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Vape Juice Reviews

Sweetish Fish by Goodejuice -eliquid Review

This eliquid smells good- like the Sweetish Fish cherry candy might if I remember correctly. The eliquid is mixed 50/50 (pg/vg). I’m going to vape this at 3.7v with an HH357 atty. First vape- Vapor production is good, as you would expect from a 50/50 mix. The amount of flavor is definitely...

Product Reviews Vape Tank Reviews

TubeTank – Volcano Ecigs

In addition to receiving the LavaTube Kit and Blue Water Punch E-Liquid, I also received a TubeTank, which I must say made this package from Volcano Ecigs an awesome setup. I was skeptical about using tanks as I’ve always been a dripper, but receiving this package, I wanted to give it my all...

Product Reviews Vape Mod Reviews

LavaTube – VolcanoEcigs

Every once in a while comes along a mod that abruptly sweeps the market of mods and causes hype and high expectations. The LavaTube from did just that. The LavaTube was probably the most talked about and the most purchased mod in the year of 2011 and from GuideToVaping’s...


Vaping – How Much Is Too Much?

I check popular keywords on my website analytics very often and there is one searched group of words that I’ve seen numerous of times. The question many of you have asked is “Am I vaping too much?” or “How much is too much?”. It’s understandable for you as...

Vape Juice Reviews

Heavenly Macaroon – Highbrow Vapor

I’ve had the privilege to sample some e-liquid from and a certain flavor they sent me, I just had to share my experiences with you. This flavor I’m talking of is Heavenly Macaroon. Now before I go off into the review, let me just tell you a bit about Highbrow Vapor, at...



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