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vapers embrace smokers

Vapers: Embrace Smokers

Today I am going to take a few minutes to touch on a subject that has been gnawing at me for a couple of weeks - this is a...
cheap vaping

Cheap Vaping – The Best Bang For Your Buck

Lets face it, getting into vaping can be a daunting experience.  Everybody wants the premium gear, but not everyone can afford the premium price.  Cheap vaping is the way...
regulations and rules

FDA: Let Your Voice Be Heard

Late last month, President Obama’s administration announced that they were further delaying the timetable to regulate ecigs, eliquid and nicotine exposure warnings, providing consumers an extra month to weigh...
top 5 vape cases

Top 5 Vape Cases To Store Your Vape Gear

here's no doubt we begin to accumulate a massive amount of vape gear. For this very reason, today we're sharing the top 5 vape cases to store your vape...
twd inspired e-liquid companies

The Walking Dead Inspired E-Liquid Companies

In honor of Fear The Walking Dead, an American television series that's on AMC, we're going to list a couple of The Walking Dead inspired e-liquid companies.  Now, there...

Cloned Vaping Equipment: Advantages and Disadvantages

As you may be aware, I keep close eye on the incoming search terms used to land on the Guide To Vaping website.  I do this to continuously answer...
game changing mods

Top 5 Most Game Changing Mods

If you ask any vaper what the most game changing mod was, they'll start listing off every device they have ever owned.  However, ask them to list the top...
top 5 five that will help you survive the apocalypse

Top 5 Mods That Will Help You Survive The Apocalypse

Top 5 Mods That Will Help You Survive The Apocalypse - Get this, my boss just emailed me out of nowhere and said that the Apocalypse happens tomorrow!  He...
top 4 mods that will match your outfit

Top 4 Mods That Will Match Your Outfit

Top 4 mods that will match your outfit - an article as subjective as the tastes of the people reading it.  Dependent entirely on the type of person you...
trouble ahead vape

Some Mods Could Mean Trouble For Vaping

Once upon a time, more specifically the earlier years of the vaping industry, it was cool, happening and great for our market to see devices that carried interesting designs...
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