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vapers rights, human rights

Are Anti Vapers Violating Human Rights?

Are the anti vaping groups committing human rights violations?  When this question first came across my desk I was perplexed.  In my mind, people committing human rights violations were monsters...
selling outdated products

Shop Owners: Selling Outdated Products

Shop Owners: Selling Outdated Products stems from a discussion in the office about brick and mortar stores selling outdated gear.  Today, we are going to look at this from...
top 5 smallest box mods

Top 5 Smallest Box Mods

Got a soft spot for compact devices?  In our opinion, here's the top 5 smallest box mods.  After searching the market for the smallest box mods, we've come up...
5 best vaping setups for under 50

5 Best Vaping Setups For Under $50

As an experienced vaper, I hear all the time that to get any decent gear, you must first part with an entire pay check and sign a document handing...
fume extra


Fume Vapor is a leading disposable vape brand in the United States that is based out of Florida. This disposable vape line is widely popular in the Sunshine State...

Quick Guide To FDA Vaping Regulation

  We're all aware of the FDA's deeming regulations of e-liquids and vaping devices, but do you understand exactly what that means?  These regulations will effect every single person in...
watts up more power for less

Watts Up: More Power For Less

We aren't sure how many people have noticed the current trend in the market place.  For what appeared to be the longest time, most companies were charging a dollar or...
Vape Shop Products

How to Open a Vape Shop in 2022

Opening a vape shop is like opening other retail shops except the inventory costs can be a little lower to maintain, and the regulations you will have to adhere...
Vapers Didn't quit, they just switched

Vapers Aren’t Quitting, They Just Switched

  This was a comment made by a representative of the American Lung Association in a recent post in Reuters and is the inspiration behind Dr. Michael Siegels recent article. When you're...
Top 5 best 26650 mod header

Top 5 Best 26650 Mods

In this addition to our "top" lists, we share our opinion of the top 5 best 26650 mods.  This list of 26650 mods will only hold a single 26650...
WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.