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Guide To Vaping’s Best of 2013 – Live Polls

West Coast Vape Supply

We’ve finally made it to the Best of 2013’s final phase; the Live Polls. I would first like to thank all of you who have participated in the Best of 2013 entries phase of this online event. With your participation, we were able to tally up thousands of entries to bring you the 5 best vape shops, products, forums, blogs, organizations and people within our e-cigarette community. You have been the deciding factor to this event and the results will help many vapers around the world for years to come.

Moving on, I would like you all to remember that whichever top 3 companies that win the “Overall Best of 2013” category will receive an award to be displayed in their place of business. These awards are a huge accomplishment for these companies, not because Guide To Vaping is hosting the event, but because thousands of people around the world think they are the best. So please, choose wisely.

That said, Welcome to Guide To Vaping’s Best of 2013 – Live Polls! Good luck to the top 5 entries in each category and thank you all for your participation.

Note: The Overall category has 6 companies because 2 tied for the 5th position. Other categories that have less than 5 had no deciding entry. Voting ends 12/31/2013.

Event Sponsor: – Your source for electronic cigarettes and vaping supplies.


Check out Vaper City fora current list of best vapes, online store, and gear.

Thank you all for participating and Good luck to those competing.

Blake Brown
Blake Brown

Blake is the owner and creator of the Guide To Vaping blog. He has expressed his passion for the vaping industry through his deeply rooted and highly informative content. Being a writer and content provider for the vaping industry for year's, Blake has also gained experience from working with multiple blogs and well respected companies.

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  1. Why is it that I can’t vote on all the polls? Some are only showing the results.

    • I’m thinking it’s because of the server is hosted on. Because of the traffic and already bad server, it may be causing a slight problem. If you would, please refresh the page and see if that makes a difference. I apologize for the inconvenience.

  2. why no DIY polls?

  3. Sorry… loading wait times are just too long. At the rate things are going, I’d be here an hour. I’ll try again some other time.

  4. Wont even let me vote, Loading issues.

  5. Why is there limited shops and juice lines? Add next level vapors/elevated vaping, and shops and C2C vaping..theyre the new USA Based fasttech….

  6. Sorry guys my site is crushing the site with hits at the moment 🙂

  7. hey is there an option to add other companies, best juice does not include yaleiq or joe castros juice..

  8. Sorry to be a contrarian, but this “poll” is so limited in selection and scope that it appears to be a dance of site sponsors. Frankly, I expected a lot more.

    • Actually a submission form was on this site for a month for nominations. The community was able to nominate sites by name in each category. These are the top 5 in each category. Its the way its been done for the last few years.

  9. shows results will not let me vote .Whats the point ???

  10. I kinda agree with golfkahn it seems to be affiliates only.

  11. “Gotsmok” my fave vape blog and forum lol.
    And yea, DIY stuff needs to be on there, cuz thats all i do lol(best/cheapest flavorings, nicotine) TFA, Lorann’s, Flavor west, Nude Nicotine, Wizard Labs, ect.

  12. Nice how on this poll I was only able to successfully vote on the first 3-4 entries, yet it has votes I apparently cast on ALL of them now, yet I didn’t. I consider this entire poll utterly useless at this point based on the fact there are “phantom” votes. So either it’s calculated a fake vote from me on most of these, or I’m simply not going to be allowed to vote. Either way it makes the poll useless.

  13. Odd that the one category changed from Most Entertaining Host to Best Host – I think they’re two different things…


  14. This is a joke and obviously being spammed by vapor joes aka fasttech joe. Who even picked these companies?

    • Hey guys in the end, regardless of this little contest about e cigs that a lot of you are getting so worked up over and throwing out some pretty malicious things,REMEMBER- we all started this to quit smoking. That’s it. Look what has happened! You are all free thinking people. Use your information to make educated decisions. Like Fasttech? Great. Buy their stuff. Like $ 300 mech mods? great. Buy those. Don’t like it? Don’t buy it. But don’t hate on China. They are people like you, making a living, and every single one of us buys made in China products. EVERY one of us. So don’t be a hypocrite, or even worse, a self-righteous hypocrite and try to be “above” China products. EVERY country that manufactures products has certain ones that suck. The USA, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, etc. It’s actually kinda racist.

