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The Intermediate section of GuideToVaping is the vaper who has evolved from a beginner into a vaper exploring deeper into electronic cigarettes.

guide to diy e-liquid header

Guide to DIY E-Liquid

The guide to DIY e-liquid is here to give you some basic information on getting started making your own flavors.  At some point in time, almost every vaper gets...
ohms law

Vaping: What Is Ohm’s Law

What is Ohm's Law?  When you get on any internet forum with vapers,  you will quickly find people talking about Ohm's Law.  It is the most important piece of...
temp control devices

Temp Control Devices

  Given the constantly changing trends and advancements in vaping, it can be hard to stay on top of the newest or most advanced devices on the market. More importantly...
blake brown blowing vapor

The Best Vape Setup For Under $100

There are plenty of you out there wondering what is the best vape setup for under $100.  I understand this and today's blog post and video will be dedicated...
chasing clouds

What Is The Best RDA For Cloud Chasing?

What is the best RDA for cloud chasing?  That's not a very difficult question to answer, and that's because there are so many rebuildable dripping atomizers dedicated towards receiving...
sub-ohm clearomizer tank the best option

Is A Sub-Ohm Clearomizer Tank The Best Option?

With the whole "sub-ohm" boom taking over the industry, many vapers are beginning to ponder if a sub-ohm clearomizer tank is the best option.  The truth is, no one...
vapers buying guide 2015

Vapers Buying Guide 2015

With a market of innovation and profound growth, a vapers buying guide is essential this year as a plethora of new products enter with arms wide open.  There are so...
5 simple vape hacks

5 Simple Vape Hacks

Feeling tight on the budget or are you one of those 'green' people?  Whichever it is, today I have 5 simple vape hacks that's sure to make you start thinking...

5 Misconceptions About Mods

Within your time of vaping, you may begin to learn of the many misconceptions about mods.  While some of them are just idiotic, there are also others that, if...
Dripper Setup

Getting Started With A Dripper Setup

Chances are, if you're in our "intermediate" section of Guide To Vaping, you've already made your way to mods or advanced devices, and now looking to up your game...
WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.