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  According to a new study published in Oxford Journals "Nicotine and tobacco Research", 70% of the participating doctors are frequently talking to ...

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  1. It looks so shiny…must have…

  2. Ev, this study is a tiny step forward with major ramifications. Imagine if the next study he, or any other physician, conducts involves a couple hundred thousand of us. The numbers of vapers who have been using this technology for the minimum time requirements put in place for this study are out there, but I believe that many small independent studies would have more of an impact than a centralized set. The abstract is there to be passed around and it is our duty to ensure that this doesn’t get swept under the rug as an anecdote.

  3. I will take one, but I guess I don’t qualify because I work here..

  4. If you are a consumer, joining the Right 2 Be Smoke Free coalition and making a donation will be very helpful in this particular fight. If you are a business owner, joining SFATA, the VTA or your state trade association will put you in touch with the folks on the front lines who are doing all the work to keep the industry from drowning in regulatory sewage. Congratulations on the 6 years smoke free, lets make sure we do all we can to give the 40,000,000 smokers in the USA the chance to say the same while using the devices we have come to love.

  5. Thank you m’dear… I just put the words on the screen, it’s those working tirelessly in the trenches that write the stories for me!

  6. Brother, I am always well when there’s a fight to be won… I took a couple of months off daily writing to dedicate myself to learning new skills and help friends expand in the face of an uncertain future.
    I see a great future ahead of us my friend and in 50 years time, someone will look back at all of this and scratch their heads wondering why our job was so hard.

  7. Donna, it is not just the Dem’s by any means but it was their collective response to the exclusion of the rider that got me riled up for this post. We have some amazing democrats in Congress who are co-sponsoring bills and helping the cause, but they are going against the overall message that we keep seeing from the party.

  8. Tyler, we do what we can to help people keep on vaping, everything from pushing for advocacy to the small things like getting new vapers starter kits running properly. We are part of the vaping community, I spend most of my down time sitting in a vape shop to help customers that the FDA regulations say the shop workers can’t help: we are all a big family and I personally do what I can to keep it running smoothly.

  9. We redacted the email address but it did come from Johnson HQ.

  10. That sounds like a “Get hold of Wismec and ask them what’s going on” kind of deal.

  11. Oliver, you have probably put the device into stealth mode. Hold the fire and down button together for a few seconds, it should pop up “Stealth Off”.. if that doesn’t work, hollar back and we can see if there is another issue

  12. Ram, it’s less about the size of your mod, more about the quality of your build. I can still throw bigger clouds off a tube mod than most people can from a 200 watt mod. The only advantage you truly have with a 300 watt mod is more battery capacity.

  13. Hopefully Michael, everyone can smell what they are cooking.. and although I won’t mention the specific ingredients because the stench is ridiculous we can hope that the dish that they served will be with a side of RICOtta…

  14. It’s a rock and a hard place Lisa, you help you violate one law, you don’t help you violate another. Just one more reason why these regulations are proving to be nothing short of disastrous.

  15. We have approximately 9-10,000,000 people in the United States using vapor products in one form or another, plus their families and friends etc who have seen what vaping has done for them. Unfortunately 99% of them are unaware that there is a problem right now as they don’t engage in the many conversations on social media or ever walk into a vape shop. We are currently involved in the fight of our lives, for our lives, but gathering isn’t the answer. We live in a world unfortunately where 100,000 vapers — if you can get that many to show up — would be plastered all over the news as a bunch of radicalized something or others hell bent on destruction because all the media cares about is ratings. If every vaper took it upon themselves to educate the people around them this fight would be much easier, because right now we are fighting against multi billion dollar concerns who can destroy us with a few clicks on their social media.. in places we can’t speak out because we are a tobacco product…