      • It’s the fact that you’re not supporting your local USA businesses who employee your friends and family and help our economy.

        Yes we all buy products that are made in china, but buying them from china directly? Quite frankly I think it’s un-american=p

    • You are the dumbest person on the internet, where can I cast that vote because jwtf would win. Please refrain from posting any comments anywhere ever again, thank you in advance.

      • Blake, I wasn’t even aware there was a period of input for the poll, which tells me a lot of vapers were unaware of it as well. I would suggest that in the future, aggressive outreach to all the Vape Communities and Social Sites would serve the poll’s credibility well.

        As it is, the average Vaper would have to take whatever results this poll generates with a HUGE grain of salt.

        I do endorse the idea of what you’re doing though. Plus, a strong outreach campaign will only benefit the site and information contained therein.

        Good luck with it!

        • There will be a lot of vapers unaware of the Best of 2013. I can only reach out so far. I try to limit where I reach out to because I don’t want to come off as spammy. However, I did post this on Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Reddit. Usually, other vapers will share this on other networks as well, along with vendors sharing. Trust me, almost every e-cig and e-liquid vendor was entered in our polls, but because there can only be a top 5, many of them didn’t make it to this phase of the event.

          What Joe is doing is fair, he’s using his following. His following just happens to like FastTech (go figure). What he’s doing is the same thing that every other vendor does as well, which is telling their following to vote for them or urging them to vote for something specific.

          I say this every year, our Best of 2013 isn’t of authority and isn’t anything official. And to be honest, it isn’t possible to hold an event like this and it be official. Why? Because vapers come from groups and vendors have a fanbase. These polls are only for fun and showing appreciation to those who have stood out within our community. It’s a way for vendors to compete and also a way for them to show off an award. The products; it’s a way for vendors to say to their customers, everyone likes this product. It gives vapers an idea of what is the most popular, or products they should consider. For me, I get the satisfaction of knowing I put together something that has helped vapers, and as a bonus, I get traffic to my website also. I just want this to be a fun thing, not something that makes people angry.

        • Five Pawns???

  15. You all had a chance to vote on the polls over a month ago so stop complaining. It worked fine for me and appears accurate the vaping community consist of various circles (groups) just cus you belong to one and have not heard of another does not make this poll inaccurate it appears very accurate. Things are not what they were last year.

  16. If FastTech and and their paid advertiser Joe Petner win, we’ll know it was rigged. What a joke. Support your American companies!!

    • Vendors should take note on how fast tech does there business or would you rather be a ( verified reseller ) of over priced electronic cigs

      • Terry you’re an idiot, fast-tech is direct from them manufacturers in china. No american vendor could ever hope to compete for their prices.

        Support local USA vendors, they employee your friends and family and bring jobs to america, growing our industry and economy.

        Further more, you want your vape shops local in the USA when you need them, right? Support them or they will go away.

        If you buy EVERYTHING direct from china then there will be NO JOBS in ANY INDUSTRY in America.

        Quite frankly it’s UN-AMERICAN.

        • Yeah, and demanding that people spend their money with U.S companies limits everyone’s freedom. THAT, seems to be truly “UnAmerican.”

    • Sell stuff at fasttech prices then you could win. Greedy bastards

    • Joe even admitted to having his supporters spam the site, so there’s no way Fasttech won’t win. You have a truly vaild point VaperGirl, even if it came across negatively.

      This is kind of shame actually as Blake does do good work otherwise.

    • It’s very insulting that you accuse me of rigging this online event. I’ve held this event for three years now and results differ. It’s supposed to be for fun and to show thanks, not for you to insult and dump your negativity on us. The community chose this, so don’t insult me for things not going the way VaperGirl wants them.

  17. Any american that votes a shit chinese company like fasttech to the top of these lists deserve the future they will get.

    Support your american vendors, lest you will lose them, and they are the only ones who can fight for your vaping future.

    • When the FDA bans everything except for cigalikes and you can only use 12ml/mg nic or lower China will be the ONLY place we will be able to smuggle our products in from. American vendors will be Blu and Njoy. No one else will be able to abide by the FDA’s strict standards or they will no longer want to because they will only be allowed to sell junk. We are very lucky we can buy what we want now and I am personally stockpiling as much stuff as I can.

