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Electronic Cigarettes – The Cost of Vaping

If you’re new to electronic cigarette and are unfamiliar with the normal going prices of todays electronic cigarette market, don’t worry… we’ve got you covered.  We’ll be doing some research and getting to the source, finding out just how much money it takes to start...


The Truth Behind Vapor Production

In this article we’re going to explain into detail the truth behind vapor production and how to blow even more vapor.  The vapor production we produce from vape pens and vape mods have become a vital key to our path of a much better alternative to smoking.  Not only do you look to get that...


Vaping – How Much Is Too Much?

I check popular keywords on my website analytics very often and there is one searched group of words that I’ve seen numerous of times. The question many of you have asked is “Am I vaping too much?” or “How much is too much?”. It’s understandable for you as...


Flavor Flush – Atomizer Cleaner

Along with its intriguing name, this new atomizer cleaner has been placed on my ‘must have’ list. Flavor Flush from Texas Select Vapor is a VapeTeam Exclusive atomizer cleaner that if the steps are followed right, you can turn your old clogged up atomizer into one that works like it...


What Is A VariVolt Electronic Cigarette?

VariVolt or VV, better known as a Variable Voltage Electronic Cigarette is an E-Cig that has the potential to switch between multiple voltages on a device. Some devices are in steps such as 3.0v, 3.7v, 4.2v and so on, while others are on a wheel or button to climb in voltage. Electronic Cigarette...


USA E-Liquid: Experience The Difference

When electronic cigarettes were introduced in the United States, there were only a couple options for buying refills for your new personal vaporizer. The two major options were: 1. Buy Pre-Filled Cartridges from the manufacturer that were likely filled with Chinese Juice. 2. Buy the refill liquid...


Battery Breakdown

Battery Digits: The first 2 digits are the dimension measuring across the battery. The last 3 digits reference to the length of the battery. Protected circuits will add between 2mm and 3mm to the length of the battery. mAh: The term “mAh” references to Milliamp Hour. Protected VS. Un...



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