries as well, so it’s cool to have that option just in case. And yea, the RX2/3, 200, and 200S all received the same new features, such as the pre heat function and 250w.

  370. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. The post has been updated.

  371. This list needs to be updated. You may want to check into the Aspire Cleito 120W, I’ve heard good things about it. When I go to update this post, I would definitely include the Aspire Cleito 120W and the iJoy Limitless XL.

  372. Glad you got it working! Thanks for visiting the site!

  373. Shannon, I would definitely consult with a doctor about your problem. Vaping shouldn’t dehydrate you enough to where you would need to drink water throughout the night.

  374. All I can tell you is to ensure that there is a solid connection, with either the 510 or the coil inside the base itself. Other than that, I suggest contacting Council of Vapor. They’ve had some issues with this device, that’s for sure. Mine worked great for a while, but then it started giving me trouble as well. There is a new V2 version that is supposed to have fixed these issues.

  375. A lot of times it totally depends on the type of vaper you are and the tank that you’re using. Do you want as big of clouds as possible or do you prefer better flavor over clouds? If you prefer more flavor and less worries about creating a big vapor production, you’ll want to go with a lower PG percentage. However, if you’re into creating large clouds, you’ll want to go with a higher VG percentage. Most users keep it around 65% VG. You can also base your e-liquid thickness depending on the tank you’re using. The tank that comes with the RX75 can handle higher VG e-liquids, but not as good as other tanks. For that tank, I would suggest 65% VG, but I strongly recommend that you don’t chain vape too hard or you’ll end up with a dry hit. If you want to go the safe route, go with 50% VG. And, just as a note, the more VG that’s in the liquid, the thicker the liquid will be.

  376. No, not correct. You can run both stainless steel and NiChrome without temperature control. In fact, before temperature control was around, people were running NiChrome in regular wattage mode for the simple fact of its immediate ramp up time and low resistance.

  377. Oh wow, that’s terrible! I can’t believe it actually caught on fire. And, I can’t believe COV didn’t do more. On another note, rule of thumb for vaping… never leave a battery charging while unattended.

  378. It depends on the drop. If you happen to drop it, just make sure you inspect it first thoroughly. There are tons of vapers that have dropped their mod, I’ve done, I’m sure you’ve done it… and my wife is SUPER bad about it. The thing is, your safety should be top priority, so if you feel those batteries were damaged during the drop, if anything I would replace the batteries.

  379. Unfortunately, the 1st version of the Mini Volt has some issues. The best thing to do is contact Council of Vapor directly, which you can do on their website.

  380. Jamie, that’s unfortunate to hear. However, there are many of us that vape that aren’t receiving the same issues you are. The only thing I can think of for your dry mouth issue is being dehydrated – then again, I’m not doctor or expert myself on medical issues. As for the headaches, it sounds like you were using too high of a nicotine strength.

  381. Of course Brian, reference any content you would like. And, thank you!

  382. Contact Council of Vapor. I’m sure the unit is trashed, so I advise that you don’t try using it even if it somehow starts working. Be sure to contact COV as soon as you can to have them instruct you on the best way to solve the issue.

  383. This is a preview. We share information about the product, often give our thought or opinion throughout the preview, and share a link to where you can purchase the product just in case you wanted to buy it.

  384. I believe there is a optimal wattage range printed on the side of the coil that you can go by. As long as you stay within that range, you’ll be fine. Now, if you’re using temperature control, it’s best if you start at a low temperature, then gradually work your way up until you get a temperature you’re comfortable with. However, most vapers usually stick somewhere in the range of 350-450 degrees.

  385. Not a problem my man, glad it worked for ya! We appreciate the feedback as well!

  386. The same thing applies… it can be charged via USB, but it’s recommended that you don’t. Anytime you’re running multiple batteries, it’s always recommended that you charge the batteries externally.

  387. If the videos instructions didn’t help, you’ll need to send it off to Council of Vapor.

  388. That’s what I found with research. I’m pretty sure that’s right, but I would have to research again to become more familiar with it and where it came from. After thousands of posts, it’s easy to forget many factors — I apologize.

