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Vaping: Are You About That Mini Life?

I’ve been saying it all along… in fact, I was interviewed in the most recent Vapor Digest Magazine and explained how I believe small regulated box mods would eventually take over the market, and though my predictions don’t always come true, it’s beginning to look like I may...

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A Week Filled With Fire, Smoke, Vapor and Friends

Throughout my time writing on this blog, I’ve only shared my personal life a select amount of times.  However, I feel this should be one of those times, especially since it adds to my apology of not publishing any content this past week.  Although my life may not be very interesting to...

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Dothan Vapers Meet #2 – Crimson Vapor

Fortunately, I was able to host yet another vapers meet for my local area and with the help of many, the meet was a complete success. On October 19, the vapers of Dothan and the surrounding area banded together to create the Dothan Vapers Meet #2, which was held at Crimson Vapor in Dothan, Alabama...

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VCCTN 2014 Picture Video

For those of you who missed the Vaping Convention Circuit held in Chattanooga, Tennessee – we’ve taken many pictures for you to see everything that’s went on.


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Our Trip To VCCTN 2014

This past weekend marked the first vaping convention in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The convention was held in a 40,000 square foot room and located in the very large Chattanooga Convention Center. Before making the trip, I contacted Kevin Skipper over the Vaping Convention Circuit and was given early...

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New Vapers Meet Creates Success in Circle City

As the vaping culture continues to flourish, more vaper meets begin to come about. There’s something about electronic cigarettes that pull people in; maybe it’s the inviting aroma of fruits, candies and most sought after tobacco’s that act as a lure, and the housing of a battery...

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Defining The Line Between Vendor and Crook

There’s a line that has to be drawn between the e-cigarette vendors and the e-cigarette crooks. The average vendor will determine its products pricing to account for the overhead, product cost, labor and the such to create a profit. Many of them have joined the industry for the right reasons...



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