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Your Favorite E-Liquid Brands Are Updating With You

If there’s one thing that has frustrated me, and I’m sure many other vapers, is when we had to branch away from our favorite e-liquid brands due to them not carrying higher viscosity e-liquids.  As manufacturers began filling the market with sub-ohm clearomizers, rebuildable atomizers...


Vaping Becomes An Unstoppable Evolution

Since its birth, vaping has become a quickly growing alternative, and culture.  However, the Federal Drug and Administration’s proposed regulations loom over the heads of the vapers and business owners that have built the rapid paced industry.  This results in many of the users speculating...

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The Business Side of Cloud Competitions

The business side of cloud competitions is highly unknown to the majority of vaping consumers and hobbyists.  Sure, there are many average vapers that can throw out a few heavy clouds while attending locally sponsored cloud competitions, but these cloud competitions can go much further than a pack...


Is Vaping Caffeine Really A Thing?

Lookout vape consumers, yet another way to vape has entered the marketplace and it looks like it’s becoming a “thing”.  First, it was the traditional way of vaping, where users inhale nicotine laced e-liquid as an alternative to tobacco cigarettes, then the market was bombarded by...

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Top 5 Best Sub-Ohm Tanks 2015

The latest craze, when it comes to electronic cigarettes, is sub-ohm vaping. It’s swept the market by storm, and even more so the one’s that do it.  Isn’t it wild to think that not long ago 1.5Ω was considered one of the lowest resistances you could get?  Now a days, we have sub...

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Is Your Premium E-Liquid Really Premium?

For year’s and more so now, e-liquid branding has been tossed around carrying the “premium” label to insinuate that it’s in with the it crowd, that it’s better than others or the best that you can get on the market.  But in reality, the term has been so overly used, it...


Sex Sells and So Does Vapor

Sex sells and so does vapor, but when you combine the two, there’s a nostalgic love for vaping.  Maybe it’s the soft sensual curves of an hour-glass body, the eloquent bosom frontal view or maybe it’s the seductive exhale of vapor that somehow sparks arousal.  Whatever the case...



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