  389. We’re actually putting together a post now that’s almost ready for publish. I’ll link you to it once we publish it.

  390. They may have stopped the whole recycling program.

  391. On most devices, you either hold down both adjustment buttons at the same time, you hold the fire button and up adjustment button at the same time, or you hold the fire button and down adjustment button at the same time. Pick one of those three, play with the mod and get to know it.

  392. And if that tank performs anything like their 49er, I look forward to owning it.

  393. I personally just learned about the Summa yesterday when Daniel and I were in a discussion about this list. But yea, I agree, from the looks of the features, it should definitely be on the list.

  394. People look at temperature control as this advanced feature that was meant only for more experienced vapers, but I believe it’s a feature more-so for the new vapers, as it’s merely that added layer of protection. Great story, and thank you for sharing Timothy!

  395. My wife has used this set for nearly a year and never a single problem. Use the 0.5 ohm OCC coils, and run a thicker e-liquid (60%-70% VG). When you do that, this setup is flawless.

  396. Exactly what I’m wondering. After Daniel wrote this post, I immediately Skyped him and asked if I was reading this right. I couldn’t understand what the hell a security company has do with running a shop? These people will do anything to shut us down at this point, and that’s a sad thing.

  397. I like the tank more than I do the actual device. The coil it uses has wicked flawlessly, decent airflow, and I haven’t had any issues with the coating on the tank – I’ve been using mine everyday since VaperSlam2 (a few months). That’s what we have to deal with, some good and some not so much.

  398. AHH, that’s awesome! Glad you got yours working too!

  399. Denise, they’re disposable and aren’t meant to last long. Those type of clearomizers or “cartomizers” are outdated. Product designs have progressed and many vapers are using tanks where the coil lasts 2 weeks and even up to a month long sometimes. Instead of paying $5 each, you could be paying $2.50 per coil that lasts much longer. If you need rcommendations, feel free to let me know.

  400. Ah, I see. Well, I’m sorry that you’re having so many issues with it. As you know, these are electronic devices and aren’t always perfectly made, nor do they always hold up to our everyday abuse and elements. I hope everything works out for you.

  401. The coil you’re using is either damaged or isn’t making a good connection.

  402. Unfortunately, I don’t know what is causing the red light to stay on. I would contact the store you purchased it from you gather more information on that issue. As far as the leaking, make sure that the coil head is screwed in all the way. Also, check the o-rings on the coil and tank and see if they’re warn out. If you’ve already changed to a new coil and it’s still leaking, it might be that your liquid is really thin. You can try purchasing e-liquid with a higher viscosity (thick e-liquid, high vg).

  403. Sounds like a defect. You’ve clicked the button 5 times to turn the device off, and it still stays on?

  404. It’s because of the vapor entering your mouth. However, vegetable glycerin has the ability to capture moisture molecules, so when you exhale vapor you’re losing moisture in your throat/mouth. That said, be sure to drink water and stay hydrated.

  405. That’s unfortunate, Pamela. However, you are commenting on the wrong website about your order. This is Guide To Vaping, a blog, not FastTech, which is where I assume you purchased your products. I suggest you contact FastTech about your order. Just a tip, when you order from FastTech, the order will take quite a while being that it’s in China. You can check your order details in your account on FastTech.

  406. As it stands, yes. However, because of the deeming regulations, there will be quite a few e-liquid companies and small time manufacturers that will close their doors over that two year period.

  407. This giveaway is over. Sorry.

  408. Yikes! I didn’t realize I put the 31st. For some reason I was thinking it was the 25th. No worries, I’ll have more giveaways coming up soon.

  409. What do you mean by harsh… as in a burning harsh or a strong throat hit harsh?

  410. This is the giveaway… you just entered yourself. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  411. Is that because you’re one of those that spends hours in Wal-Mart? lol

  412. I don’t mind a good vape after a meal, but I also don’t have that urgency to vape after either. Maybe it was so different when we smoked because we were addicted to so many other chemicals, where as with vaping it’s just nicotine, and typically not much nicotine at that.

  413. I think I can leave my device at the house also, but I never do. I think it’s a thing where I’m like “what if I want it badly and then don’t have it in a time of need”. I’ve went hours upon hours without vaping, but I choose not to.

