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Myle Vape Starter Kit Preview

Based in Fair Lawn NJ, the Myle headquarters rests nestled deep inside the borough of Bergen County. The company originated as a small time startup for a closed pod system and quickly progressed into one of the leading brands due to its Myle Vape Starter Kit. Although there are several closed...

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VooPoo Drag 2 Starter Kit Preview

Established in 2014, VooPoo first made its mark in the medical and industrial fields where it shined with excellence. The brand continued to progress and utilize its development team when it officially entered the e-cigarette industry after acquiring the US-based brand, WoodyVapes, in 2017. Not...

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SMOK Novo Vape Pod Kit Preview

If you’re at all familiar with the SMOK brand, then you’re familiar with all of the perks that follow it. The popular manufacturing brand is known worldwide for its innovative vapor products, featuring miraculous quality, pristine designs, and superior performance. Due to these fine...

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EPIC Starter Kit Preview

Headquartered in Illinois, JAK ECIG has become a brand that delivers in every facet, from its JAK Disposables to its JAK Starter Kits, being a customer of this brand is truly rewarding. For those that primarily focused on the online shopping, you may not be aware of JAK ECIG, so we’re...

Product Watch Vape Hardware Previews

Overview: Mi-Pod Starter Kit

With the rise of nicotine salt vape juices come the rise in the popularity of vape pod systems. It looks as though vapers, especially vapers who are new to vaping, are looking towards more portable, easy to use vape pod systems, which create less vapor but a nicotine buzz similar to smoking a...



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