This section is for the more advanced user of electronic cigarettes. These type of users really dig deep into the world of vaping and have become more of a hobbyist than someone just looking to kick the habit. Expect tech articles and detailed use of e cigarettes in this section fo Guide To Vaping.

The Darwin: Really an “advanced users” device?

Before I get into the main point of this article, lets take a moment and discuss a brief background on traditional variable voltage devices and ohms law.Variable voltage, as...

Evolv DNA Chipset Specs

Some of you have been interested in the Evolv DNA Chipset Specs. That said, I'll list the information specs on the different versions of the Evolv Chipsets. Evolv DNA 30D Output Power:...

Back To The Tried And True

If you were informed enough and put in the initial research for electronic cigarettes, chances are you started off with the tried and true "eGo". The eGo is more sought after...

The Different Types of Power In E-Cigs

Completely mastering the electronic cigarette is quite the task. The great thing about e-cigs is they're so simple, yet so advanced. With the electronic cigarette market just starting to...

A Complete Guide To The Smok X Cube Ultra

  The Smok X Cube Ultra is the culmination of a device line that is loved by many, but fell short for a great many vapers who didn't give it another...

Battery Breakdown

Battery Digits: The first 2 digits are the dimension measuring across the battery. The last 3 digits reference to the length of the battery. Protected circuits will add between...
top 5 best sub-ohm tanks 2015

Top 5 Best Sub-Ohm Tanks 2015

The latest craze, when it comes to electronic cigarettes, is sub-ohm vaping. It's swept the market by storm, and even more so the one's that do it.  Isn't it wild...
vaporfi vaio 80 tc mod vs vaio 75 tc mod feature

VaporFi VAIO 80 TC Mod VS VAIO 75 TC Mod

  VaporFi VAIO 80 or VaporFi VAIO 75, two products from the VaporFi shelves that most vapers have never heard of.  We've spent some time going over the various mods...
Complete Guide To The Eleaf Pico Dual header

A Complete Guide To The Eleaf Pico Dual

Learn all about your device with this complete guide to the Eleaf Pico Dual that acts as an online instruction manual. Whether you're looking for basic help with your...

Janty MiD

What is MiD? Modular Intelligent Design: MiD is an electronic cigarette that gives the user total freedom in the creation of their individual vaping experiences. With the MiD, we are going to introduce a...