  414. We all do. But do you crave vaping after sex is the question? lol

  415. I believe you’re interpreting this post in the wrong way, unfortunately. I’m merely delivering news and information that was provided by SEVIA and Dimitris himself, just as I’ve done for the things Dimitris has been involved with in the last 3 to 4 years. I haven’t reached out to any manufacturers, at all, and if I’m not mistaken, that is exactly what SEVIA is doing. However, I am relaying this information to the masses and hoping they’ll catch wind, just like every other vape blog should be doing.

    I’m not “minimizing” any of the manufacturers that are members of SEVIA, and I am thankful that Aspire, Kanger, Innokin, and Smok are with us, but what I’m relaying is that there should be more manufacturers that should be jumping on board with SEVIA, as this fight we currently face will dramatically affect their businesses. I’m sorry that you look at this post in a negative aspect, but unfortunately I can’t control how you perceive what I write.

  416. I’ve used them, but I must warn you… there have been some tests on these batteries, and they’re only showing 10A, where as Imren claims its a 30A battery. Learn more here:

  417. I recommend plenty of devices on this blog, and that’s because there’s just so many different products available that work great. For a full kit and for someone looking to start vaping, there are plenty of nice cheap options like the eGo AIO, but eventually you’ll probably move on and want something better, something with better battery life, something with more power, and something that truly performs above the “beginner” level. I’ll always resort to the Subox Mini Starter Kit — In my opinion, it just makes sense to go ahead and buy something that will work great for you now and in the future as you progress in vaping. If you do by chance purchase this starter kit, go ahead and pick up the extra 1.2 ohm or 1.5 ohm coils too.

  418. Yes, I figured a 510 would fit there, but unfortunately it would look disgusting.

  419. Sarah, I’ll create a post in the beginner section on this site and add it to the vaping guide page. (real quick though, adjusting the wattage increases or decreases the power delivered to the atomizer that you have on top of your device. The higher the number, the more power is applied.)

  420. Lesie, that’s a good point. You know, most batteries are being sold in a small box that lacks information, nor includes any type of precautions, typically. Many of the new vapers getting into the game are starting off with 18650 devices and have no clue how to handle or care for them. I would love to see maybe a small pamplet in these boxes. We really can’t blame those that are handling these batteries like shit, because the manufacturer doesn’t even tell them how. For example: the guy in the video that stuck an 18650 battery in his pocket. Great points Leslie!

  421. The battery may be gone in it. Move on to a nice box mod. There are plenty of cheap box mod starter kits that are available, check the vaping deals section here at GuideToVaping.

  422. Kathi, thank you for dropping by and for the nice words! The DNA200 is a very nice device, but if it’s a device that’s out of the way, I wouldn’t harp too much on it. Yes it performs great and offers that high-end vape that I described in the video, but I’m honestly just as fine settling with the RX200 – you just can’t beat its price. Vape on!

  423. I’m pretty sure you’re just looking for something to complain about, and I’m also pretty sure that you didn’t go spend your life savings, as you know there are hundreds of thousands of stores and shops that stock a good amount of product – not to mention the amount of vaping distribution companies that exist. If you can’t see this prank or “awareness campaign” for what it really is, then I’m not sure what to tell you. If you think this is something big tobacco would do, then you don’t know much about big tobacco companies. You’re basically saying Atom Vapes did this to make other companies money? That makes no sense. If they were doing this for the money, they would have promoted an incentive for you to purchase their specific products.

  424. I’ll make an accessories video Monday.

  425. There are plenty available now that are cheap. The Tsunami RDA is a high quality affordable RDA that is one of the latest to come out:

  426. I couldn’t agree with you more.

  427. Are you sure that the coils you purchased are the same resistance as the others you were using? I use the vertical 0.5 ohm OCC coils in my SubTank Mini and I’ve never had an issue them… and, I’ve used these same coils/same tank for more than a year now.

  428. Over time? I don’t know yet. I put these skins on devices that I honestly never use anymore. I update to using a new device so often, I doubt I’d ever be able to put one of these skins through any long-time use to answer your question, unfortunately. However, they are real wood and I don’t know if they’re actually coated with anything to protect them – it didn’t really feel like it was.