    • I personally would rather see an American company in these polls over a Chinese company, and even though I didn’t vote anything for FastTech in these polls, nor would I ever, I can understand why so many people like them. I wouldn’t vote for them because I don’t see them as an electronic cigarette company, but people simply don’t want to pay the high prices American vendors charge. I don’t agree with it, but I don’t blame them either.

  18. Whether you like them or not, Fasttech IS the best value website. They have unbeatable prices. As for Vapor Joe’s relationship with them…that’s something I don’t agree with but GuidetoVaping has nothing to do with that, and shouldn’t be blamed. If you ask me the biggest “surprise” is Pink Spot ending up in so many categories. They are a top juice vendor but seriously why are they in any other catgories? Sounds like they’re doing some vote spamming themselves.

    • “Whether you like them or not, Fasttech IS the best value website.”

      You sir, are an idiot! I bet you shop at Wal-Mart too!

      Selling out to the Chinese is a major factor in why our country is in the shambles that it is in. And there is no one to blame except for the consumers.

      People used to take pride in American owned companies. Some still do. You apparently do not!

      Remember the good old saying, “If it sounds too goo to be true, it probably is.”?

      Guess what, Buying cheap knock offs from a company who does not care about the consumer, is not what it is all cracked up to be. You might have saved a couple bucks, but what society looses in jobs, financial stability, and the American way of life, is not worth the price.

      Fasttech needs to be removed from all categories!

      • Oh the irony. . .

        Out one side of your mouth you are pro-America, and out the other side you demand that a non-US company be removed from the list? Can you not see how this makes you look like an idiot? So much for free expression. . .

      • The US iowing trillions of dollars to China and when we have to pay up we just print more money. That is the problem with America. Don’t hate because they guarantee their kids go to college because the funds come out of their taxes. Don’t hate because they can produce competitive products cheaper than the US can. Our government officials are to busy stuffing money into their own pockets to care about any of that and you all just follow along blindly. But someone buying a clone from fasttech is the problem with US economics? Right….

  19. Sorry i’d like to retract my statements about Pink Spot I misread the polling. Sorry!

  20. Why no Vivi Novas?

  21. so biased… mount baker vapor…yah right..lmao

  22. I feel that its pretty sad that Fastech is at the top of many of these including Best E-Juice Price. Really folks?

    Its shameful that a Chinese company is on top of these lists just because of their low pricing. With all the complaints and issues they have had, they are still there.

    Just goes to show that you can be a shitty company with shitty products at a low price and succeed in today’s economy! Do you all really think they are a supported of our community here in the states? All they are interested in is getting your money!

    But local folks! Support US companies.

    The Best Of Awards used to mean something to vendors. And the general public has ruined it by not thinking!

  23. Please correct the spelling of Dr. Farsalinos’ name. It’s easy enough to look up and verify something like that.

  24. drew "ill dust you" fortman December 10, 2013 at 9:50 pm

    What about some better eliquids up there? Really mt baker vapor? How about suicide bunny? Diamond vapor? I mean yeah mt baker vapor is dirt cheap, but it also tastes like dirt.

  25. Blake, don’t let the whiners, gripers and complainers get you down. What you are trying to do is great and there are always going to be negative people everywhere. Here is a vote for you for putting up with all that stuff and going forward. Thanks for your efforts. I, for one, appreciate it. And for all the complainers, put up your own vote and let’s see you do better, rather than just tear down what others are trying to do!

    • I feel for Blake. I can understand the time it takes to put this all together. These awards used to be held high by the vendors. The community turned it into a joke.
      Next year, I would suggest a more selective process. Make it about U.S. Vendors. Hardware and tank of the year are good things to have to. People want good and popular products. And its something a B&M can be happy to carry.

  26. The bigger the industry gets, the more money and other kickbacks flow. This is not claiming to be a scientific poll, thank god for that. DON’T GET MAD ABOUT IT, just realize it’s a joke and move on… BEST COMPANY OVERALL…FASTTECH! COMPANY…..OVERALL… The one that 10% of the orders never make it, the one that doesn’t respond after theyve taken your money, and u never get the product. Lol. Funny. MBV? That’s nasty! “Most Seen Vendor”. How is it Fasttech? They don’t advertise. Oh it must be that the most important person in the vaping community, VaporJoe pushes them. See, it’s laughable. So LAUGH!

