This section is for the more advanced user of electronic cigarettes. These type of users really dig deep into the world of vaping and have become more of a hobbyist than someone just looking to kick the habit. Expect tech articles and detailed use of e cigarettes in this section fo Guide To Vaping.

dual coil build

The Basics: Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers

Using your basic clearomizer and eGo setups are great smoking alternatives, but some people like myself find that it's just not enough.  All of your e-liquid flavors will be muted, your nicotine...

Benefits To Rebuildable Atomizers

Though rebuildable atomizers formed some-what of an elite portion of vapers within the e-cigarette industry, the fairly simple devices have become very commonly used with many of today's vapers....
which one

Which Rebuildable Atomizer Should You Buy?

Rebuildable Atomizers have become the fruit of the industry, the newest generation of atomizers that has seemingly brought life back into those veteran of vapers, and it's even starting...

The DNA20

For those of you who don’t know Evolv, they what seems like so long ago brought us the Darwin, a pioneer of a device in the vaping community, one...
the vapers of 2013

The Vapers of 2013

We're the one's who were here for the fancy Protank, Protank 2 and beloved EVOD. The bottom coil changeable masters, modders and mixers. We were here to witness the start...

E-Cigs: What Will Happen Next?

Each year we release an article giving our thoughts of what is expected for the following year for electronic cigarettes, as well as asking for your thoughts too. While...

Joyetech eVic V1.2 Firmware – Joyetech MVR V1.2 Software

With each update Joyetech releases for the eVic and MVR software, we're seeing very useful and important changes that not only affect how we vape, but also how we...
MVR Software

Joyetech MVR V1.0 Software

For those of you who haven't seen the MVR V1.0 Software for the Joyetech eVic, here's an overall look of it.

The Billet Box

In the most recent APV announcements  we've been seeing not only better features being introduced, but now these PV makers are really focusing on the design. Though this is no...

Janty MiD Profile Programming and Real Time Monitoring

Imagine being able to completely control your vape... Imagine being able to completely control your vape in all aspects. The genius idea of creating profiles for your APV is Janty's way of introducing us...