  429. Nicolas, thank you for the super nice comment, and I’m glad that you’ve enjoyed Comments like yours is just one of the reasons why I devote so much time into perfecting this website as much as I possibly can. By no means is it perfect, but it’s definitely a place for you to learn and be entertained. Congrats on the new “vape job” and vape on brother!

  430. I apologize if it isn’t as what I posted. This is the deal that was emailed to me. I’ll remove the link. Ty!

  431. I couldn’t agree with you more, my man!

  432. When using a rebuildable atomizer, the coil must be rebuild/replaced when no longer receiving the required satisfaction. In other words, if the coil you’ve built yourself isn’t performing well, rebuild another, then rewick it. When using a Clearomizer or Sub-Ohm Tank (same thing being that clearomizer is merely the term for all such tanks), you will want to change the replacement coil head when you are no longer receiving results that you are satisfied with – which is typically between 1 week to 3 weeks.

  433. What everyone is going to have to do is grow up and understand we’re all adults here and have to provide for our families. Just because vaping is our passion and we’re all for it, doesn’t mean we’re not supposed earn a living. If I was working at a Burger King, does Adam think I’m a sell out in the food industry? – Does this also mean all the vendors in the vaping industry are sell outs also since they sell vape products and make money from it? – Where everyone has a problem with what Rip did, is he put the blame on the very thing he’s been fighting for, in a way to push a certain product.

  434. Outstanding story and I’m super thankful that you shared it with us. Vape on!

  435. There is a difference in selling an advertisement spot on a website or selling a mod, than blaming vaping to sell a product. Twisted selling his own mod makes him a sell out? So just because he gives his opinion on products means that he can’t sell a product? Ads on this website means we’re selling out? How exactly do you think websites remain online? Adam, my man, you’ve got things a bit twisted. But it’s cool, I understand your reasoning.

  436. Vaporaqui, I would prefer that you didn’t copy/translate the whole post. Maybe using a paragraph or so would be fine, then writing your response or thoughts on the subject would be more appropriate. Google doesn’t like duplicate content, especially if we’re going to be translating the site soon. I appreciate you asking first though.

  437. You were randomly select as a winner! Congrats! Be sure to contact me with your full name and shipping information!

  438. You were randomly select as a winner! Congrats! Be sure to contact me with your full name and shipping information!

  439. Try not “cutting back” and give this change your all. A vaporizer will provide you with nicotine, but you’ll have to remove yourself from the rest of the chemicals you’re addicted to in a traditional cigarette, on your own. After you do that, if you’re not comfortable with an eGo one, look for another device or attachment that keeps you interested and satisfied.

  440. It doesn’t really matter… a Velocity is a velocity. It was voted as the best, not because of the price, but because it’s a great RDA, period.

  441. Yes, they’re on the results page. Look on the top menu, hover over Best of event and you can see the pages of results for each year.

  442. I’m glad you’re noticing my pain, but yea… you get it. That’s the problem I’m having. The only thing I can do is try to correct it next year, which I’m stumped on how. I had the developer include a feature where if you type in something similar to an entry that already exists, it will prompt you to change it. Undoubtedly that isn’t working or people are ignoring it. What’s making it even more difficult for me is what you said, people are using different versions for the same name. I may be in tune with the vaping community, but there are tons of people, youtubers, forums etc.. that I’ve never even heard of. The forum category is a disaster because everyone is considering facebook groups as forums. Youtube category is the same… people call themselves some off the wall name and have different versions of that name. yea, frustrating.

  443. It could possibily be your browser. Would you mind switching browsers and trying again?

  444. Leah, thank you for your awesome comment first off… and, thank you for understanding what this event is meant for, as well as understanding the difficulties I go through to have it each year. Many people think it’s all just supposed to “work” and everything go perfectly, but I promise you and anyone reading this, it’s a pain in the ass! However, I enjoy doing it, I like for others to be noticed for their hard work, and it brings tons of vapers together waiting anxiously to see how the results turn out. You wouldn’t believe the amount of people emailing me and telling me that they’ve discovered new products, new vendors and new people due to this event. So again, thank you… and thank you for participating too!

