This section is for the beginner of electronic cigarettes. You can find more introductory articles and how-to’s in the Beginner section of Guide To Vaping.

Direct Dripping

Direct dripping is to drip your e-liquid directly onto the atomizer.  By directly dripping your e-liquid onto the atomizer, your liquid doesn't get caught up in the filter and...

DIY For Beginners

Hands down the best investment I have ever made in my vaping experience over any mod, was my DIY Kit. It was also the one investment that caused me...

Where’s My E-Liquid Bottle?

It seems like we're always losing something. If it's not the controller or cell phone you've seemed to misplace, then it's your e-liquid bottle. Although I would like to...
The Best Starter Kits For New Vapers

Top 5 Best Starter Kits For New Vapers

Feast your eyes on the top 5 best starter kits for new vapers. In this article we list five compact, high performance and very versatile starter kits with the full...

E-Cig Abbreviations

When you first start learning about e-cigs, it is a good idea to learn all of the most common abbreviations.  Just like when you were first introduced to the...
5 Tips To Help Care For Your Vape Tank featured image

5 Tips To Help Care For Your Vape Tank

  Whether you call it a clearomizer or a vape tank, you should know the best ways to get the maximum life out of your investment.  Here we have 5...

USA E-Liquid: Experience The Difference

When electronic cigarettes were introduced in the United States, there were only a couple options for buying refills for your new personal vaporizer. The two major options were: 1. Buy...
Kanger Protank 2 Colors

What Is A Clearomizer?

To first give you a bit of history, electronic cigarettes were birthed with atomizers and cartomizers. Then came the idea to visibly see your e-liquid level inside your cartomizer;...

PG/VG Ratio – Why Does It Matter

Whether you choose your e-liquid for the flavor or you like a juice that gives you big clouds, one thing that will help you pick the right liquid is...

Electronic Cigarette Cartridges

When you first receive your e-cig, it usually comes with a blank cartridge that has a type of wool filter inside of it.  These blank cartridges are common to...