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New Vapers Meet Creates Success in Circle City

As the vaping culture continues to flourish, more vaper meets begin to come about. There’s something about electronic cigarettes that pull people in; maybe it’s the inviting aroma of fruits, candies and most sought after tobacco’s that act as a lure, and the housing of a battery...

Vape Meets

Post Vapercon 2011 Blues

I still haven’t caught up on sleep. The road trip was over 20 hours each way. My body feels like it was hit by a truck- but it was all worth it! Vapercon 2011 was a success in my book. At mid-day Saturday, all of the 500 name badges were used- and more vapers were coming. Getting to meet a...

Vape Meets

Scenic-City Vapers Club Meet

On May 19th, 2013 – I will be attending the Scenic-City Vapers meet. The meet begins at 4:00PM and ends whenever. If you plan on going, I would really love to meet you all! There will be games, RBA assistance, e-liquid testing, free raffles, vendors and of course… support. I’ll be...

Vape Meets

VapeStock 2012- Florida. An image gallery

This weekend in vaping, brought the 2nd annual Florida Vape Meet known as VapeStock. Vapers new and old gathered to see old friends, meet new ones and check out the latest in ecig/vaping product offerings. Where: Clearwater FL. Here’s a glimpse of what you might have missed if you...

Vape Meets

The Atlanta Vape Meet – Coverage

On the date of February 18th, (Blake) had the privilege of attending The Atlanta Vape Meet. While this was my first meet, I wanted to enjoy it to the fullest, but I also wanted to bring the excitement back home with me to all of our viewers. I had such an awesome time meeting...



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