Top 5 Kanger Vape Mods of 2016

Top 5 Kanger vape mods of 2016 gives an in-depth view on Kanger's latest and most popular vape mods moving into the year 2016.  Though some of these mods...
Provape ProVari Radius

The ProVari Radius by Provape

It's been speculated upon for quite some time, and the answers you've all been looking for has finally arrived.  One of the most legendary mod manufacturers have just released...
SMOK RPM160 Starter Kit

SMOK RPM160 Pod Mod Kit Preview

Building a foundation of collections within its brand, SMOK has captured the eyes of thousands of people by developing innovative products that rest in each one. The RPM Series...

Kanger Evod Pro MTL System

  The latest innovation in the Kangertech EVOD line is finally here.  With the release of the Kanger EVOD Pro MTL system, the manufacturer has set its sights on giving...

Vaporesso Nalu RDA Preview

  As if dominating every other sector of the vaping market wasn't enough, Vaporesso has delivered an amazing RDA in the form of the Nalu.  Imagine taking different pieces from all of your...
tesla double barrel kit

Tesla Double Barrel CP Couples Kit Preview

Incredibly unique, highly innovative, and extremely advanced, the Tesla Double Barrel CP Couples Kit is an outlandish kit suited to knock your socks off! It's the first regulated dual...

Best Disposable Vape UK 2020

In the world of vapor products, disposable vaping is quickly gaining the market spotlight. It originates from the days where devices like Blu and Njoy gained its claim to...
ORO Disposable Bar

Twist E-Liquid ORO Disposable Bar Preview

Launching itself on the market full throttle, the Twist E-Liquid ORO Disposable Bar has quickly become the industry's hit disposable. One may ask how it differs from every other...
Innokin PLEX3D Mesh

Innokin PLEX3D and Its 3D Mesh Technology

For those that aren't aware, Innokin is a fascinating brand that has delivered innovative products for years, and they've just recently introduced PLEX3D, next-generation 3D Mesh Technology. Here in...
Dinner 1500 Puff Vape Pod

Dinner Lady 1500 Puff Pod Device Preview

For those familiar with the Dinner Lady brand know the delicious tastes that it offers, which places it in a leading position amongst a crowd of many. To one-up...