best clearomizer of 2015

The Best Clearomizer of 2015

While our Best of 2015 event is still going on, it's becoming quite apparent what the vaping community feels is the best clearomizer of 2015.  Our clearomizers have come...
public health header

For The Sake Of Public Health, Leave Vaping Alone

For the sake of public health, leave vaping alone.  Words I have often said over the last couple of years, as we have been fighting on every level to...
FDA regulation Of Vaping header

FDA Regulation of Vaping WILL Lead To Preventable Deaths

  The FDA's deeming regulations on electronic cigarettes/vaping devices/Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems WILL lead to preventable deaths.  If you have no idea about the regulations put in place earlier this week...
old vape mods

What Do You Do With Old Vape Mods?

  It's a fact that you'll end up with many vape mods.  The question we're asking today is what do you do with old vape mods after you've upgraded to...
friendly fire will kill vaping header

Friendly Fire May Kill Vaping

  The FDA, Big Pharmaceutical, Big Tobacco, and the Special Interest healthcare groups are sitting back and laughing at vapers right now.  Friendly fire will kill this industry, and I'm going...
Vaping 2016: Where Do We Go From Here

Vaping 2016: Where Do We Go From Here

Vaping 2016:  Where Do We Go From Here is going to be a quick look back at the last 365 days before pulling out the crystal ball and gazing...

Quick Video Showing The Best of 2015 Awards

I've created a small video showing you all the Best of 2015 Awards.  It was brought to my attention last year that many of you didn't know that the...
is your premium e-liquid really premium

Is Your Premium E-Liquid Really Premium?

For year's and more so now, e-liquid branding has been tossed around carrying the "premium" label to insinuate that it's in with the it crowd, that it's better than...

Vape Manufacturers Prepare For Nuclear Winter

  This week incredulity has crept into my head as I've watched vapers on social media complain that manufacturers are releasing device after device and a hundred new e-liquid lines.  This...

Guide To Vaping Is Here To Help Vape Shops Help New Customers

  Under the new FDA regulations vape shops are no longer allowed to get hands on with their customers new products.  If you take the product out of the packaging...