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is 2015 the end of vaping as we know it

Is 2015 The End Of Vaping As We Know It?

2015 has indisputably been the year of vaping! Remember that old CE5 that got you through 2013, and that Aerotank Turbo that got you through the beginning of 2014?  You...

Little Boy RDA Clone Review

With so many RDA's currently on the market, we were excited when we finally got our hands on the Little Boy RDA.  There has been a lot of talk...
Latest E-Cig Study

New Study: E-Cigs are NOT a Gateway to Smoking

The CDC survey on youth tobacco use (see: kicked up a veritable storm in the media, with sensationalistic journalists repeating the results giddily at every single suggestion e-cigs...
regulations and rules

FDA: Let Your Voice Be Heard

Late last month, President Obama’s administration announced that they were further delaying the timetable to regulate ecigs, eliquid and nicotine exposure warnings, providing consumers an extra month to weigh...

Guest Review: Eleaf iStick 200W TC Mod

  The iStick 200W TC Mod brought to you by Eleaf is the rebirth of the Eleaf iStick TC100W, featuring greater power able to hold three 18650 batteries with a...
underage vaping

Opinion: Underage Vaping

A topic that sprung up the other day on a Facebook group really touched a nerve with me, and I feel I need to voice my opinion. Whether this...

E-Cigarette Mods – Initially Appealing but Potentially Disastrous

The world of “mods” is one where tech-savvy consumers take something good and attempt to make it even better. It’s common with PC games, and now it’s rapidly gaining...
7 best practices to keep your charge

7 Best Practices to Keep Your Charge

We’ve all been there: You’re halfway to your destination in the car or midway through your work day when your battery flashes to show it’s out of charge. The...
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