Imagine going to a website and being able to search vapers that stored their information in a big database. Imagine being able to find another vaper across the world that has the exact same e-liquid or e-cigarette preferences as you. Imagine being able to find other vapers that live in your same state. You can do all of this when you visit, it’s right at your finger tips.

The idea for VaperDB is for vapers to have the opportunity to store themselves in the database and view others that has already done so. You can search for vendors in your state also.  The news section is run by the community, no back-end work at all. Come to the site and catch the latest news submitted by someone just like you.

Post an item you’re wanting to sell in the classifieds section or browse it and find something to add to your vape collection. The classifieds section is accessible to registered users only. Before you make a purchase on a classified post, click the author’s name to do a vaper background check and find out more about them.

Visit the official vaper database, only at