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5 Vape Technology Upgrades to Give You a Better Experience

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While vaping is still a relatively new industry, experts have been dedicated to making the experience better for users. With technology advancing at a rapid pace, you might be confused as to how you can upgrade your vaping experience. That’s where the vaping guide comes in.

Let’s go over some advances in the mechanics behind vaping that help give you smoother puffs. The progress covered here is far from an extensive list, plus new updates are happening constantly. Keep your eye on the industry to see how things are changing and improving.

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A-shaped Airway Design

When purchasing a vape pen, you want to make sure that you are considering how often you’ll be using it. Are you a daily smoker? Or do you prefer to smoke casually with friends? Either way, it’s important to buy a vape that feels good when you smoke out of it. Traditional vape airways are bulky and cumbersome, and they make taking a hit sort of annoying.

Modern designs are taking cues from reed instruments to make the smoking experience better. The A-shaped inhaler allows you to easily breath in the vape. You’ll also get a draw resistance that is comparable to traditional cigarettes.

Vibration Notification to Curb Over-Consumption

With cigarettes, you have a better visual to see how much you are smoking. You can watch the cigarette burn as you smoke it, knowing relatively how much tobacco is going into your system.

Vapes, on the other hand, are more difficult to keep track of. In most cases, the pods are inside and you can’t easily see how much you have left. Nowadays, some vape companies are adding vibration notifications to their devices. Your machine will help you stop over smoking.

Ceramic Coils

Whether you’re a long-time vape user, or you’re just getting started, coils are essential to your experience. Coils help your tobacco pods burn at a consistent rate, allowing you to get the most out of your vape without wasting anything.

Ceramic coils were created to help boost longevity and protect against issues such as the oxidation of the metal. If you upgrade your vape, you’ll be able to smoke the same pack longer, have a consistently delicious flavor, and no spit back.

Box Mods

If you want to get the most out of your vaping experience, you should invest in a box mod. A box mod will allow you to change out among various types of batteries, atomizers, and tanks. Unlike other vaporizers, the box is crucial if you’re looking to customize your device.

You can take advantage of the best and most updated technology if you start with a solid box mod base.

Nicotine Salt Liquid

Not all vape juice is created equal, and some will be higher quality than others. As the technology continues to advance, experts are creating ways to give you more flavor for your buck.

One of the advancements in nicotine juice is salt liquid. The compound is crafted from salt-based nicotine, making it easier to vape. With the compound, you’ll have a better vaping experience, and you’ll be able to tolerate more smoking.

Are You Ready to Have the Best Vape of Your Life?

As long as you’re over 21 and making the decision for yourself, vaping is a fun experience that’s getting better every year. Of course, researchers are still figuring out whether smoking from a vaporizer is healthier than cigarettes. But, if you want to commit to vaping, you will be satisfied knowing that the technology is consistently upgrading and leading to better vapes.

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