Our lifestyle category is a culmination of articles that bring both the vaping and CBD communities together as one. The articles in this category will display the lifestyle of these respected communities. Guide To Vaping was built for the community, not business.

Moti Vape

One of The Best Vape Brands of 2020: Moti Vape

If you are wondering which brands are considered the best, you may want to turn your attention to one of the up and coming best vape brands of 2020,...
Using JUUL To Stop Smoking

Using JUUL To Stop Smoking, A Valid Solution?

When it comes to smoking cessation, millions of Americans are turning to Juul to stop smoking. The most prevalent product on the market, over the last couple of years...

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Cravings – Never Give In and Never Give Up

So it's been awhile since my last blog post, and that's mainly because I just haven't had much to say. I use this 'vape blog' category to pretty much...
clone wars

Where I Stand With Clones / Copies

There has been a good amount of banter going around in the vaping community in recent months about copies or clones of popular high end vaping devices. Now some...

Vape Lounge Hiring In Miami

Good news for all you Miamian's, there is a vape lounge hiring in Miami, Florida. If you're passionate about electronic cigarettes and your current job isn't one you enjoy, maybe...
Dothan Vapers

Dothan Vapers Meet #2 – Crimson Vapor

Fortunately, I was able to host yet another vapers meet for my local area and with the help of many, the meet was a complete success. On October 19,...

It’s Official, 3 Year’s Vaping – How Do I Feel?

It's official, 4-5-2014 marked 3 year's of vaping. I originally started vaping with a Riva Starter Kit from Liberty Flights. Though the site is one of the first, I...
Vaping Alcohol

Vaping Alcohol Is Real and Very Dangerous

Vaping alcohol is real and very dangerous, judging by the extensive research we've conducted on the topic. We have all heard of vaping concentrates, cannabidiol, vitamins, caffeine, and several...