  16. As far as taste testing goes, that is still up in the air.. so many people are looking for loopholes but from what I understand charging would be based on an appropriate use basis.. ie, you would have to charge the appropriate price for x amount of e-liquid. As far as “repairs” go, if you or any employee does anything to modify the system outside of its original packaging, which includes putting it together or in any way affecting the internal components of a device such as installing coils, you have to be a registered tobacco manufacturer. As far as the FDA is concerned, vape shops are nothing more than retail outlets where people walk in, pick something out and walk away, they have no clue about the things we actually do. Remember when you smoked; you walked into the store, asked for 2 packs of smokes and then left.. that is what they believe vape shops are..
    As far as Government bullying people into lying, firstly it is unconstitutional and will be beaten in the courts and secondly they can only do that to employee’s and owners of shops.. not customers who happen to be there “advising” new customers…

  17. yes Laura, you do.. I am using one right now (metropolis and RX200)with a Sub Tank mini Ni200 square coil and the flavor on this thing is ridiculous as is the cloud production. The G-Clapton coils that come with it are phenomenal, but you cant beat temperature control…

  18. Kathi, I will be writing a post to cover this in the next few days however if you let me know what device you are using I may be able to find you an answer.. unfortunately, different chipsets have different ideas on how they should work for temperature control; as of right now the manufacturers haven’t come up with a simple easy to use system! has a tool in place that could be very helpful however if you are using a device with “purity settings” that app wont be much help.

  19. Looking at the specs for the tank, both of the coils shipped with the Helmet are the Helmet CLP vertical coil systems (0.4 and 0.6 Ω) and are both Kanthal vertical Claptons. While the Knight can be used with other tank systems for temperature control, I believe that Smoktech are in the process of bringing out the tc coils for the tank.

  20. Kathi, it is people like yourself that get me out of bed and writing everyday as well as fighting tooth and nail for this industry and the community that surrounds it. If we had 10,000,000 people willing to put in a couple of phone calls a day, a couple of emails a week and a little bit of effort to educate the man standing next to them at the bus stop this fight would be a hell of a lot easier. Although I will never put it in print, your final sentence is one that comes out of my mouth at least 100 times a day, even though truth be told be are the ones on the receiving end.

  21. Tim, I am honestly the same way. While my purchases always contain the batteries mentioned on this list, I have bought a variety of battery wraps for that exact reason. If you have 12 batteries that are all the same color, matching and marrying them can become a pain in the neck and having a set with Batman and Robin wraps is not only fun but useful too. I must admit, though, since the invention of the 3 battery setups, like the Reaulaux.. we need some pretty amazing threesomes on the wrappers..

  22. If you follow the directions in this post, it should resolve the problem for you. If for some reason it fails, get back in touch and we will see if we can troubleshoot the issue and get you back up and running.

  23. Give me a day or so to look into it and I will get back to you. That sounds familiar but the answer isn’t popping out of the top of my head.

  24. As of right now, we are still waiting on teams of lawyers and analysts coming up with all the answers. It may be the case that will be able to purchase samples, but until we have solid answers back from those doing the leg work on the regulations, speculation is only going to confuse more people.

  25. Steven, last week I would have agreed with you. As soon as the FDA made their regulations public, they managed to wake up a lot of sleeping people. Not only the news media who are seeing one group of scientists say something while our own are trying to bury the data, but politicians, like Larry, who are seeing the disconnect between the truth and the reality. The “petition” discussed in this article is actually a letter that will be hand delivered by one politician to many others, not some hope and pray spray to the White House.
    While I agree we need to join forces, a few individuals that we look up to within the industry will make no difference to the outside world: as much as I hate to say this, to Mrs. Jones at number 42, Grimm Green is probably the Joe Camel of 2016.
    We need the average vapers story in the mainstream, which according to the CDC is the 35+ ex-smoker who made a healthier lifestyle choice.
    This battle is going to require fighting on many fronts, and while you state correctly that WE ARE A MINORITY, the truth is, we have a lot more support out there than you may think. Once again quoting the CDC, 1 in 6 Americans smokes, so by proxy this regulation affects them, and their families and everyone we know.
    If we can turn the corner on public perception, using scientific data, trained medical professionals and “A Billion Lives”, those deaf ears are going to prick up and start listening quickly.

