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Providing the latest CBD and vape news so that you are always up-to-date with what’s happening from Guide To Vaping and around the world. We have been a prominent news source for the community since 2011.

Electronic Cigarette News

E-Cigs Seizure

A Quebec man is furious with Health Canada after the agency seized the equipment he was using to make electronic cigarettes.  Vincent DeBlois has been selling his Zen E...
VapingWithTwisted420 Reality Show

YouTube Vape Reviewer Joins Cast of Reality TV Show

There's a popular YouTube vape reviewer that has recently joined the cast of a reality television show, but full details haven't yet come to light due to legal limitations. This...
SMOK Product Show

SMOK Continues To Dominate In Vaping Market

Forget the days of the Magneto Mechanical Mod and SID Variable Voltage device, SMOK has transformed into a savage as it continues to dominate in the vaping market. One of the...

Canadian Mall Kiosk Sells Electronic Cigarette To 11-Year-Old Boy

The Vancouver Sun recently reported that a Canadian mall kiosk sold an electronic cigarette to a 11-year-old boy. The boy was sold an electronic cigarette that didn't contain any nicotine...

More Than 50,000 Smokers In Ireland Have Switched To Ecigs

The Independent.ie, an Irish news media site, recently reported that more than 50,000 smokers in Ireland have switched to ecigs, with usage climbing more so than ever in the...

Ecigs Linked To 100 Fires in UK, Several From Incompatible Chargers

According to a UK News site, ecigs have been linked to more than 100 fires in the United Kingdom. They've claimed that many of the UK's fire services are...

Roswell Park Study -The Benefits of Vaping Buried

  Researchers at The Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Buffalo NY recently published a 2011 study showing that smokers who switched to vaping may greatly reduce their risk of cancer.  The...

IVAQs Study, Project Abstract- eCigs and air quality safety

NVC contracted CHANGE (www.airqualitychange.com) to oversee the indoor air quality study that would show whether e-cigarette vapor may present a risk for bystanders. In 2011 data was collected at...
March Madness Vaper Style header

March Madness In The Vaping World: Conventions

While some people are freaking out about March Madness for College basketball, many vapers are preparing for a marathon month of vape conventions.  Although it will only be 3...

Unintended Consequences Kill Indiana Vaping

  As of July 1st, new vaping laws in Indiana have essentially killed the industry and access to vapor products for the people within the state.  The ill-conceived plan, intended to...
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