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Product Watch Vape Hardware Previews

VaporFi Air 2 Mini Preview

Featuring a small footprint, a minimal design and based on an all-in-one platform, the all new VaporFi Air 2 Mini Vaporizer has plenty to offer, including a reasonable performance offering. It’s truly one of the best on-the-go devices available on the market, and as more users adapt to the...

Vaping Deals

VaporFi Memorial Day Sale

Jump into a Holiday of savings just in time for this Memorial Day sale! Our friends at VaporFi is having a huge memorial day sale going on right now that allows you to get 15% off sitewide and 25% off e-liquids. What makes this deal even better is that VaporFi recently lowered all of their prices...

Vaping Deals

VaporFi Spring Sale – 25% OFF ALL E-Liquids

Our friends at VaporFi is currently running their spring sale that gives you 25% off all e-liquids in the store.  With this sale, you’ll have the opportunity to take advantage of VaporFi’s 30,000 flavor combinations, as well as their Grand Reserve Collection and all e-liquids crafted by...

Vaping Deals

VaporFi Now Offers Free Shipping On Orders $75+

Our friends at VaporFi has informed us that they now offer free shipping on orders that total $75 or more! VaporFi is one of the most recognized brands within the industry due to their stock of over 30,000 flavor combinations, their starter kits, mods, and exciting incentives.  This brand was truly...

Best Products

Top 5 Best Vape Pen Starter Kits

In this article we’re going to share a list of the top 5 best vape pen starter kits, along with telling you about them, as well as providing our thoughts.  We urge you to view each page to learn about each device, because you might just find a vape pen for yourself or for a family member...

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What Is The Best VaporFi Mod To Buy?

  There are plenty of mods that fall under the VaporFi branding, some offering better performance than others, but what is the best VaporFi mod to buy?  We’re going to list each mod, its main features and strengths, then share our opinion on which one is the best so that your buying...


VaporFi VAIO 80 TC Mod VS VAIO 75 TC Mod

  VaporFi VAIO 80 or VaporFi VAIO 75, two products from the VaporFi shelves that most vapers have never heard of.  We’ve spent some time going over the various mods available from VaporFi because we believe in companies that look out for their customers.  Especially when the products...


VaporFi VOX 80 TC Mod VS VOX 40 TC Mod

  It may be known as the Willy Wonka’s of the vaping world with more flavor combinations than most candy companies combined, but VaporFi takes putting its name on a vaping device very seriously.  The VOX line has been around for a while, but today we’re putting the VOX 80 watt TC...


A Complete Guide To The VaporFi VOX 80 TC Mod

  When it comes to mid-ranged vape mods, the VOX 80 from VaporFi ticks off all the demands that vapers place on them.  If you’re looking for a hard-working box mod with amazing battery life, this bad boy has you covered.  If you’re looking for a durable design that’s capable...

Product Watch Vape Hardware Previews

VaporFi Venom RDA Preview

When it comes to e-liquid and it’s delivery systems, VaporFi is renowned for delivering high quality products that surpass expectations.  Whether it’s vape mods, tanks or the flavors themselves, this company has a knack for going the extra step to make the vaping experience more...



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