  26. Angela, this directive is not from me personally, I am just a messenger in this case. Everyone is currently fighting together, many branches of the same tree looking for alternative ways to get the job done. Believe me when I tell you that right now, all of the groups are working in concert to save our community. In response to your other point, 100,000 signatures may be a lot to ask, but I seem to remember last year that a white house petition that had no effect dwarfed that number.

  27. Robert, I have read the TPD in its entirety and I understand exactly where you are coming from. Please, read the regulations that have been released by the FDA this morning, think about them in the context of how many companies will be able to comply with the PMTA’s (at approximately $1,000,000 per sku) that they are proposing. 99% of the market will be gone and all that will be left are cigalikes. The FDA just handed the vaping industry to Big Tobacco and 2ml refillable tanks will look amazing compared to what will be available here.

  28. Evan, as it stands the 2007 predicate date is still in effect. Anything “deemed a tobacco product” brought onto the market after that date is subject to onerous regulation and unfortunately the FDA believes that the vaping market falls into that category. We recently had an amendment come through committee that would move the date to the day that the FDA regulations come into place, but until such a time as it passes the house and senate the market can be crushed overnight.

  29. Sean, don’t be sorry.. I broke it deliberately to see if there was anything I missed in the explanation to help you.. Took me 2 seconds to get it working again.

  30. Sean, I just broke my RX again just to help to try and figure this out for you. The only way I can get the update to fail is by having the device turned off when I attempt it. Make sure that the RX screen is up (ei, the device is in power up mode) and then hit the update icon. Try updating to the Version 3.0 first and see if that does anything, before trying to get back to the 3.1. If that doesn’t work, message me and I will Skype through it with you and see if we can figure out where it’s going wrong.

  31. Russ, I completely agree with you about the good HVAC systems in stores and at the time of writing this piece it wasn’t something that readily came to mind, although since seeing your comment I realized that most of the shops I frequent are using powerful systems. As for the asinine comment, I truly appreciate your honest opinion but living in the past has nothing to do with presenting a professional appearance that will appeal to the general public. As it happens, this was a tongue in cheek reference to one of the biggest digs at our industry from the outside, the caricature that has been painted of the vaping community which doesn’t appeal to the majority of people. In any business, public image is everything, and to the 60-year-old woman who attends church 3 times a week hobo beards and tattoos on every inch of skin is not acceptable. We still share a planet with several generations who were raised to believe that you should dress for the job you want, not the prison yard you want to end up in and until they have all moved on from this life the stigma will still be there. As a person who has tattoo’s and a beard I understand where you are coming from, but at the same time, it’s not too much to ask that the person standing behind the counter doesn’t look like they live on the streets.

  32. Glad we could be of help. I am with you in the never using it at 250 watts after the initial try, but it is always nice to have the extra power.

  33. Thank you for pointing that out to me.. its amazing how much the message changes when you add an additional f.. should have been of not off the price. But you are right, there are clones out there that are high quality… if you do your homework.

  34. Cathy, I am glad that your journey is successful. Not missing cigarettes was something that caught me by surprise also, I believe that if more people had this kind of experience smoking would disappear very quickly.

  35. Sorry, your comment didn’t get lost in the ether, I was just away in the land of nod..
    The simple explanation for still cloud chasing, although mouth to lung hits would save considerable amounts of e-liquid and money, for me personally it just isn’t satisfying. That being said you are exactly right, by dropping the big clouds, the savings would be even greater.

  36. Hypo, when it comes to the work of mod makers and the cloning that has taken place in the industry, I have absolutely no qualms about calling the thieves out. However, your argument is outdated as most mod makers have now figured out that rather than trying to compete with identical products at a quarter of the cost, they have moved production to places that can make them competitive in the market place.
    The clone wars have essentially worked out in the favor of the consumer as they now have low cost quality products.

