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Clearomizer Problems Explained

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Clearomizers have become the standard in the e-cigarette industry, and they’re now being offered in starter kits as the default way of atomization. Since these clearomizers are being heavily used throughout the world, different issues arise and vapers continue to ask questions hoping for solutions.

Fortunately for you, you’ve landed on the right page. Today we’ll be explaining some common clearomizer problems and offering solutions to them.

1. Burnt Taste

This has always been the biggest issue with any form of heating element. In fact, it’s where most clearomizer questions come from too. Often vapers will experience a burnt taste when inhaling vapor. The vapor even gives off an aroma that something has been burnt.

The solution is to simply replace the clearomizer coil. What has happened is that your coil isn’t receiving the proper amount of e-liquid to vaporize. ┬áThe coil is burning the wick instead of heating the e-liquid into vapor. This is typically caused by a few typical reasons. Either the user is excessively using the clearomizer and not giving the wicking material time to re-soak itself or the e-liquid being used is too thick to make its way to the wicking material. The burnt taste all relies on the wicking material inside the coil not receiving the proper amount of e-liquid to feed the coil.

As another solution for avoiding your coil from becoming burnt, you can switch to an e-liquid that has a thinner consistency. Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG) are the 2 of the 4 main ingredients in e-liquid. VG has a thicker consistency, while PG is much thinner. It would be wise to purchase e-liquid with a higher PG percentage, which will allow the e-liquid to travel much easier to the wicking material in the coil.

2. Lacking Airflow

Many times clearomizers begin to lack the required airflow or lack the airflow it once had. This is an unwanted experience we all experience at one time or another. Many vapers describe this issue as the airflow being blocked, cut-off or too tight.

However, there is a solution to this common issue. Many times the airflow will be too tight due to the clearomizer being tightened down on the e-cigarette too tight. In addition, if the airflow seems cut-off or blocked, it could be due to either something restricting the airways in the clearomizer or the coil may have built up some grime or e-liquid sludge.

The best advice would be to thoroughly clean the clearomizer and replace the clearomizer coil.

3. Lacking Vapor Production

If you’re beginning to experience a lacking vapor production, it can be the cause of a few things. The first thing to check would be airflow. Without proper airflow, you could suffocate the coil, resulting in a weak vapor production. Always be sure to remember that a coil must breathe properly and its airways must be free to function normally.

Another cause of a lacking vapor product can be from the clearomizer not wicking well. Be sure to thoroughly read over the first step in this guide for solutions to wicking issues. Continuing, after using a coil for so long the ohm’s tend to fluctuate. It’s best to keep a check on the ohm’s of your coil – if it begins to change more than 2, you may need to replace your coil for a better experience.

If you’re using a standard coil, such as 2 to 2.5 ohm, and you don’t have enough voltage pushing the clearomizer coil, it can result in little vapor. A solution for this would be to apply more voltage of course. On the other hand, if you’re not using a variable voltage device, a full battery charge can make quite the difference in receiving better vapor production.

4. Clearomizer Not Working

If the clearomizer isn’t working, it’s mostly due to two common reasons. Either the coil has malfunctioned or the bottom connector on the coil isn’t making a proper contact with the e-cigarette being used. Often times the connection points not meeting well will be the problem.

The solution would be to use a precision flat-head screwdriver and try to maneuver the connector at the very bottom of your clearomizer down a bit where it will make a solid connection to the e-cigarette. You can also try pulling the connector up on the e-cigarette to help make a solid connection between the two. On the other hand, you can simply replace the coil with one that is working correctly.

Blake Brown
Blake Brown

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  1. I found that on top coil tanks like the viv nova if you pop off the rubber cap and trim it Down about the size of an o-ring it will help give you a much better pull and also keep the wick from burning up

  2. I see a lot of things online about the big fancy clearomizers that you take apart but what about the mini ones that you attach to cigalikes. I have the same problem whether I’m using the mig cig, halo, v2 or south beach clearomizers. After one or two uses they get clogged and vapor production is significantly decreased. I know they can be emptied and cleaned but that rarely helps and these babies are expensive – about $5 a pop.

    • Denise, they’re disposable and aren’t meant to last long. Those type of clearomizers or “cartomizers” are outdated. Product designs have progressed and many vapers are using tanks where the coil lasts 2 weeks and even up to a month long sometimes. Instead of paying $5 each, you could be paying $2.50 per coil that lasts much longer. If you need rcommendations, feel free to let me know.

  3. How good is this blog!! I now have a clear understanding of priming my coil. Much better than supplier’s hep desk.

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