  445. You left your caps on by the way. Anyhow, Yes, I removed the Hex Ohm V2.1 entry, along with its votes. In fact, when I combined all of the Hex Ohm entries, I left it separate since it was a different version than “Hex Ohm”. The reason why it jump in votes is because it had multiple entries. Don’t accuse me of being shady with votes… I just combine what was entered. If you don’t like that, I’m sorry for you.

  446. You need to comment on the Best of 2015 results page to enter.

  447. You need to comment on the Best of 2015 results page to enter.

  448. Awesome! Well, it’s because of you voters that we’re able to do this each year. From us here at GuideToVaping and from the rest of the vaping community, thank you for participating in this year’s Best of 2015 event!

  449. I’m sure you did fine. Simple process, vote in each category, click submit and that’s it! Trust me when I say this, we were all in your place at one time, so I speak for the rest of the vaping community as well, we don’t mind helping at all. If you’re looking to get into coil building, there are many posts and videos on this site to help you with that, and far more on YouTube from many sources. Thank you for participating, and vape on!

  450. Not a problem at all, thank you for giving us a visit!

  451. If you’re wanting to enter into the giveaway, you’ll need to comment on the results page.

  452. That very well may be the issue. I apologize for that.

  453. Put a zero in the box, and ensure you’ve completed each poll.

  454. Agreed, I’m tired of getting shit on in the “Best Blog” category every year!!! haha

  455. Look bro, I know how people are doing it, and so do others… however, there aren’t near as many of us that are actually taking it that serious enough to do so. These polls are meant to be fun and give people something to do, it’s not the end of the world. There is nothing that can be done to fix this, that is just how it goes when you hold an event such as this online. And, if I didn’t reply to you, this year or last, it’s because I didn’t see your email.

  456. Frank, I apologize for those that are writing the different things about Dr Crimmy’s in the answers to most of the categories. I honestly can’t help what people type, however… I do plan to remove it from the answers list later tonight. I too do not agree with everything going on with Crimmy’s, but I also find it very childish to drag it on, especially during an event that is supposed to bring us together in a positive manner. I hope you enjoy the rest of this year’s event, and thank you for participating.

  457. In all honesty, I’m sorry you feel that way about the polls, Jonny. However, there is one thing I would like to point out to you. You shouldn’t take this event that serious. The only seriousness this event deserves is that you vote for who “you” feel was the best, and in that you’re showing recognition to who you feel went above and beyond in 2015. Though many companies won’t win this year, it really boosts them to do better the following year. We can’t account for anyone else’s actions, only our own. No matter how you feel about anyone else or any place, as long as you’re doing the right thing, that’s all that should matter. The truth is, there is no possible way for me to control how these votes go, and no way that I can stop this or that company from contacting their mom, grandma and best friends brother from grabbing a vote, so the best way to look at it, as I said in the video, is to have fun and that it gives all of us in this vaping community something to do or look forward to. Again, I’m sorry that this year’s event isn’t what you expected it to be, but I hope next year will be better. Thank you for the kind words about Guide To Vaping, and vape on!

  458. Well, I’m sorry that you’re dissapointed, but I can’t please everyone. I took out many categories this year because I’m the one left cleaning up all the mess. Last year I spent hours upon hours each day throughout the whole month correcting the mistakes of those who are voting on these polls. With that being said, I had to remove categories and simplify everything as much as possible this year. Depending on how this year goes, I may be able to add it back next year, but we’ll just have to see. I made a video this year to better explain things to help people, and that seems to help a little bit. I understand how important conventions are, but there were other categories as well that I wanted to keep, but unfortunately I couldn’t. Also, I haven’t refused anything until now – this is actually the first I heard of it, as I’ve been away from the computer for about 2 hours. Again, I’m that you’re dissapointed with the polls or myself this year.

  459. Great, glad you successfully submitted your vote! Me too! Exciting!

  460. Awesome, I’m glad you’re enjoying it! Be sure to comment on the Best of 2015 Results page to enter into the giveaway! And, yea… the V/A hat is my favorite at the moment.

