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The Intermediate section of GuideToVaping is the vaper who has evolved from a beginner into a vaper exploring deeper into electronic cigarettes.


Vaping: To Quit or Not To Quit, That Is The Question

Most people who start vaping do not have the desire to quit using their electronic cigarettes. There are, however, those out there that have quit or have plans to...

5 Small Regulated Mods That Really Pack A Punch

Though many thought that mechanical (unregulated) mods was where the market was going, it instantly shifted directions and has taken a turn towards small, and I do mean very...
do you even sub-ohm bro

Do You Even Sub-Ohm Bro?

The vaping market continues to pour out outstanding products, making many options ready and available for us vapers to delve into.  As a string of continuous advanced products, such...
built not bought

It’s Better Built Than Bought

Over the years of vaping, and as difficult as it is to say about myself, I've always taken the easy route. Instead of taking on the whole rebuildable atomizer...

My Personal Tips To Create A Local Vape Meet

If you're looking to do something big for your local vape scene, here's my story and my personal tips to create a local vape meet. As many of you may...

All About Battery Safety

It was brought to my attention in my last tutorial, that I left out a few basic safety pointers when using any unregulated device, and rebuildable atomizer.  This entire post...
Crossing out problems and writing solutions on a blackboard.

Clearomizer Problems Explained

Clearomizers have become the standard in the e-cigarette industry, and they're now being offered in starter kits as the default way of atomization. Since these clearomizers are being heavily...
aspire replacement coil

How To Break In A New Coil

Many times when you purchase a new clearomizer or replace your existing coil with a new one, the coil will need to be broke in to allow it to...

Don’t Hesitate, Rebuildable Atomizers Are Easier Than You Think

For the longest time I hesitated on giving rebuildable atomizers a shot. Before really knowing anything about them, it seems like the whole ordeal would be confusing and too...
evod-protank faqs

EVOD / Protank FAQs

The EVOD and Protank is possibly the most popular bottom coil tank on the market right now. That said, SteamMonkey posted some very helpful information on /r/electronic_cigarette about compatibility, design, and materials...
WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.