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In this category, you will find the latest releases of articles pertaining to vaping science and studies around the world involving electronic cigarettes. This is a thorough resource of vape studies for our viewers to reference.

US Study: Smoking Vs Vaping Cost Burns ANTZ header

US Study: Smoking Vs Vaping Cost Burns ANTZ

  Smoking is more affordable than vaping was the headline of an article this week in PG/VG magazine, and, as you can imagine, this has set social media on fire.  ...
Formaldehyde In E-Cigarettes- The Latest Data:header

Formaldehyde In E-Cigarettes: The Latest Data

  Formaldehyde in e-cigarettes, a rallying cry for so many who oppose the vaping community, has once again been brought to light as the latest data on the subject has...
Vapor Damge To Human Airways

Vapor Damage To Human Airways: The Truth

  If you want the truth about vapor damage to human airways, you are in the right place.  We will discuss the cytotoxicity (the vapors ability to be toxic to...
95 percent report

New Report: Vaping 95% Less Harmful Than Smoking

For years, better said since its existence, vaping has been scrutinized because of its relation to traditional cigarettes and its close similarities to the act of smoking.  There have...
Latest E-Cig Study

New Study: Nicotine Absorption From Ecigs – Comparison Between Vapers and Smokers

With the help of Dr. Farsalinos, a doctor that devotes his time to scientifically proving the benefits of electronic cigarettes and the owner of, has once again took part...
Latest E-Cig Study

New Study: Machine-Puffed Ecigs Shows Vapor Contains What You Would Expect

This latest study was published in Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology, which gave a report on the chemical composition of e-cigarette vapor, then compared those results with tobacco smoke.  However, since...
Latest E-Cig Study

Study Shows Vaping Less Addictive Than Nicotine Gum

One of the latest studies presented was published in the journal PubMed, under Drug and Alcohol Dependence, which examined the dependence level in users of electronic cigarettes, nicotine gum and tobacco...
cash in

“Health Effects of Vaping Unknown” – Let’s Cash In On What We Do Know

As I plunder through the many headlines of ecig related content, though all being different, they're all relatively the same with spun words that deliver the same message.  What...
Latest E-Cig Study

Study Finds E-Cigs Less Addictive Than Cigarettes

There has been a new study that has surfaced from Penn State's College of Medicine, and it's showing that the addictiveness of ecigs are lower than tobacco cigarettes.  The...
Latest E-Cig Study

Researchers Say Benefits of E-Cigs May Outweigh The Harm

In latest studies conducted by researchers, evidence is pointing to electronic cigarettes as being a safer way for smokers to stop smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes and are decreasing health risks. After...