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Did They Forget Smokers Are Still Dying?

  Vaping was created for a very specific reason, it wasn't invented by a Tobacco Giant to create a new generation of life-long cigarette addicts.  Disregard what you've heard or read about...
take over

Could Rebuildable Atomizers Take Over?

At first it was all about disposable atomizers and cartomizers, then clearomizers exploded upon the market. Even though clearomizers continue to be the top accessory within the e-cigarette industry,...

The Importance of Coil Master Vape Tweezers

  Coil Master's Vape Tweezers are probably the most important piece in my vape bag.  That is a bold opening statement for any article, but today I am going to give...

Why We Should Separate Nicotine From Tobacco

  I'd like everyone to take a second to consider a conundrum.  If you can obtain a chemical from many sources, how can you rationally declare that it's the product of...

Who Needs A 300 Watt Box Mod?

  Is there a single person reading this, right now, that needs a 300 watt box mod?  How about a 200 watt mod with temperature control?  The reason behind these questions...
Eleaf Mini Stick

Mini Mods vs. Pod Systems: What’s the Better Choice?

If you’re in the market for a new vaping device, there has probably never been a better time to buy than right now. The amount of variety in the...

What to Buy Your Father on His Birthday?

Oh no it’s that time of year again when you have a big decision to make, no it is not Christmas or his anniversary but your father is a...
refillable vapes

Refillable vs. Disposable Vapes: Which Is Right For You?

It's common for new vapers to think about which vape is best for them, either refillable or disposable. It takes some time to become acquainted with how these devices...
child proof caps for e-liquid

Child proof Caps Are A Must: Have They Seen E-Liquid

Child proof caps are a must.  Day in, day out, I read articles from all over the world talking about the importance of keeping children safe.  I look at...
Woman Vaping

7 Ways to Cope-up With Stress Without Vaping

Quitting vaping is easier said than done for many people worldwide. When they get anxious or feel stressed out, the first thing they do is grab a vaporizer. If...
WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.