Health Groups Can’t Afford Vaping Success

Vaping advocates already understand that health groups and anti-smoking campaigners can't afford the success of the vaping industry.  This post is aimed towards those who may not be aware...
Large Vapor Clouds

The Latest Trends And Developments That Will Make You More Excited For The Vaping...

Every smoker has a preference. It may be in the form of what they want to smoke, where they want to smoke, and even how they want to hold...
mini volt fix

How To Fix The COV Mini Volt Mod

  There were many of you that shared to us that your Mini Volt suddenly stopped working.  No worries though, today I'm going to share how to fix the COV...
vaping truth

The Shocking Truth About Vaping and Headlines

  In this pieced together video, I share the shocking truth about vaping and headlines.  It isn't too often that I let the media and those against vaping get to...
Vape Juice Flavors

Top 10 Benefits of Vape Flavors and Vape Juice from ACS

Vapes have become increasingly popular among youngsters, students, college scientists, and not only. Vapes are mainly used by people who want to give up the habit of smoking cigarettes....
game changing mods

Top 5 Most Game Changing Mods

If you ask any vaper what the most game changing mod was, they'll start listing off every device they have ever owned.  However, ask them to list the top...

How Can You Be Nicotine Free But Still Labeled A Smoker?

  Imagine Walking Into The Doctors Office Despite the fact that you haven't touched a cigarette in over 3 years and you have absolutely no nicotine in your system -- and...

Top 5 All-In-One Vaping Systems

  For those that haven't noticed, all-in-one vaping systems are beginning to pop up everywhere.  These manufacturers are now offering cheap, easy to use systems that come as a single...
Top 5 best 26650 mod header

Top 5 Best 26650 Mods

In this addition to our "top" lists, we share our opinion of the top 5 best 26650 mods.  This list of 26650 mods will only hold a single 26650...

Open Letter To Senator Johnson – We Need Your Help

  If you have access to a pen, a printer, an envelope and a stamp, we have a favor to ask of everyone.  It was brought to our attention earlier...