  461. Yes, they perform great. Here’s the review I just published on them actually.

  462. No, it is a data port only – to upgrade the device. I’ll have a review on it sometime next week.

  463. Congrats, you’ve won! I’ve emailed you!

  464. Congrats, you’ve won! I’ve emailed you!

  465. Congrats, you’ve won! I’ve emailed you!

  466. Congrats, you won! I’ve emailed you!

  467. Unfortunately, I feel that we’ll always face issues with the association between the two (vaping e-liquid and vaping marijuana). However, the only thing we can do is what you’ve said, educate people on the difference between the two. Thanks for your feedback, Jasen.

  468. I was under the impression that it’s still on pre-order only. How did you get it so quickly?

  469. I haven’t tried Looper yet… that’s actually one of the few I haven’t tried yet. Just a note with Fruity Rings – make sure you vape it within a couple weeks. To me, the flavor isn’t as good once it’s had time to steep.

  470. I personally use AWT’s and MXJO’s. No setup involved really. Insert the battery into the device the correct way, click the fire button 5 times to turn the device on, attach your subtank mini (with of course coil installed and liquid inside the tank), start it off at low watts to get it primed good, then bump up the wattage. I use the 0.5 ohm coil that it comes with at about 45 watts.

  471. The main reason I didn’t include it was because I personally don’t like the style of it more than the other mods I did include, and the SnowWolf I received has an issue with getting out and in the temperature mode. I did hear however, that there is another version of the SnowWolf that allows you to manually choose which mode you want to be in. It’s been a little bit and I’ve had time to mess with these mods even more, and I’d definitely replace the eVic VT with the SnowWolf, just as long as the SnowWolf was that updated version. Obviously, I would of course trade out the rDNA40 with a DNA 200 device as well. Out of them all, I’ve been using my iPV4 the most.

  472. Got some good news: I just finished speaking with Josh Loe (the CEO) and he informed me that all products on the site will be restocked. “Should be fully restocked by the end of the week or Monday.”

  473. I apologize! I’m tired and out of it this morning obviously. Updated the correct price with coupon: $37.04 – super sorry!!

  474. From what I’ve been told, this “deal” will only last until $1,000,000 is lost from lowering to cost. It wouldn’t be possible for them to keep these prices forever… they’re a business, they have to make money. This is merely an attempt to gain more exposure and more customers. And in my opinion, they’re going about it perfectly. I was thinking everything would go quick. However, I know for sure they’re in the process of adding tons of new products, so you all may be able to snag some of those up before time runs out.

  475. I may have posted this a little too early. The last time I spoke with Josh, he was still updating to the new prices, if too early, I apologize. For anyone wondering on the prices, just be smart and compare them with other websites out there. I looked in the RDA section when I was scanning over the site and a lot of them were priced super low – I didn’t check out everything on the site.

  476. Battery Type: Removable Lithium Polymer 900mAh 3 Cell

  477. Yes, you will need to build your own coils and insert them to use this product.

  478. That isn’t the case at all. I wasn’t being lazy – in fact, posts about products are the easiest to write about. I linked to FastTech because the lowest price someone can get is typically what is wanted. Trust me, I can link to plenty of other sites, but many find themselves looking for the absolute best deal, and that is what I offered.

  479. Yes, actually. In my opinion, it has a very appealing design.

  480. No need to buy a charger… the Kbox Mini has a micro-USB port on the front of the device. Plug it in and it’ll charge right up!

  481. Thank you for sharing!!! Hmm… I may need to jump on some jwraps!

  482. Try it with lowercase text, it worked for me.

  483. Yikes! You’re correct. I’m not sure how I figured it up wrong, but I did. The coupon gives 10% off. Thanks for letting me know, I’ll change that now! My apologies!

  484. I like how you work for Innokin, then comment as if you’re a customer that’s saying great things or interested in the company. Don’t try to fool us, just be real and give us more information on the device and we’ll be more interested in your products. Thanks!

  485. No, you can not remove the fan portion.

  486. You’ll need to purchase a Clearomizer and a bottle of e-liquid. I recommend something like the SubTank Mini. You can even try something like the iSub from Innokin.

