We’ve been motivated by you, our reader, to give some cool vapey stuff away. You see- this little vaping e-zine just hit our record number of viewers for the 5th time in 30 days. Thank you readers!


GuideToVaping.com- March Giveaway

1st Prize: VV (changeable) PV called the VariBoxΒ  from Joe at iVape.
2nd Prize: $20 gift certificate from Clark at Eminent Vapor.

VariBox VV PVHow To Enter

1. Give us a “+” down below the article using the G+ widget.

2. Tell us your favorite voltage and atty/carto ohm combo’s in the comments. If you’ve only tried 3.7v, tell us why.



We’ll pick a winner for each gift on Friday, March 24th and announce via email.

Good luck- and happy vaping!

AS ALWAYS- You MUST be at least 18 years of age, and a US resident to participate.


  1. Using an Ego with LR Cartos in a LiL Mamma tank. Have been shopping around for a VV mod, but with all the info and everyone having a different recommendation it can be hard to settle with one that will need to last a good long while.

  2. Currently I’m using a lavatube mated with a “mom and pop min-sub” tank wrapped around a Boge 3.0 ohm cartomizer with the volts cranked up to 4.5 on the lavatube. Contained inside this beauty is 3 ml of decadent GotVapes Candy Cane eliquid. I personally prefer this method over just ce2’s, clearomizers, etc because I haven’t been let down by excessive dry hits, burnt taste or silly filling methods which sometimes leave me with a leaky cartomizer.

  3. I like to use my Lavatube with a 3.5ml tank that houses a 2.0ohm dual coil carto, at around 5 – 5.5 volts for when on the go. At home at the computer I like to use a 3.0 ohm atty at 5 – 6 volts depending on the juice i’m vaping atm.^^

  4. I am brand new to vaping ( no smokes in 5 days!!!) I have the joy 510 and a vape for life kit. I really want to try a tank sytem I love vaping and its literally saving my life:) happy vaping girl:)

  5. Use a 1.25 dual carto on 3.7 volt.why you ask? Guess it would be because for my last couple years of vaping it’s been more economical,always wanted to give one a try but just never seem to have the funds….HELP a BROTHA OUT…please

  6. I’ve only used Mistic and kgo (3.7v) because I’m still new to the big wide world of vaping!
    So far 1.7ohm dual coil seems to be my favorite thanks to the warmer vapor and enhanced flavor.
    Would love to win a vv varibox! Thanks for the opportunity πŸ™‚

  7. Hit you up on FB and Twitter! Love the site. Anyways, I stay at 3.7 and Boge 2.0 for the most part. A little 5 volt and 3.0 ohm Boge. I need to get me a Kick so I can play around a little.

  8. Honestly, I find it easier to use the Smokeless Image “Volt” (3.7v & KR808) with Cartomizers and like it given it’s portibility – however I am still only a part-time Vapor. . . And would really like to try a VV, but cannot afford one right now (trying to Win one of them in these contest).

  9. I currently use 3.7 with 1.7LR Cartos either on my ego batteries, or 3.7 volts on my VV ego. I have never used anything higher than that because I dont own any mods. πŸ™‚

    And I use 3.7 also on the VV because that is what my liquid tastes good at with the 1.7 LR carto!!

    Thanks for the contest!!

  10. At this moment I am vaping a Twig (3.7) with a 1.7 carto. I find this is perfect for a lot of my favorite juices! Thanks for the contest- would love to try VV and that Varibox looks very hand friendly!

  11. I usually use SmokTech DC’s 1.5 ohm @ 3.7volt PV’s and 2 – 3 ohm @ 4-5 volts.. If I use tanks I will go for the Boge cartos with similar ohm/volt ratings.

    Awesome prize!! Thanks for the contest

  12. I vape an ego 3.7 with 1.5 Ohm Cisco 306 atty or I use boge 2.0 ohm cartos on the go. I haven’t tried a higher voltage yet because I can’t afford it right now. I bought my e cig three days before I found out my grandpa got lung cancer so all my money has been going to school and him.

  13. I use a Provari at 4.5 volts with a Arry/ce2 carto tank at 3ohms for best reliability. The juice I DIY has lasted over 18 hours while the battery will last around 24 hours. For best taste and fast change out of juice flavor I use the addy tank that I added on my order with the provari.

  14. 3.7 volt KGo with every cartomattytankomizor on the market. Right now I’m two handing it with a 1.25 DC LR Carto (<—favorite) alternating w/ a Vision Extreme Giant 2.6…(two different juices/different resistance- what can I say? I'm all about options!) Just started eyeing mods last week. Thanks for the chance! ( ;

  15. Currently using a lavatube with 1.5 ohm dc carto in a 3.5 ml tank. Why? Because I’m still new to all of this and haven’t been able to scrape up the cash to try a bunch of others just yet. I’ve been told that 3.0 ohms is the way to go on the lavatube so will be ordering some of those soon. Thanks for the contest!

  16. Well, I use the same Ego I have used since I quit smoking and started vaping, which wasn’t that long ago. I guess it’s a 3.7v, but not sure as I am quite new to all of this. But would love to win and try out some new things, and everyone seems to really enjoy all the different ecigs and I would love to be a part of the excitement!! Thanks!!

