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Find-F, Find the code and unlock a new generation vape technology?

Gamers may remember Contra and the famous Konami code, shared by friends playing video games together in living rooms all over the world. Entering this secret code at the...
vapor elite logo

Vapor Elite – The Hidden Gem In Headland, AL

This past weekend I was invited to one of the latest additions to the vaping industry, Vapor Elite.  Being that this store is new, it's safe to say that...
diacetyl in vaping

Diacetyl In Vaping – Lets Tell The Truth

For the last 24 hours, my  social media news-feed has been bombarded with share after share of a recently published study from Harvard University.  I have received countless emails...
voke nicotine inhaler

New Nicotine Inhaler Hits UK As Medicinal Product

Headlines are believing that this new "Nicotine Inhaler," which is to be sold by a unit of British American Tobacco, is the new alternative to electronic cigarettes. Implying that this vapor-less...

The Best of 2012 – Vape Vendors and Community

We gave the electronic cigarette community an opportunity to choose who and what was the best of 2012... and we've heard your voice this year loud and clear. Attention: If...
Galactically Stupid Regulations And A Congress That Still Doesn't Get It header

Galactically Stupid Regulation And A Congress That Still Doesn’t Get It

In a single afternoon, many members of the vaping community --both within the industry and the consumers that they diligently serve-- went from feeling as though they were force-fed dog...
PBusardo this is not fun and games header

PBusardo: This Is Not Fun And Games *NSFW*

Just yesterday morning as I rolled out of the bed and picked up my tablet to check the morning news, I was met by the rant to end all rants...
vapor beast sold

Vapor Beast Sold To Tobacco Company For 27 Million

Vapor Beast was recently sold to Turning Point Brands for $27 Million.  The company that purchased the popular vape brand is a leading tobacco products provider with brands like...
Rip Trippers Ultimate Sell out header

Rip Trippers Ultima-te Betrayal?

  Rip Trippers, a man with the attention of 600,000 vapers on his YouTube Channel, has betrayed the very industry that embraced his absurd antics and over theatrics, in what appears...

USPS changes the rules for shipping lithium batteries

This just in... DMM Revision: Mailings of Lithium Batteries Effective May 16, 2012, the Postal Service™ will revise Mailing Standards of the United States Postal Service, Domestic Mail Manual (DMM®) section...
WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.