  487. At this time that is the only information I’ve received is that these devices will be coming to the market soon. I don’t have an exact date, I don’t know of the specs or features they may hold and I’m not even sure what they’ll look like. I’m running on limited information, but as soon as I receive more, I’ll update this post.

  488. Richard, thanks! I know I wasn’t able to provide much information here, but I know there’s a lot of you out there that enjoy the iStick as much as myself, so I figured I’d let everyone know more are coming soon. I personally use the iStick 50w and my wife uses the iStick 20w. I wouldn’t mind having a 100w iStick depending on the size.

  489. I agree… it’s just the term I’ve seen most.

  490. Cuntry, I may have executed the explanation wrong, so I apologize for that. I have information on this site explaining what a clearomizer is, what a cartomizer is.. etc. I don’t guarantee that out of the over 1,000 posts published on this website that each one will be perfect.

  491. I hate to agree with you, but I do need to do better at proofreading. However, the information I provide is fact, not opinion. You think it’s my opinion simply because you don’t know any better.

  492. Chris, nice to hear from you! I believe the warranty is ran through the retailer. This means which ever retailer you’ve purchased from, they’ll need to contact Smok or the wholesaler that they’ve purchased from. In my opinion, that warranty stuff is BS. Most times it applies to the retailer that purchased the devices and they typically don’t offer any lengthy warranty on them. Where did you get the M80 from?

  493. Yes, of course. There are plenty of people that were smoking their whole life and were able to stop by switching to electronic cigarettes. If there is anything in this world that will help you quit smoking tobacco cigarettes, it’s electronic cigarettes. This industry has grown so quickly simply because it works! Be sure to read up as much as possible here at Guide To Vaping… as I’ve experienced it and researched it myself, I’ve noted it in this blog.

  494. To be quite honest, I wouldn’t think so. However, I’m not a doctor and I’m not 100% certain, so I would definitely do more research and consult with your doctor. I honestly haven’t researched those illnesses enough to give you any advice.

  495. I still have had no problem with them, nor have local friends. I do agree though, it should be made of something more stout.

  496. The resistance will fluctuate a bit. Anything from tightening the post screws to turning the coil a bit can mess with the resistance. That little change in resistance won’t do much, so you’re good to go. I’m happy you enjoyed it!

  497. Yet, they continue to let tobacco cigarettes available to the public? It isn’t about smoking, in fact, they couldn’t care less. It’s all about the money. Even though they know people have died and continue to die from tobacco cigarettes, they continue to let it be sold. But why? Again because they’re making money from it. However, with electronic cigarettes, they’re currently not making money from them, so they’ll continue to ignore it, until they do.

  498. Thank you good sir! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed it!!

  499. Bob, don’t expect much vapor from a disposable e-cig. They’re great if you just want to try out what vapor feels like, but definitely not a number one choice when it comes to vapor production or flavor production. I would go to a local vapor shop and purchase something like a “Evod”, or if you don’t mind the size, an iStick.

  500. Definitely not a good way to vape with high PG and nicotine. Most use low nicotine, around 3mg or 6mg, with a higher percentage of VG.

  501. I purchased mine from a local shop. To be honest, I would rather have Phillips head screws.

  502. I just purchased mine while at VCCT15. I’ve had no problems with it so far. Where did you get yours?

  503. I would say that your theory makes you a genius, but unfortunately, it seems as if you missed one important piece the puzzle… this isn’t a review smart one! It’s posted in the “Product Watch” category because as soon as I learn about it, I share it with the rest of my viewers. Poor, attempt.

  504. I’ll get it fixed bro… I’ve just been busy today.

  505. I agree… I’m very surprised the Nemesis was even mentioned, especially when the latest products have been outstanding. I think some just haven’t been introduced to newer products.

  506. It actually isn’t limited at all, being that you (the viewer) can input your own answer. Just because there is a list of answers people have already submitted doesn’t mean you have to pick from that list. You can ultimately choose anything you like, the list is just what others have chosen/submitted.

  507. You can save this page to come back to it at anytime. I placed the polls on a page rather than a blog post, so I have nothing else setup for page subscriptions.

