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The Intermediate section of GuideToVaping is the vaper who has evolved from a beginner into a vaper exploring deeper into electronic cigarettes.

hed chrome cart

What To Check When Choosing A Vape Cartridge

If you are a newbie to vaping, there are so many vape cartridges in the market that can be confusing. First off, you might be wondering how a vape...
sub-ohm clearomizer tank the best option

Is A Sub-Ohm Clearomizer Tank The Best Option?

With the whole "sub-ohm" boom taking over the industry, many vapers are beginning to ponder if a sub-ohm clearomizer tank is the best option.  The truth is, no one...
evod-protank faqs

EVOD / Protank FAQs

The EVOD and Protank is possibly the most popular bottom coil tank on the market right now. That said, SteamMonkey posted some very helpful information on /r/electronic_cigarette about compatibility, design, and materials...

What Is This TCR Mode?

  What is this TCR mode, how does it work, and why does every device have different ways of reading it?  If the settings on your mod are giving you...

5 Small Regulated Mods That Really Pack A Punch

Though many thought that mechanical (unregulated) mods was where the market was going, it instantly shifted directions and has taken a turn towards small, and I do mean very...
do you even sub-ohm bro

Do You Even Sub-Ohm Bro?

The vaping market continues to pour out outstanding products, making many options ready and available for us vapers to delve into.  As a string of continuous advanced products, such...
temp control devices

Temp Control Devices

  Given the constantly changing trends and advancements in vaping, it can be hard to stay on top of the newest or most advanced devices on the market. More importantly...

What Is An LR Atomizer

A low resistance (LR) electronic cigarette atomizer are about 1.5 Ohm and are used with 3.7 volt 420mAh or greater batteries.  These will work with the Joye eGO or...
regulated vs unregulated

The Difference Between A Regulated And Unregulated Squonk Mod

Squonk mods are the latest craze in vaping, and with that comes a variety of questions. The most common question is "what is the difference between a regulated and...
Box Mod Basics : Series Vape Mod

Box Mod Basics: How Does A Series Vape Mod Work

In this addition to Box Mod Basics, we're going to answer a question that's become more common - how does a series vape mod work? - In today's article...
WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.