  17. I like 2.9ohm or so at 5.3 volts. That provides a very satisfying vape to me. Ultimate flavor and vapor. I just wanted to make sure to say thank you because i was forced to by Troop! He said he wouldn’t let me wear his hat if i didn’t!!

  18. Well Ive only vaped at 3.3 volts,using the Joyetech ego-t 650mah pass-through battery,but have been around the world wirh different carto’s though. Have tried the new Vision Stardust and its pretty good! (No leaks, Good Vapor, Easy to Fill and Clean) But My favorite so far is the Boge low resistance carto. Love this sight ! Especially the LINKS to top rated sights. Hope I entered correctly (smile) D.B.

  19. I am using EGO-PT 3.7v my atty is 1.5 ohms LR901… as of now I am still satisfied with the vapor and the flavor and I dont have budget for any mods. But I want one because I already tasted the 5v and its so tasty… and the vapor super vapor… so I want one of the VV mods… hehehe…

  20. I have been enjoying my vape experience with my provari set at 4.2v, on top I have a dct tank with smoktech 1.5ohm dc carto. Currently it is filled with johnsoncreek juice. Im new to vaping but got the provari right after my first ego, I would recommend to anyone on the fence. Thanks contest

  21. Well, I’m vaping at 3.7v because I only have a Silver Bullet. I usually use around a 2.8 ohm clearomizer in an Arry tank. I’ve tried the 2.4 and they vape great but die quickly so I stick with the 2.8ohms for a good vape with longer CE2 life. I would love to try a variable voltage mod so I can try different voltages and ohms.

  22. I love a 3.9-4.0 volt with a 1.7ohm single or dual (Though I prefer a single)carto, produces awesome vapor and TH all while preserving the flavor of the juice. I feel like sometimes the 1.5ohm cartos can burn the juice a little bit.

  23. Provari w/2.6-2.8 dc cartos @5.2v wrapped with SS Vaporessence 3ml tank. Or Ce2 2.8ohm in a Depth Charge tank @5.0v
    Reo Mini w/ 1.5/306 or 510 atty
    Both set-ups rocking some CopperCreek Houseblend or
    Backwoods Brew Malty Toffee and Applewood Bacco or Gorilla Juice from Alien Visions. Vape on everyone and good luck in the contest !!!!!

  24. i’m currently vaping at 5.5v unloaded with a 3.4ohm fluxo modded to fit my acorn tank filled with my DIY take on a ry4 type juice, altho i like Copper Creeks Grogg and raspberry danish as well on my VV madvapes box

  25. I have mostly been using a 1.25 ohm dcc tank on 3.7 volts but Im just getting into the vv box mod so I still trying to find what I like. Its like a whole new world of vaping for me. Using a 2.8 ohm ce2 at about 5 volts but have some new cartos on the way to try out.

  26. Favorite set up is a LR 306 with DCA @ 3.7.
    The VV mods are a bit pricey and the eGo/Firefly models are not enough variant to justify the cost since I’d still need to use attys @ ~1.5-2 ohm to get a similar wattage of high volt vaping.
    Also, even with protected batteries, stacking batteries scare me

  27. 3.7 ego 1000mah with smoke tech dct 3.5ml with 1.5 LR smoketech carto, love this tank on the budget great vapor nice and warm with no leakage. I found this to be my best combo to date as a novice vapor.

  28. Hi. I started vaping Feb 6th, about 3 months ago. I’ve been getting batteries from Smokeless Image. They have a pass-through that is similar, I think, to Joye’s. I think it was $24.99. Clearomizers are $6.95. We have clearomizers, or can use cartos. That’s really nice. Sometimes I am just not in the mood for the tank. I hope I can help someone else save a bunch. They stand behind stuff pretty well. Very satisfied.

  29. If you enjoy the varitube, you must try the Varitube SS, it’s much better quality than the original, It is also heavier because it’s SS and also the end cap for the battery removal is also metal which I think is a nicer feature as well and nice vent hole, as for the longevity of the Varitube, time will tell because I just got this one but it feels great and I was surprised how much better the Varitube SS was. In my book this made it a much better choice to buy over the Provair because of the cost issue heck I give this product a two thumbs up, Varitube SS I am a much happier vaporier, love the floating pi connection, very nice, no reason to spend alot more for the Provair now was considering it but wow I am soooo impressed with the Stain Steel feel of this Mod Thanks I currently love the 4.5 volts using a 3.0 ohm atty for my blueberry cinnamon and also for the TVR RY4 flavors, but remember different flavors are better at differents volts

  30. I like from 3.5 to 3.8 volts on my lava tube with 2.0 clearomizers and 3.7 volts on my bolt with 1.5 dual coil l/r/ carts but both of these were stolen out of my truck when i was in the hospital. so i could realy use this giveaway.

  31. First of all, I’m confused when this ends, because today is Sunday, the 24th…

    And I have 3 VV devices, but I never go above 4.2V on any of them… I much prefer my little 3.7V box mods… and I like using cartos, but haven’t had much luck with them in tanks.
    Guess I’m just a 3.7V dripper at heart… LOL!!