  27. I don’t care what anyone says. This was done for FUN. People need to grow up and get over themselves. Obviously the negative people have found this site, so no excuse for not supporting who you wanted. The people that did are the ones you see. As far as FT. The economy is crap. At least people aren’t smoking!! Did we forget why we are here??? This is a great thing you have done Blake… I for one Thank you!!!

  28. I think it is sad that at present Dr. Farsalinos is in last place in the supporter of vaping category. I know Joe busts his ass finding deals and info and I appreciate that. However, as far as pure support of vaping goes… Dr. Farsalinos is working to preserve vaping against the onslaught of those who wish to destroy it. What good will it be if we save all this money now, only to have it all regulated out of existence due to a lack of scientific study?

  29. It is sad to see vaporjoe and modenvy in the lead. Both aren’t good at all. Thankfully smokie isn’t in the lead. There are much better shows, hosts and reviewers. Fasttech is definitely not the best in anything except maybe prices

    • They get an average of 800-1000 people per show. They have a HUGE following. I look forward to their show every Saturday. The least I can do is vote for them! They rock!

  30. Just as Mod Envy says, “Love us, or hate us, you watch us”. I’m happy to be nominated in the top 5 – would I like to win? Yes. would I be sad not to? Well, given the circumstances, that Joe “VaporJoe” Petner actually owns the planet, then I’ve not go much chance. Just keep voting (for me) and keep smiling.

    Oh, and btw, I don’t think people quite understand – if it wasn’t for VJ, you’d still be paying $100, $150, $200 for your mods there in the USA (and you don’t want to know what we were paying over here in the u.. but it’s pretty much 50% more than the US…)

    Anyway, Joe said on his show what he was doing with these polls.. so Help the little guy like me, and go vote CHUNKMEISTER as Best Host… and help me CRUSH HIM 🙂 lol

    (PS: don’t forget you can vote an extra vote for me with your smart phones too!).

    Chunkmeister (Chunks)

  31. Mmm, none of those battery suppliers had particularly good prices.

  32. This is the worst I have ever seen, where these companies at the bottom of the list, and you messed up on who was at the top, LOL…..How about real liquid companies that blow these away, good life, diamond vapor, epic, and on and on. Joe Fastech Petner, ha ha ha….

  33. For fair prices with excellent customer service, Discount Vapers is hard to beat. Knowing that Eric tests the products he sells is also a big plus.

  34. May I suggest seperating RDA’s from other RBA’s? Thanks.

  35. I Love the the VP Live! The Vaping Greek and the team, Click Bang, Kevin’s show, Jeannie K and Anit-Nanny with Ravengrim. You Guys are the best source of vaping news and entertainment on the planet. It starts from the inside out and you all are genuine, honest, good people, oh! and crazy which I love the most. Keep up the great work!

  36. Don’t forget the web and vaping is international… and this site is international too. It’s not a segregated poll. A lot of voters, such as me, are not americans. I never bought from Discount Vapers because I didn’t even know it shipped to my country (it does, I just checked). Like it or not, Fasttech is a great vendor for a lot of items. It doesn’t support my country’s community either, but considering how vendors make fat margins here (vendors in the US are much more reasonable), i’m not too enclined to stuff their pockets. I’m all for supporting the community as long as i’m not being gouged with unjustifiable margins by vendors who only resell chinese made things anyway. What about producing locally ? A good CNC mill and there’s no reason to not be able to make reasonably priced well made mod’s in large numbers locally. But a lot of local moders prefer to make small runs and sell them at ridiculous prices… it’s their choice after all. It’s the get rich quick with the less effort possible mentality I guess. I have a lot of respect for the chinese workers who work their butts off to make the stuff we buy at Fasttech, they deserve every dollar they get. Again, US vendors are much more reasonable than here anyway, I actually import my juices from the US. Good vaping all.

  37. Shame that flooding piece of garbage called the Protank is going to win.

  38. Zeus eJuice has consistently gone above and beyond for products and customer service … they deserve to be on this list.