  37. Firstly Brandy, I do not own the publication, I only write for it, so advertising space is above my pay grade. As it happens, I agree with you completely and as such encourage you to bring forward all of the content that is protected by Trademark and we will combat it together.

  38. Jay, if you are looking for a good tobacco flavored vape, there is a company out of California called Balck Note who make Naturally Extracted Tobacco flavors that I recently got to try. I am not a fan of tobacco flavored e-liquids in general but these flavors, while definitely not cheap really hit the mark with everything from a Virginia blend to a Perique. I am in the process of writing up the review and making the video but their Havana blend is to die for.

  39. The coils are Kanthal, this is not a temperature control device.

  40. Tom, I know that the coils from the Playboy Vixen tank work perfectly with the system, but as far as I am aware, these are standard Vapor Tech coils.

  41. The same weekend as Vaper Slam is in North Carolina, there is a convention called Vape The NorthEast in Ct I do believe. Also, if you check out the Slam/mania website – linked above – you will see that the guys from TVA will be holding some shenanigans later in the year in your area.

  42. Human beings were blessed with the sensation of pain for a reason, it was purely a way for the brain to tell the body it was doing something it wasn’t supposed to. Things such as sticking your hand in flames, jumping off a tall cliff and now holding onto tubes/devices that are red hot.. The only advice I hope people take from this article is what they should have been told at around 3 years old.. if its hot, drop it and walk away.

  43. While I have not encountered this problem personally, I have contacted VaporTech to see if they have any input as to the cause and solution to the problem.

  44. I have personally never had a problem with either the TFV4 or the TFV4 mini. If you are having problems opening the tank, the rubber rings that came with the tank act as awesome grip helpers, place one on the glass and one on the base and twist them in opposite directions. Sometimes you just need a little extra oomph behind it. Before you put the tank back together, make sure that the threads are free of e-liquid or anything else that may gum up the works. Without actually looking at it, I am just guessing in the dark, if these tips don’t help you, your best bet would probably be to take it to a local vape shop and have them take a look at it.

  45. Thank you for the kind words. I am an ex-smoker (22 years) and I write about vaping for as long as humanly possible. My story is similar to yours and also many thousands of others who are classed as anecdotal evidence and as long as the man who is behind the Guide To Vaping curtain allows me to continue to educate and inform, I am here for the community. Vaping changed my life and I do everything in my power to pass it forward in the best way I know how. I didn’t start vaping because I thought it would be a fun hobby, I did it to improve my health. This community works because we are all living proof that the technology works and we need to make our message louder and more inspiring than those who try to bring us down: They want to regulate and destroy, we want people living longer happier lives. We know which argument should win, but they don’t want to fight fair.

  46. Cass, if no one else has already done it, you have the option to add your own choice to the list.

  47. Matt, while the e-liquid may contain nicotine extracted from the tobacco leaf, Tim is actually right in his assertion. The same nicotine is extracted and used in the patch and the gum, neither of which are classified as tobacco products. By definition, Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems are not tobacco products because they contain no actual tobacco, but the Government wish to classify everything, from your e-liquid to the batteries you use and the devices you put them in as tobacco products so they can tax the hell out of them. Can you imagine going to the store and buying a bag of cotton wool and being told it is a tobacco product.. this is why we insist that even though it may contain nicotine it is NOT a tobacco product. Our devices are not tobacco products, nor are they nicotine replacement therapy tools, as both of these classifications would essentially destroy the industry as we know it.

  48. Glad you had fun.. it was a great night.

  49. Freeze, I already have my Mark II Omni and I have to admit, I din’t think they could improve on the original design but they did. The use of the new material makes it springier and I love the fact that the O ring is now hidden beneath a logo emblazoned outer ring. (btw, thanks for the comment and taking the time to read my work).

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