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Find Out What E-Liquid Produces The Most Vapor

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By this time you’ve got a bit of experience under your belt and you’re wanting to find out what e-liquid produces the most vapor. As you move forward through your journey of vaping, you’ll tend to want a device with an even better performance, e-liquid and products that will help in delivering the best flavor, and in this case, e-liquid that produces the most vapor. To answer this question rather swiftly, e-liquid with the highest percentage of VG (Vegetable Glycerin) will produce the most vapor. However, the vapor production is very dependent of several factors, such as power, resistance, coil types, and airflow. Stick around and I’ll answer your question and explain it all in detail.

The Simple Answer

When speaking about e-liquid specifically, it’s the Vegetable Glycerin ingredient within the e-liquid that determines the potential amount of vapor that you can produce. It isn’t so much about the ingredient, but more so of how much that’s used compared to its counterpart known as PG (Propylene Glycol). VG is a base ingredient used in e-liquid that’s known for increasing the amount of vapor that can be produced, while PG, on the other hand, isn’t quite established with those characteristics. When choosing an e-liquid that help determine your vapor output, and assuming you want to achieve the most vapor possible, you’ll want to look for an e-liquid product with a higher percentage of VG. For an example, one of the most popular PG/VG ratio’s is 70%-VG/30%-PG. You can find e-liquid products that offer what’s known as “Max VG”, but keep in mind that e-liquid that contains a flavor can never be 100% VG since flavors are mixed with a PG base.

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The 6 Parts That Will Effect Vapor Production

  • Vegetable Glycerin: As mentioned, VG can greatly affect the vapor you’re able to produce. The higher the VG ratio, the more prone you are to producing a more voluminous vapor output. Most popular brands will go as high as offering 70%-VG with their e-liquid product.
  • Power: I’m sure you’re quite aware that the more power to apply to the coil(s), the faster they will heat up and produce vapor. However, it isn’t always about who can produce the most power, many times it comes down to other factors, such as resistance, coil types, airflow, and your lungs.
  • Resistance: Going with a lower resistance will allow you to push more power to your coil(s). Those who consider themselves “cloud chasers” will run a super sub-ohm build and push it with a high wattage. However, you need to always make sure that safety is a top priority when lowering your resistance and increasing your wattage output.
  • Coil Types: Some coils simply perform better than others. Some coils heat up quicker, some provide more surface area, and some are more complex in being designed specifically for providing the best flavor and vapor output. You just have to experiment with different coil types and get feedback from other users that have used them.
  • Airflow: Airflow is a huge part to your vapor production. Giving the coils too little air will suffocate things and you’ll produce very little vapor. Giving the coils too much airflow and you’ll inhale more air than vapor. You want to find the perfect airflow with whatever atomizer you’re using.
  • Lungs: Many people do not take their own airways into consideration when chasing clouds. I learned a long time ago that some people have the lung capacity to hold a lot of vapor, while others don’t. You can take the exact same setup, let a friend take the biggest draw possible and blow out. When you do the same, you could produce more or less vapor. Simply put, some people got, others don’t. Just something to think about.

Our Conclusion

You may be looking for e-liquid that produces the most vapor, but if you’re truly trying to achieve the best vapor output, there’s more than just e-liquid you need to be concerned about. There are many factors that go into the vapor production, as I’ve mentioned, so depending on how serious you are about producing more vapor, those are definitely some parts to it all that you should keep in mind.

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