  39. I want to nominate best review viewer. Yes a viewer not a fucking reviewer.

  40. What a joke. Pink Spot on damn near every ballot? Please. Overpriced garbage. Vapor Joe for biggest supporter? Vapor Joe best blog? HAHA. Joke

  41. What I don’t understand is all the “local vendors” on here whining about Fasttech winning when all you guys do is buy the same crap from the same sources and put a 300 to 400% markup on it and then get so pissed when us mostly non wealthy vapors go for the better deal. Come on. You have your government printing up money every month to pay their debt to the Chinese and driving down the price of the American Dollar!!! Do you really blame us for trying to save a few bucks? I am really sorry you can’t sell $10 ego kits for $69.99 and $30 Vamo’s for $120.00 any more. Oh wait never mind I am not sorry and I am glad you don’t get to keep ripping us off. Either deal with it or move on to the next big money maker that pops up…


  42. thanks for the laughs,thats the funniest shit Ive read all year long

  43. Like it or not Joe’s blog gets a massive amount of traffic. In terms of the “the biggest” he wins hands down.

  44. I am new at Vaporing but i will tell anyone who is thinking about it and changing from ciggs this is outstanding and it dont cause you have nasty breath

  45. This is the biggest joke ever. Guide to vaping you should be embarrassed with this poll. This does a disservice more than anything else and misinforms any new vapors that might actually see this. you have lost all credibility. This is not what the community needs.

    • How hard is it for you to grasp and understand that Guide To Vaping didn’t do anything but put up a poll with categories. The vaping community nominated the top five for each group. Is it really that hard for you simple minded people to comprehend?

    • I’ve lost all credibility, huh? – Did you know that I help more than 3,000 people per day from this website, that more than 1,000 people find answers about vaping through search engines daily on this website and the countless comments, emails and messages I answer helping vapers… all from this website. Now please tell me, what have you done? – You left a comment on a blog telling someone else they’re not doing a good job when you yourself could be positive and helping other vapers, instead of being negative and trying to destroy them.
      See, we talk so much about the FDA and what they’ll do, or the people that are against electronic cigarettes. It isn’t them who we should fear, it’s ourselves. Stop with the negative stuff, it doesn’t do any good for this vaping community.


    • Rob, I’m glad you found your way here (I appreciate it Grimm) and thank you for the nice comment. However, I’m a bit different from you. I don’t care what the price is of the e-liquid if it satisfies me. I got into electronic cigarettes because I didn’t want to smoke anymore, but enjoyed the act and of course nicotine. So, if a few dollars more keeps me satisfied and away from tobacco cigarettes, I don’t mind at all.

  47. Its amazing how some people think the vaping world revolves around them. Just because you never heard of a vendor, doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to be here.

  48. I don’t think its the consumers fault if FastTech wins, this should be a sign that the company that offers the best price for a product 9\10 times will be favored. Maybe other vendors should take note and not gouge there prices as much.

    • You realize that when you buy from fasttech you are buying directly from the Chinese manufacturer’s correct?

      It’s impossible for any USA Based vendor to match the pricing of the people we buy the goods from.

      In essence by placing all of your orders through fasttech you are making it harder for USA Vape shops to make money.

      If you don’t have a local shop, or don’t prefer your local shops, then you probably don’t care. But killing businesses and putting employees out of work because we would rather save pennies buying the cheapest crap we can online seems to have become the “American Way”.

      You’re paying for this every day whether you realize it or not, the issue goes way beyond the Vape Industry.

      I’ll continue to buy from the USA, I prefer quick shipments and good service!

      • And just what exactly did all of these fly by night “Vape Shop” owners do 3 years ago before Vaping took off?
        They probably did the last quick money maker that came along.
        So when the FDA regulates 90% of them will move on to the next big money maker.
        I buy stuff from US vendors all the time but I do think everybody else has the right to buy or not buy from whoever they want. Isn’t that what freedom is all about?
        You know, what the United States was built on and our Forefathers fought so hard for?

      • I don’t need or expect USA business to MATCH the Chinese. I just need them to not grossly over price the exact same product. I do buy from US venders when I can find what I’m looking for at a fair price.

