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Top 5 Vaping Gifts For The Holiday Season

Top 5 Vaping Gifts for The Holiday Season: I know I will be hung drawn and quartered for this post as it’s only mid way through November, but come on people, it’s almost time for giving gifts.  Some people already have all their offerings hidden away, wrapped in neat little packages and...

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5 Best Vaping Setups For Under $50

As an experienced vaper, I hear all the time that to get any decent gear, you must first part with an entire pay check and sign a document handing over eternal ownership of your first-born child.  If you are the type of person who needs to own the very latest, greatest, most powerful device...

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5 Best Vaping Setups For Under $75

Today, we are looking at the 5 best vaping setups for under $75.  We have been slowly but surely working our way up the ladder of amazing new mods this week and we are still nowhere near the $100 start-up cost that my soon to be ex smokers have been telling me about.  It was put to me that to start...

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Top 5 Sub-Ohm Starter Kits 2015

In the earlier days of the vaping industry, starter kits were leading the market, but that soon ended when mods became the hot item.  However, the market has been taking a different path lately, and the starter kit has been reinvented with some of the most amazing products being clashed together...

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Top 5 Cheap Mini Box Mods

If you have a passion for mini box mods and you’re on a budget, then you’ll adore our top 5 cheap mini box mods list.  This list will display the market’s latest mini box mods that happen to be priced exceptionally well.  The thing about mini box mods is that they tend to offer a...

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Top 10 Best Mechanical Box Mods

If you’re looking for the best mechanical box mod this market has to offer, you’ll definitely want to check out this top 10 best mechanical box mods list.  Though mechanical tube mods are beginning to take a backseat because of the boom of regulated mods, it seems as if mechanical box...

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Top 5 Vape Cases To Store Your Vape Gear

here’s no doubt we begin to accumulate a massive amount of vape gear. For this very reason, today we’re sharing the top 5 vape cases to store your vape gear.  If you’re anything like myself, then you try your best to visit local vape shops as much as possible to congregate and...

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Top 3 Best Cotton Wicks

What are the top 3 best cotton wicks?  Although there are countless wicking materials out on the market, vapers will often disagree on which is the best to use.  Most of the time they do agree on one thing, cotton is the best.  We all started out using cotton balls bought from the local store...

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Top 5 Most Game Changing Mods

If you ask any vaper what the most game changing mod was, they’ll start listing off every device they have ever owned.  However, ask them to list the top 5 mods that changed the industry and the face of vaping, and they suddenly look like the zen Buddhists attempting to gain astral projection...

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Top 5 Coils That Help Produce More Vapor

If you are looking for coils that help produce more vapor you are in the right place.  When looking to chuck bigger clouds there are certain things you have to think about, and believe it or not, but the type of coil you use is actually only a small part to the whole puzzle of vapor production. The...



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