Our lifestyle category is a culmination of articles that bring both the vaping and CBD communities together as one. The articles in this category will display the lifestyle of these respected communities. Guide To Vaping was built for the community, not business.

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What If It Never Was

Our community, such a huge gathering of people offering entertainment, support, fun and a better way. This community we have has inspired me in so many ways, whether it was the...
vaporshark now hiring

Vapor Shark Now Hiring Sales Reps

This just in, Vapor Shark, one of the industry's most recognized brands, has just announced that they are now hiring sales reps.  In fact, Vapor Shark is hiring two...

Downtown Vaporium Hiring For Clearwater Location

If you're in the Clearwater, Florida area and looking for a new job in the vaping industry, then you should definitely consider applying at Downtown Vaporium.  Currently, they're hiring...
clone wars

Where I Stand With Clones / Copies

There has been a good amount of banter going around in the vaping community in recent months about copies or clones of popular high end vaping devices. Now some...



It’s Official, 3 Year’s Vaping – How Do I Feel?

It's official, 4-5-2014 marked 3 year's of vaping. I originally started vaping with a Riva Starter Kit from Liberty Flights. Though the site is one of the first, I...

Bow To Me


VapeFest Pictures

As pictures are shared across social networks, we'll be placing them here. Keep checking back!
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A List of Reasons

As I finished my first introduction on Facebook to my local friends (most I have not talked face to face with in years) about my passion and what I...

Finally Onto Rebuildable Atomizers

Though rebuildable atomizers have been out for quite a while, I've always had this thought that I wouldn't be able to actually build a coil, so I've actually never...