  49. I would like to state for the record, that the only reason why Fasttech is so cheap is because most of what they sale (PVs) are clones. Heck, even the Vamo I got from them was a freaking clone. I understand that everyone wants cheap. I want cheap, too. But let’s not pretend that the cheap stuff on their site is of the highest quality. It’s cheaper because it’s produced in a more cost effective way; which means it’s not built to last.

    • You have to be kidding right?
      You got a VAMO that was a clone?
      There is no such thing as a Vamo clone because no single company claimed the Vamo as being theirs!
      Vamo’s are made by at least a dozen different manufacturers so it is impossible to have a Vamo that is a clone!!!
      By the way which company makes the Vamo that is not a clone?
      Please enlighten us…

  50. To bad this survey favors 1 network & 1 networks vendors so it is biased.

  51. I know most of these nominations. I think they are fine.

  52. Its not letting me vote or see results..

  53. This is the best poll I have ever seen. Who thought of these choice options?!?! All of the choices make sense. I’ve only been vaping for a week!

  54. These polls are ridiculous.

  55. My vendor Zeus Juice is in the house!

  56. Thanks for the poll. I like Mount Baker Vapor’s juice. Even though they are inexpensive, they have several juices that I enjoy. They also have good customer service. I wish Rip Trippers could have been nominated as a reviewer (I’ll keep an eye open for nominees next year- My bad). Again- Thanks for the poll. I’m learning of a few I am unfamiliar with, and will have to investigate since they are regarded as good.

  57. Tiny vapor? Tiny vapor? Really? What a joke!

  58. Why in hell do any of the hosts and gaping “celebrities” show up as “vaping biggest supporter”?

    This makes NO SENSE.

    That category should only be reserved for organizations and Drs. who are involved at a political or medical level and who are putting their reputations on the line and spending countless hours of time and money fighting laws and conducting studies.

    That is unconscionable, and no wonder why it seems like we are walking a fine line of possibly losing our right to vape in the near future.

  59. I see so many comments complaining about the poll results, the companies, people and products for each category. Then people talking about Modenvy and Vapor Joe.
    The nominations and votes were decided by the community. Not guide to vaping and certainly not Vapor Joe. Did Joe promote and advertise the poll? YEP he sure did and I’m happy he did. This helped get the word out on this poll. Did Joe have any influence in people’s decisions? NO! Trust me, he didn’t send someone to every one of his viewers houses and force them to vote in one direction or another. The results are the voice of the community period. Some of you are just butthurt because your favorite vendor didn’t get nominated or win. Get over it! Just because you like them doesn’t mean the masses do.

    I have admitted that I watch ModEnvy. I do like the host. I get a kick out of them and they make laugh. So, I did nominate them for best show and I voted for them in that same category. I didn’t nominate Fasttech for anything and didn’t vote for them in any category. Not because they are not an American company, but because I don’t think they are the best. The only thing they are the best at is price, but when you keep in mind what your getting even that’s a stretch. I can’t say they have the best price on something if it’s not the same product that other companies carry. Material and built quality matter when talking about price.

    In the comments I also saw numerous people pissed that people are not buying local or from US business. Tell ya what, when US business owners get over their GREED and stop with the ridiculous markups they will get more sales and support. I buy some thing almost every week. All my purchases are from US vendors with the exception of five that came from Fastech. I only bought those because no US vendor had the items in stock or the few that did wanted a ridiculous price.

    Personally I thought the best reviewer category having Smokie in it and as high as it is was odd. I like Smokie, I think it’s a cool dude, but in that category I feel he’s very out classed. Grimm is and always has been my favorite. Followed by Phil then Todd then Scott. I really think Nitro is a better reviewer than Smokie, but it’s a personal feeling and what I like to get from a review.

    Anyway, the bottom line is the nominations came from the community. If you didn’t nominate when it was open you have absolutely nothing to complain about. If you did nominate and vote but your top choice isn’t winning. Suck it up! Just because you think someone/something is the best doesn’t mean everyone else will.

  60. I like Fasttech and all but winning “one stop shop” WHAT!?! does anyone actually buy e-liquid from them? If you don’t they can’t be a one stop shop, come on.

