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Health Groups Can’t Afford Vaping Success

Vaping advocates already understand that health groups and anti-smoking campaigners can't afford the success of the vaping industry.  This post is aimed towards those who may not be aware...

Quick Video Showing The Best of 2015 Awards

I've created a small video showing you all the Best of 2015 Awards.  It was brought to my attention last year that many of you didn't know that the...

Why Vapers Should Be Like Vegans

  Let me begin this post by saying that I did not start this thought process.  It was actually a topic of discussion between friends over the weekend (one of whom...
canada businesses

What to consider before opening a vape shop in Canada

Vaping has significantly risen in popularity in recent years with many people choosing this inhalation method over traditional smoking. Vaping is most popular and commonly used among the youth...
Blake Brown Blowing Vapor

Non Smokers Are Key To Saving Vaping

Non smokers are the key to saving vaping.  As vapers, we are constantly trying to get smokers away from combustible cigarettes and offer them a less harmful alternative.  At...
top 5 vape cases

Top 5 Vape Cases To Store Your Vape Gear

here's no doubt we begin to accumulate a massive amount of vape gear. For this very reason, today we're sharing the top 5 vape cases to store your vape...
mini volt fix

How To Fix The COV Mini Volt Mod

  There were many of you that shared to us that your Mini Volt suddenly stopped working.  No worries though, today I'm going to share how to fix the COV...
top 5 smallest box mods

Top 5 Smallest Box Mods

Got a soft spot for compact devices?  In our opinion, here's the top 5 smallest box mods.  After searching the market for the smallest box mods, we've come up...
man vaping

The Technology Behind Building a Quality Vaper

Vaporizers are devices you use to smoke vape juices as an alternative to traditional smoking. If you are making the transition away from cigarettes, or just new to vaping...

Vape Videos That Will Make You Cringe

  If you're looking for vape videos that will down-right make you cringe, we've got a hot serving of five of them to do just the trick!  The world-wide web...
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