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VapeRite Hiring Retail Sales Associate

Are you ready for a vape job where you get to dive in and experience the back-end of the vaping industry, while getting paid?  Here's your chance, as VapeRite...

Vaffle Vape Social Platform: Born For Vapers

Our friends at Vaffle, a global innovative vape social platform, are celebrating their first anniversary and wanted us to share the great news with the rest of you, so...
vape ad warning

New Vape Advertising Regulations Information, We Have Details

As many are aware, the Food and Drug Administration has full control over the vaping industry, as e-cigarettes were declared tobacco products in 2016 and subject them to the...
V2 Cigs Disposable Vapes

Flavored Pod Ban Makes Disposable Vapes Relevant Again

Unless you’re a very new member of the vaping community, you’re likely aware of the fact that the U.S. federal government issued an edict in early 2020 banning flavors...
vaping conventon circuit tampa 2015

Vaping Convention Circuit – Tampa, FL. – 2015 ( VCCT15 )

My local friends and I drove five hours to Tampa, Florida, for what turned out to be one of the greatest times of our lives.  We attended the Vaping...

My Vapor Place Ironton: First Annual Celebration

Saturday, November 8th saw the first annual celebration, cloud competition and general vape meet held at My Vapor Place's Ironton, Ohio store.  While this may not be national news,...

Vaping: Are You About That Mini Life?

I've been saying it all along... in fact, I was interviewed in the most recent Vapor Digest Magazine and explained how I believe small regulated box mods would eventually...
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Home Town Vape Shops

I enjoy the many vape websites scattered around the Internet, but I've always wondered what it would be like if one those vape shops were right here in my...

The Story of Mark Dolan, A Vaping Legend

There's some part of me that has a sadness. Our world of electronic cigarettes has been turned upside down into this mass manufactured and commercialized e-cigarette industry. Though I...
man vaping

6 Important Vaping Facts You Need to Know

E-Cigarettes or other vaping devices that have become quite popular nowadays are available in the departmental stores or any different 24-hour convenience store. It is generally used as an...