  61. The poll seems to be getting better.

  62. Polls getting better? No they aren’t I’m down in 5th now. Come on… Best Host – VOTE CHUNKMEISTER! 🙂

  63. Really disappointed in this poll. Yesterday it showed I had voted already? Today, it is showing I have never voted. Once I realized that it was claiming I had already voted, when I hadn’t, I started watching the poll and the numbers. How could a vendor have 780 votes yesterday and today have only 727? This poll can’t possibly be accurate. Really a shame since I have been following this poll since it first started. Not sure just what is going on here and certainly not blaming Blake in any way, but this used to be something a vendor could be proud of getting and a customer could rely on being accurate. Now, seems either fanboys are taking over or who knows what. Not something I would take seriously anymore.

    • Yep, me too, pretty sad to see someone try so hard to take the glory for “vaping’s biggest supporter.”
      Did you quit smoking and start Vaping?
      Then you, sir or ma’am are Vaping’s biggest supporter.
      PS How is vendor supposed to be proud of winning a rigged, BS “contest” totally biased and full of complete deception?
      You stole my votes, and I hadn’t even voted.
      F A I L

    • momC, I appreciate your honesty. I haven’t been seeing the numbers do as you said, but if it is, I have no control over what it’s doing. I don’t see how it could do that being the numbers are being stored in a database. Each time a new IP votes, it registers it and stores it. Aside from that, these best of events were never meant to be taken seriously. It’s something online for fun and holds no value worth getting bent out of shape for. Any online poll system couldn’t ever be taken seriously just for the pure fact that the polls couldn’t ever be 100% correct. As I’ve said to all of you… have fun with it, don’t take it serious and if your favorite vendor or product doesn’t win, they’re not losing anything. A vendor can still be proud if they win or even nominated. I know for sure that if I owned a company selling product and even 1 person thought I was worthy enough to be looked at as the best, then that alone would make my day.

  64. Vote for Zues Ejuice!!

  65. Polls are just a snapshot in time. Look how things have changed since last year. Its pretty telling how far we have come as a community.

  66. Anyone know a good place to buy wick and wire?


  68. Keep the votes going for Chunkmeister in the Best Host (downgraded from Most Entertaining Host, I tell ya – for ENTERTAINMENT I say I won it hands down, but help me Get into 3rd peeps! 🙂

    – Chunks

  69. Blake,
    Great job. I know you cant be aware of every new vape shop that has opened in 2013. I buy my juice from local shops and did not expect them to be on your survey. Hardware I buy from different places. I shop around!!!!. The major thing is that I have been analogues for over 3 months and have gotten info from most of the people nominated in your poll, but not all. Others have to know that their are regional bias’s and favorites but some of the stuff I have read is just insane especially comments directed at you personally after all the work you put into this. All you can do is what you are doing and dont take all this crap personally.

    • The thing is, I have no control over what has happened with these polls. All I did was create a page for people to send in entries of who they thought was the best for 2013. I shared that page with vendors, facebook, twitter, reddit, google+, and ecf. People came in from all over and submitted who they thought was the best and my family and I tallied it and chose the ones with the top 5 most votes. Put them in a poll and shared the live polls page the same way. The comments made toward me or GTV are okay, I’ve heard worse.

  70. Thank you for everything Blake!

  71. Hmmmmm… I’m getting complaints that there’s no voting possible on the Best Host category ….
    “Can’t vote it won’t let me there’s no vote button on your category”
    Server Burp?

    • If you’re noticing any problems, it’ll be because of the server. The server I’m running on just can’t keep up anymore. Not that it’ll help the event this year, but I’ll be on a better one soon. My apologies.

  72. Worked fine here Chris.

  73. Since I can’t cast my votes for certain sections right now, and it’s the last day for voting……I’d like to say/vote for for the Best overall, Best One Stop, Best Battery Pricing, and Best Accessories categories.

    Thanks =)

  74. Having issues here too. I think the server is knocked out

  75. ….and its over! Congrats to the winners!

  76. Just wondering about the most creative liquid for 2013 category, maybe a little more clarity for next years poll and make it the most creative juice that was released in 2013 or 2014 for the next poll. That being said I am sure it was created for fun and if you look at the votes there are only 1000-2000 some votes for the winners so people shouldnt really get bent out of shape because those tiny #s in no way represent the millions of vapers there are out in the world.

  77. It seems the American Market has really picked up nicely since 2013! Good Luck to all the awesome vape stores and juices out there.

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