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Providing the latest CBD and vape news so that you are always up-to-date with what’s happening from Guide To Vaping and around the world. We have been a prominent news source for the community since 2011.

VapingWithTwisted420 Reality Show

YouTube Vape Reviewer Joins Cast of Reality TV Show

There's a popular YouTube vape reviewer that has recently joined the cast of a reality television show, but full details haven't yet come to light due to legal limitations. This...

The Unintended Consequences Of Vaping Regulation

  Fear, anguish, and confusion are three words that barely begin to describe the mind set of adult vapers, as the FDA regulation of Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDs) begin...
playboy ecigs

Playboy Launching Line of Electronic Cigarette Products

With electronic cigarettes becoming so popular, it's created a buzz among other companies to now put their name on. Playboy Enterprises, a name known for high-class adult entertainment and...

Maui, Hawaii’s Newest Vape Shop Is Now Open

VOLCANO eCigs has just opened their newest vape shop on the beautiful island of Maui, Hawaii, their first brick and mortar store location right in the heart of Kihei...
job losses

Mount Baker Vapor Forced To Relocate, Area Loses 130 Jobs

What's truly fascinating about vaping is that it's one of the fastest growing industry's in America, and showing solid growth around the world.  It has already risen to $6 billion...
vapor4life header

Vapor4Life Ditches Chicago

Vapor4Life announced this week that they will be closing their Lincoln Square vape shop in Chicago. Considering the insanity that has been thrown in the face of the vaping industry...
closed vape system ban

FDA To Ban Closed Vape Systems With Flavors

Just a week ago (January 9, 2020), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) set to ban closed vape systems by ordering companies to halt all manufacturing, distribution, and selling...

Why Does The FDA Hate Us? (ecig users, vapers)

This is a hard article to write. I didn't want to speak for everyone that I've met that quit smoking by using ecigs. An article with multiple opinions and...
Avail Vapor CEO James Xu

Avail Vapor To Buy The Largest eCommerce Vapor Company

You heard it right, Avail Vapor, one of the industry's most iconic vapor retail stores that operate both online and off, as agreed to buy one of the largest...
March Madness Vaper Style header

March Madness In The Vaping World: Conventions

While some people are freaking out about March Madness for College basketball, many vapers are preparing for a marathon month of vape conventions.  Although it will only be 3...
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