Our lifestyle category is a culmination of articles that bring both the vaping and CBD communities together as one. The articles in this category will display the lifestyle of these respected communities. Guide To Vaping was built for the community, not business.

vaping conventon circuit tampa 2015

Vaping Convention Circuit – Tampa, FL. – 2015 ( VCCT15 )

My local friends and I drove five hours to Tampa, Florida, for what turned out to be one of the greatest times of our lives.  We attended the Vaping...

A Vacation Visit To Vaping Sisters – Pensacola, FL.

Much like many of you, my family and I took a small vacation for spring break. Being that we're going to be out-of-town, I of course used Guide To...
Dothan Vapers

Dothan Vapers Meet #2 – Crimson Vapor

Fortunately, I was able to host yet another vapers meet for my local area and with the help of many, the meet was a complete success. On October 19,...
The Future of Vaping With Trump

The Future of Vaping In A Trump Presidency

Millions of people around the world dialed into their televisions as well as the Internet to watch the great shock and awe of 2016, where Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton...

Finally Onto Rebuildable Atomizers

Though rebuildable atomizers have been out for quite a while, I've always had this thought that I wouldn't be able to actually build a coil, so I've actually never...

Creating A Foundation To Help Others

From the time I first started vaping, I've always had some sort of  passion to share this great experience that I've been enduring. I figured "hey it helped me,...

Live From VaperCon

Here is a list of networks that are streaming live from VaperCon.  As the day continues, I'll be posting videos that are coming in as well. Live From VaperCon -...

It’s Official, 3 Year’s Vaping – How Do I Feel?

It's official, 4-5-2014 marked 3 year's of vaping. I originally started vaping with a Riva Starter Kit from Liberty Flights. Though the site is one of the first, I...
vape ad warning

New Vape Advertising Regulations Information, We Have Details

As many are aware, the Food and Drug Administration has full control over the vaping industry, as e-cigarettes were declared tobacco products in 2016 and subject them to the...

Introducing EightVape – The Largest Online Vaping Superstore

Chances are you may have learned about the industry's largest online retail stores. You see them everywhere online and they always have the best deals. What you didn't know...