  508. How am I being a dick? The captcha isn’t broke man. Take a screenshot. I just don’t get how you’re saying the captcha is broke when the developer himself removed the error for it and disabled it entirely. lol

  509. Facebook is Facebook. I intended this category for created forums, such as ECF, VU etc…

  510. No worries… I’m going back and combining the people that are named twice. I wish people would look through the list first – less work on me. lol

  511. I’m pretty sure that you selected the list on a category, but did not choose anything in the list. I literally just helped someone else with this on Skype and it was that exactly. Trust me, the polling plugin works as it should.

  512. U Mad Bro? No, I’m just joking, really. I’m sorry that you don’t like the poll, but I honestly can’t please everyone, obviously. If it isn’t you that complains there are too many categories, someone else will complain that there is too few categories. I take this poll seriously in that I’m giving recognition to People, Companies, Organizations, Products etc., but I do not take it seriously in that it is an end all authority. If you went into a whole paragraph about it, then make it is you that is taking it too serious? Just a thought.

  513. Bro, it isn’t the captcha that is the problem. We’ve DISABLED the captcha compeltely. The visual is only there… not the action. You can literally leave it blank and it will still work. The error you’re getting is from your answers. You’ve missed something on one of the categories. Make sure the radio buttons are chosen on the side of which you’ve chose your answer. Trust me, it works perfectly.. it’s just a mistake in your voting. I don’t mean to make it seem like your fault, but I promise you if you look back over your answers, something isn’t checked right.

  514. Look, there have been thousands of people that have voted already before you. Don’t blame your inability to follow simple directions on my website. What else do you want me to do? I can’t vote for you man.

  515. The polling system tracks your IP. Since you and your husband are on the same IP, it won’t allow you to vote.

  516. Roger and everyone else that is having issues… though I’m sure you believe you got everything right and your votes should submit, there is something you’ve missed. Go back and look over your answers and make sure you’ve made a choice for each, and make sure the radio buttons beside your answer is chosen. Trust me, when testing the poll plugin before this event, I had the same issues and each time it was because I left something out or something wasn’t properly checked. Either way, I’m sorry for the trouble.

  517. It works. There have been thousands of people that have submitted a vote already.

  518. Chris, what’s funny about this is that you’re basically calling the vaping community a joke since THEY are the one’s that are making the list. The amount of categories is high because YOU (the viewers) have asked for these categories. The viewers actually wanted more, but I felt the amount we have is already enough. If you don’t like doing the “best of award thing,” simply do not come and vote. Just that simple, right?

  519. I’m sorry, I’ll be sure to include it next year!

  520. You most likely got an error message telling you that you must have missed a category.

  521. That will be fixed as I’ve already mentioned a few times. I’m not really sure why people aren’t looking through the list before they enter the same answer that has already been submitted.

  522. Correct. Captcha has been bypassed, therefor… no matter what answer you type in, you’ll still be able to submit your vote.

  523. You shouldn’t have had an issue with the captcha… being we disabled it due to problems.

  524. You are exactly correct. These polls started off empty. What good would this event be if I chose who you can vote on? – You would then only be voting on what I felt should be in this poll. Instead, I’ve give you the option to choose on who YOU want to vote on, by either picking from the list of answers people before you have made or by submitting an answer of your own, yourself.

  525. Which name were you speaking of in particular?

  526. I’ve been going back and placing those votes for that ‘same’ person/company/product/organization into the correct one, which combines and makes them one. The votes still count. Some people just don’t look through the list first, and I’m left to go back and correct their mistakes. No worries, I’m taking care of it.

  527. It will be fixed. I’ve been fixing them since the event has went live. I just can’t be there to correct the mistakes 24/7… but they will be fixed.

  528. I’m not quite sure how the questions are dated. It’s pretty straight forward, and I’m not sure what other way to question what device you think is the best? The reason why the only new device mentioned was the Atlantis is because that is what people are voting on. This events results are controlled by the community… aka your votes.

  529. Awesome! I’m glad you liked it. I’ll be posting more detailed builds in the future, so definitely keep an eye out! Btw, nice to see a local on my site! ๐Ÿ™‚

  530. Odd, I liked from my wife’s Facebook and it worked completely fine. Maybe instead of wanting