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more american smokers featured image

More American Smokers Than Ever : Quitting

More American smokers than ever are quitting combustible tobacco in the form of cigarettes.  A few days ago, an article from the Daily Caller came across my desk titled...
child proof caps for e-liquid

Child proof Caps Are A Must: Have They Seen E-Liquid

Child proof caps are a must.  Day in, day out, I read articles from all over the world talking about the importance of keeping children safe.  I look at...
vapers rights, human rights

Are Anti Vapers Violating Human Rights?

Are the anti vaping groups committing human rights violations?  When this question first came across my desk I was perplexed.  In my mind, people committing human rights violations were monsters...
whats the connection

Vaping And Condoms: Do you Know The Connection

Do you know the connection between condoms and vaping?  This morning I received an email from A Billion Lives regarding Aaron Beibert's speech to the White House's Office of...
watts up more power for less

Watts Up: More Power For Less

We aren't sure how many people have noticed the current trend in the market place.  For what appeared to be the longest time, most companies were charging a dollar or...
why vaping is dangerous

Why Vaping Is Dangerous

Every time I perform a search on Google regarding Vaping, the first page of results that I find are scientific studies telling me that vaping is dangerous.  If I...

VAPERS.TV: Entertainment For Vapers

Vapers.TV may be something that you haven't heard of.  It is entertainment by vapers for vapers from all over the world, and you can pretty much guarantee there will...
selling outdated products

Shop Owners: Selling Outdated Products

Shop Owners: Selling Outdated Products stems from a discussion in the office about brick and mortar stores selling outdated gear.  Today, we are going to look at this from...

Quick Video Showing The Best of 2015 Awards

I've created a small video showing you all the Best of 2015 Awards.  It was brought to my attention last year that many of you didn't know that the...
100,000 signatures doesn't win a war

100,000 Signatures On A Petition Does Not Win A War

A white house petition garnered 100,000 signatures and many vapers sat back and said job well done.  Those same vapers have, on occasion signed petitions or taken part in...
WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.