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More American Smokers Than Ever : Quitting

More American smokers than ever are quitting combustible tobacco in the form of cigarettes.  A few days ago, an article from the Daily Caller came across my desk titled  ” Gallup Poll Shows Smoking Rate Collapsing As E-Cigarette Use Soars ” with regards to a recent Gallup Poll  which...

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Reynolds Settles Trademark Suit

The more well established electronic cigarette companies already know it, but these new guys entering the industry may be unaware of just how much Reynolds protects its branded names; Such as the most recent time Reynolds sued an e-cigarette company back in late 2012. Believe it not, but...

Electronic Cigarette News

GuideToVaping’s List For January 2012

Expect this month of January 2012 to be filled with lots of e-liquid reviews, more focus on our online community news and we’ll also be talking to some doctors. We have around 10 bottles of different flavored e-liquid from different vendors who we’ll be writing reviews for, along with...

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The Vaper Database

Imagine going to a website and being able to search vapers that stored their information in a big database. Imagine being able to find another vaper across the world that has the exact same e-liquid or e-cigarette preferences as you. Imagine being able to find other vapers that live in your same...




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