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Box Mod Basics: How Does A Parallel Vape Mod Work

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Vapers asking how does a parallel vape mod work is becoming more of a frequent question, so in today’s article we’re going to focus on just that.  In our new addition to the Intermediate category, we’ve come up with “Box Mod Basics”, where we look at the different types of unregulated devices on the market today – the kind that many people have taken to making in their own homes.

When you understand the basic principles of a Vape Mod, it is easy to not only figure out how to build them but also find any problems and repair them yourself.

Unregulated Prallel Box DiagramWhat Is A Parallel Vape Mod

In the simplest terms, a Parallel Vape Mod has two or more batteries that are connected with their polarities in the same direction.

As you can see from the diagram over here, the positive connections are run out of the top of the battery sled and they are connected together.  The positive connections then run through the switch and through the insulator, into the positive pin of the 510-connector at the top.

The negative posts are again connected together and run to the outside of the 510, which is the negative terminal.

The circuitry inside a parallel box is extremely simple when you know what you are doing, and these are probably the easiest devices to build by yourself.

If you are comfortable with soldering and creating your own circuits, it is nothing more than an hours worth of work and a few dollars in components.  Rather than just building coils, you can create your own devices.

How Does A Parallel Vape Mod Work

The concept of running batteries in a parallel circuit enables you to create a lower voltage but higher amperage circuit.

By running 2 batteries side by side, you are creating less draw from each cell and putting it under less pressure, basically allowing them to split the load evenly.  The common practical application is that 2 batteries in parallel will give you a 75% higher amp rating than a single cell in the circuit.

The common practical application is that 2 batteries in parallel will give you a 75% higher amp rating than a single cell in the circuit.

This is the preferred box for vapers who like to build at Super Sub-Ohm levels as the increase in amperage means that they have a much lower chance of venting batteries.

The simple beauty of the parallel box is that you can run it on a single battery, should you ever need to.  As the circuit takes power from both at the same time, if one is missing the circuit is still complete and can carry on functioning as normal.  If you are running a super sub-ohm build in your RDA though, this is not advisable.

The Unregulated Parallel Vape Mod Is Not For Beginners

If you are not familiar with Ohms Law, battery safety, and basic electronic principles, this device is not for you.  You have to be acutely aware of the limits of your batteries, both alone and as a pair so you can vape safely.  These boxes are for people who understand the dangers of pushing their equipment to the limit and can follow scientific rules to keep their hands intact.

While the diagram above is an extremely simplified version of the parallel vape mod, they have evolved to include some protection features.  Most devices you will find now contain a MOSFET (or metal-oxide semiconductor field-effect transistor) to protect the switch as most are not rated for the amperage that vapers use in their devices.

As always, enjoy your vaporizer and vape safe!

Daniel Hall
Daniel Hall

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